Copenhagen Cozenage by Kristen Joy Wilks

Copenhagen Cozenage

About the Book

Book: Copenhagen Cozenage

Author: Kristen Joy Wilks

Genre: Christian Fiction

Release date: September, 2015


Morgan Ravn arrives in Denmark seeking clues about her mysterious heritage. What she finds is a flirtatious stranger who regales her with a story about a jewel thief from 1958 and then abandons her with a large unruly dog. Can Morgan locate the irresponsible pet owner before his monstrous canine drags her through every puddle in Copenhagen and sheds all over her last dress? And why are strangers dogging her every step, snapping photos? Is the shutter happy behavior a bizarre Danish custom or something more sinister?

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About the Author


Kristen Joy Wilks lives in the beautiful woods of the Cascade mountains with her camp director husband, three fierce sons, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog. She spent her misguided youth falling in love with Commander Spock via Star Trek reruns, being suspended upside down over a homemade pit filled with gardener snakes, and stampeding herds of elk while on horseback. Now most of her adventures consist of preventing her hubby from filling another wall of their dining room with board games, thwarting her 3 boys’ efforts to sneak their pet chickens onto their bunk beds whenever she turns her back to fold laundry, and trying not to trip over the random teenagers that swarm her house to play all those board games.


  1. Has writing fiction always been in your blood?

Yes! Yes, it has. My great grandfather was a fast gun and was often deputized to round up outlaws in Oklahoma territory. In his golden years, he got a job telling wild stories to wide-eyed city folk at a dude ranch. My grandma Autumn (his daughter) once got an F on something that she wrote because the teacher said that it was too well-written for a girl her age and that she must have copied it. Her youngest son, my father, was an amazing storyteller. Whether it was during a sermon, while speaking at Bible camp, or sitting on the edge of my bed when I had an earache, he was constantly spinning yarns. His Green Meadow Rescue Society stories continued for years and incorporating my brother and I as well as every one of our many pets. Solving a mystery from horseback with cats and guinea pigs and a white rat in toe is no small feat, but he made sure we did it every time.

  1. How long did it take to publish your first novel?

That depends when you start counting, ha! I started actively trying to get published when my husband was attending seminary. It took fourteen years of writing classes, keeping regular writing hours, attending writer’s conferences, writing four different book manuscripts, and loads of revision before my first book was published. If you go back to when I wrote my first book in first grade … well, that adds a few years onto that number. 

  1. Which scene was most fun to write and why?

That would be the pirate ship restaurant scene! My poor heroine has to navigate Copenhagen with a 150lb dog who LOVES water! While brainstorming different bodies of water to cause her pain, I discovered that there is a lake in the middle of Tivoli Gardens. Yes, this is the third oldest operating theme park in the world. Well, in that lovely lake sits a pirate ship. This pirate ship is actually a restaurant and is close enough to shore so that hungry tourists can walk out to it using a plank bridge. So much water! So much peril! So much rampant embarrassment! Let’s just say that the Newfoundland dog enjoyed the experience much more than the heroine of our tale. This is also the scene that a young reader (a boy of twelve) used to inspire a build in his Minecraft game. I had never had someone incorporate one of my stories into a video game and was so honored when he built the pirate ship restaurant and filled it with ill-mannered wolves in honor of Leroy, the Newfoundland dog.

  1. What are five things people don’t usually know about you?
  • I grew up off-grid at a remote Bible camp in the cascade mountains. I actually still live there since my husband is now the camp director.
  • I once defied all good sense and rode my horse into a herd of 200 elk.
  • My brother and I spent much of each summer building rafts (like Huck Finn) that didn’t float very well and sailing them around our grandparents’ frog pond.
  • With the help of the same brother and our cousins, we dug a snake pit and filled it with captured gardener snakes. We had just watched Indiana Jones and argued over who would get the honor of being dangled over the snake pit by their feet. I was too tall and the snakes got in my hair, ha!
  • I once had to chase a bat out of a cabin with my sweatshirt. I used it as a net, scooped the bat up, and deposited him outside.
  1. What special challenges did you face making your story stand out from others in your genre?

Well, RomComs are full of awkward moments and I have plenty of those in my story, ha! But to add just a bit more spice, I wrote in a giant dog and some board game geek fun too! My husband and I owned a 163lb Newfoundland dog and while he became an amazing gentle giant with time, training him was exciting. Both of us were dragged here and there, bouncing on our faces at one time or another. He loved water. If he saw water, Shamu would simply charge toward it, dragging whoever had his leash behind him. I saw my husband literally soar into the air, crash, and be dragged on his face across the grass by our powerful and rowdy pet. With training, this stopped, but it sparked some really fun story moments! Also, my husband loves strategy board games and I love Star Trek. Adding little tidbits from these passions into Morgan’s character really made her stand out as a real person for me. I hope you love her as much as I do!

More from Kristen Joy

Have you ever gotten stuck with someone else’s luggage? How about someone else’s dog? Let’s make that someone else’s ill-mannered, 150lb, Newfoundland dog!

Yes, Morgan, my poor heroine just wanted to discover her roots during a calm tour of Copenhagen, Denmark. What she gets … a wild chase through a foreign city with a giant and hairy beast in tow!

We have owned two wonderful Newfoundland dogs and they are truly gentle giants … once they grow up. But that training process is a sight to behold when your “puppy” weighs 100lbs before he reaches his first birthday and doesn’t even notice you bouncing along behind him as he charges for the lake.

Our first Newfoundland, Shamu, ended up weighing a hefty 163lbs in his prime and was a handful for those first few training years. Thus, I have taken some of our crazy dog stories and used them to harass my hapless heroine during her Danish vacation. Shamu would gallop toward any body of water he spotted. A lake, river, nice fountain, you name it! If you happened to be dragged along with him, he didn’t mind. The more the merrier! Don’t worry, there is plenty of water in Copenhagen to tempt a fun-loving Newfoundland dog. One might see various fountains, a paddle boat pond in Tivoli Gardens, or even a restaurant that is actually a pirate ship floating on a lake. Add a bunch of dog hair and slobber and this crazy RomCom hits a bit close to home for someone who actually owns a Newfoundland dog.

As a prize, I’m offering notecards that feature our current Newfy (Princess Leia Freyja) in all her hairy glory as well as a box of Danish chocolates and a paperback copy of the book.

May your day be full of adventure … but not quite as much as Morgan endures in Copenhagen Cozenage. God Bless!

In His Hands,


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