Seven Ways to Kill a King by Melissa Wright

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Seven Ways to Kill a King By Melissa Wright YA Fantasy Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 264 Pages August 10, 2020

She was born a princess. They made her an assassin.

One was an accident. Two a coincidence. By three, they would know. It would be harder, but I would avenge my mother’s death. These kings would pay that price.

Seven cities make up the Storm Queen’s Realm, each of their self-crowned, murderous kings are one of Princess Myrina’s marks. The treasonous curs may have banded together to share a stolen throne, but soon they will fall.

They thought her dead, killed in the massacre. They thought their rule secure, but Myrina of Stormskeep has awoken. With the help of her loyal bloodsworn, the shadow princess of will have her revenge.

For fans of The Witcher and Game of Thrones—a new princess set on vengeance is here to steal your heart.

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Miri had never killed a man. Of course, she’d imagined it. Countless times, she’d envisioned holding each of those kings by the scruff of his neck, tugging his head back, and holding a blade at his throat as she whispered, “The Lion Queen sends her regards.”

She deserved to be scared. But she would not be turned away.

“There wouldn’t be sympathizers if the kings were doing even a remotely decent job.” Cass’s eyes shot to hers, but Miri kept on. “That man and woman would not have lost their home, their barn, and their freedom if the treasonous lords who stole the throne knew a thing about how to rule. People are starving. Trade suffers even now. A good day’s wage will barely buy a hock of meat.” Miri bit down hard against the words. Cass didn’t need that lecture. He understood better than her.

Things were falling apart. Those men had not taken her mother’s rule because the Lion Queen had done poorly at it. They’d stolen it for greed and because it had seemed like that power was something to envy. Since that day, the people of the realm had suffered. For years, it had only grown worse.

Cass stayed knelt across the fire from Miri, his eyes on the flickering flames. Miri thought about the words they’d overheard at the inn, the children and girls taken by the kingsmen, and how their blood would be used by the sorcerers at the king’s command.

When the meat had finally cooked through, Cass shifted it away from the flame. It was several moments before he lifted the spit from the fire and came around to settle beside Miri. He didn’t speak as he offered her first share. Miri tore a small hunk free, and the meat was hot against her chilled fingers. He took the spit back, looked at it for another few moments, then slid it toward the fire. He glanced at his boots, settled the heels firmly into the earth, and wrapped his arms loosely around his knees.

Miri took a bite of her portion, but the hot grease felt thick in her throat and made her stomach turn.

They didn’t speak until the fire burned low.

“I’m going to Pirn.” Miri’s voice was barely a whisper, but her words were no less a vow. “And I’m going to kill the false king before the next moon.”

About the Author

Melissa is the author of more than a dozen young adult and fantasy novels and countless to-do lists. Her most popular titles are The Frey Saga and Descendants Series. She’s currently working on the next book, but when not writing can be spotted collecting the things she loves at Goodreads and Pinterest. Contact her through the web at

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