Salvaged the Series Review plus Author Interview


Salvaged the Series Review

This series is based on Attie, a young lady who lost her best friend and her mom in a horrible automobile accident. An accident, which changes Attie’s life forever because she feels as though she has no right to live after her mom and best friend, died. In trying to heal after the accident, Attie spends the summer with her friend Melanie’s family in Oklahoma. As you can imagine, Attie’s emotions over what happened are more than she can handle, as she and Melanie’s brother grows closer over the summer, he tries to help her heal from her past.


This is a wonderful series dealing healing through love. I enjoyed the characters, and the sweet romance budding between the two teens. Salvaged is a Christian based film and teaches that the healing comes through faith and love through Jesus. I really like this series, but it is difficult to watch at time because of the sadness in Attie remembering the accident and her mom and friend. 




How did the Salvaged web series come about?
I was working with Director, Paul Morrell on a movie adaptation of my third novel, Collision. We had just completed the screenplay and were about to move in to the next phase, when I told him about an idea I had for Salvaged. I’d always believed that it would make a great teen drama series – either on television, straight to DVD or web streaming. He loved the idea and was interested in doing it. Within days, a friend that I mentioned it to, offered to pay to have a pilot/proof of concept reel developed. Less than a month later, I was in LA holding a casting call. Two weeks later, a cast and crew of 25 were in a rented house, shooting for five days. We decided to take the pilot episode and also release it as a web series so that we could introduce people to the story, characters and our quality of work. We believe that this can only help both the Salvaged and Collision projects.

What is the big goal?
The big picture goal is that a network or distributor would pick up the series. I’ve already written the scripts for eight 45 minute episodes or what could easily be turned in to a mini-series.

Who are you hoping to reach with this series?
Salvaged, the web series is based on my first novel by the same name. It is a young adult Christian fiction novel that was able to transcend the lines of Christian fiction and also move into the secular market. Salvaged was first picked up in the mainstream young adult fiction blogging world and the reviews and ratings landed me on the Reader’s Choice Awards finalist list for Debut Author of 2010. I am hoping that Salvaged will continue to reach out into various audiences and present them with a powerful story that has the ability to impact lives – no matter the way in which they receive it (book, web series, tv show, etc).

When does the series come out?
There are six episodes. The first was released on September 25th. The remaining episodes will release every Wednesday at 8 am (CST) through October 30th.

Where can viewers find the episodes?
Salvaged has it’s own YouTube channel at: The episodes will stay on the Salvaged YouTube channel for viewers to watch far into the future.

Where can we find out more about the series and the book? 

You can also learn more about the series on the official Salvaged web site at You can read an except of the first chapter ofSalvaged, the book, at my web site,, or purchase a copy online or at your local bookstores.

Salvaged……A Love Story by Stefne Miller


A Love Story
by Stefne Miller


‘My body was being torn apart, and my stomach felt as if it exploded. The pain was excruciating, and I was aware that I was dying…

‘Mom?’ My vision was murky, but I could see her face. It was bloody, and her eyes were large and full of fear.

Her voice calmed. ‘Get out of the car, Attie.’ Her words sounded crisp and clear.

I looked into the backseat in search of Melody and found her lying covered in blood in a twisted heap on the floor. I turned my attention back to my mother and out of the corner of my eye saw fire.

‘Get out, Attie!’


Everything went dark.’

Attie Reed should have died in the wreck that stole the lives of her mother and best friend. But her life was spared. Why?

When Attie moves to Oklahoma to stay with the Bennetts for the summer, she hopes she has left her nightmares behind. But her battle is far from over, and Riley Bennett steps forward to help her fight the nighttime monsters. As the battle wears on, Riley begins fighting monsters of his own: his feelings for Attie. And Attie realizes she must begin to face the monsters of the night herself if she wants to conquer them for good.

Can Attie’s life be Salvaged?



Salvaged is such a sweet heartwarming story. Ms. Miller deals with a lot of emotions and feelings in her book, and they are feeling I am sure anyone reading this book with find themselves in one of the situations here. Attie’s life changed after she survived the accident that took her mom and her best friends life. She had such a difficult time because she thought she should have died with them. She was strong in her faith in the Lord, but sometimes it was difficult reading and trying to figure her out.

Overall this is one of the most special stories you will ever read! The characters are well developed, and I you will enjoyed how they connected with each other as the story develops. I really loved all of the characters, they all seemed to find a special place in my heart, This is an awesome book for teenage girls, and especially those who are going through a difficult time. Attie sure had her share of difficult situations, but her strong faith carried her through. This is a special message that everyone needs to hear. And I love the romance throughout the book. You will find everything in this wonderful book heartwarming and amazing. Pick up your copy today!

I received this book from the publisher Christian Speakers Services Tours to read and review.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.


Stefne Miller was born an “Army Brat” and lived in many states growing up including: Oklahoma, Hawaii, Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Like Attie, she moved to a new state the summer before her senior year of high school.

Before trying her hand at writing, she held various jobs including working along side her husband in Children’s Ministry; becoming the Director of Operations and later a Public Policy Specialist and Cabinet Liaison for then Governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating; and later, a pharmaceutical representative for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

In 2008, while visiting a friend out of state, Stefne had a dream in which the Lord asked her to join him on a new journey. Upon waking, she wrote down the dream and SALVAGED was born. For the next several weeks, Stefne dreamed a new scene every night until eventually, the scenes started developing at all times of the day and night. The first draft of SALVAGED was completed in sixty days.

Stefne currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and has been married to Shaun, a realtor, since 1994. Shaun and Stefne have three sons – Jacob (14), Caleb (12) and Yohannes (11). Her passions are the Lord, her family and friends, adoption awareness, writing and Oklahoma Sooner football.

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