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Join us for this tour from Jan 25 to Feb 12, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title: The Winter Song (a novel) by Saurav Dutt

Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  170 pages

Genre:  Romance

Publisher:  Amazon Publishing

Release date:   December, 2020

Tour dates: January 25 to February 12, 2021

Content Rating:  PG-13. In a few places there is some moderate bad language.

Book Description:

From the acclaimed Author of ‘The Butterfly Room’ comes a powerful afterlife drama conveying how great gifts can be hidden in death and how they can bear fruit in our lives if we have the faith to let them unfold.

Somewhere between the mountains and the mist in North India, a widower must reconcile himself to the loss and grief that haunts him after the recent death of his wife.

Unhinged by grief, anger, and guilt, John Perera has set off on a journey, a journey to honour the love of his life and to fulfill the promise he made to her to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of their son. It is a journey of extraordinary self-discovery that will take him to the extremities of his soul and question all he believes

about life, death, and faith.

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  1. What does literary success look like to you?

On a purely selfish level it is arriving at a sense of agreement with your inner spirit, of taking those voices in your head and putting them to paper and actually getting the difficult job done of finishing a novel. That’s incredible in itself, actually seeing it through to the end to the best of your own ability; that’s successful in your own right, and knowing that you could articulate these thoughts in a creative, illuminating way. The flipside is convincing a complete stranger to purchase your book, from one ripple, the ocean then starts to pulsate, and more people come to see what you have brought into the world. If these efforts generate press, kickstart dialogues, and can actually affect some kind of change in the world with initiatives if your subject matter is so inclined, then that’s an incredible achievement. Before I wrote novels I helmed many biographies and they sold many copies, but they never gave me the sense of success and satisfaction in writing my own stories instead of telling those of somebody else.

  1. What’s the best way to market your books?

Offer value upfront by maintaining your audience’s interest, either through blogs, opinion pieces, commentary in journals, magazines, news items, and at speaking engagements. The key is to be authentic, to be approachable, and to be real. Audiences can suspect inauthenticity in a heartbeat, and the decision to buy your book is based on the person not just the product. Your market your books through your platform, the personification of the author and subject matter expert and that means creating a person of interest in their mind, not just a salesman that dangles their book in front of them expecting them to buy.

  1. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Yes it’s a form of meditation, of expelling these thoughts and feelings running circles in your mind and finding the discipline and wherewithal to put them down to paper and see them through to the end. I know I could not live my life with satisfaction without seeing out this creation avenue, without giving those voices in my head the outlet; I think it’s a kind of madness to deny yourself the gift of writing and once you get down to it, a kind of alchemy begins to roll into motion and the art of creating and writing does become a spiritual outlet.

  1. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Over time I have become less interested in them but if my book is reflecting real world issues, or a historical event or period, then I want to know what readers think and if I have been true to reality. With good ones they bring a temporary relief and joy, but the bad ones linger and pollute the mind and I wish it wasn’t that way, but any creative artist will tell you the bad ones have a way of sticking to you while the fantastic reviews offer only temporary satisfaction. Maybe it calls to the inherent insecurity every writer has?

  1. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

It’s in continuing to believe you have the strength to finish the piece you are currently working on and hoping you will be inspired again. All creative people hope the fire, once ignited, remains and is ready to burn through the years ahead. It’s also in overcoming fear, a fear that nobody but you cares about the work, that your work will never be ready, that you won’t sell any books, that you doubt your own ability as a writer. Then there’s the other side which is staying true to your integrity and your value as a writer, in not selling out the uniqueness of your voice and craft.

Underpinning all of that is motivation. Every writer hopes and dreams they will continue to produce work on a regular basis and that the world will care; but there is always the lingering doubt that it all means nothing. That’s the devil on the shoulder tapping you each and every time, and it’s your job as an artist to keep that voice at bay, and hopefully extinguish it altogether. That’s the continual battle.

Meet the Author:

Saurav Dutt is an Author, Political Columnist and Human Rights Campaigner. A journalist in three continents, his acclaimed debut novel ‘The Butterfly Room’ explored issues of domestic violence and homophobia within South Asian communities and has been showcased alongside leading political figures and human rights campaigners. His work for human rights and charity campaign work has taken Dutt to speaking engagements at the WEF, IKWRO, IWN, Houses of Parliament and TEDx. After exploring the issue of psychological abuse and domestic violence in ‘There Is A

Light That Never Goes Out’ Dutt was commissioned by a major Hollywood production house to pen the official novelization of the major motion picture ‘Tiger’ (starring Golden Globe winning and Academy Award nominated actor Mickey Rourke) and he commemorated the centenary of the infamous Amritsar Massacre in India with ‘Garden of Bullets: Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh’ which was featured in TIME magazine. TIGER is the biographical account of Parminder Singh Nagra, a trailblazing Sikh boxer who fought successfully for the right to compete in the ring with his beard, an essential part of his faith. A syndicated political columnist, Dutt writes for the International Business Times, The Times of Israel, Human Events, and American Herald Tribune. He has featured on CNN, GQ, Huffington Post, BBC television and radio, RT (Russia Today), Press TV, Sky News and more. He resides in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and India.

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