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The Genesis of Seven (The Empyrean Trilogy, #1) By Sara M. Schaller YA Fantasy, Paranormal Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 348 Pages July 7, 2020 by Designs by Seraphim

Eighteen-year-old Jordan Conway has always wanted to help people, but helping seven archangels to achieve their divine duty was never quite what he had in mind…

When Jordan is entrusted by the head nun of his orphanage to deliver a mysterious backpack to a New York City address, he comes unexpectedly face-to-face with Archangel Gabriel. Their acquaintance fast uncovers a labyrinth of secrets that connect Jordan’s once-normal life to an ancient heavenly prophecy. Now, he must help Gabriel to reunite the archangels before evil forces grow too strong.

Soon, Jordan and Gabriel find themselves on a divine quest across the globe, while deep in the pits of Hell, Satan plots his return to earth. To gain control, however, Satan needs the powerful prophetic objects locked safe inside Jordan’s backpack—and the devil will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

With that notion threatening his only family and the safety of his newfound friends, Jordan must do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves and help the archangels succeed. If that means sacrificing all he thought he knew to go to war with the devil himself? Bring it on.

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Guest Post for this book!

Jordan’s Tips in Working with an Archangel

Listen when they tell you to do something
The angels have far more experience dealing with the fallen then I do, so I would advise to listen to them. I notice whenever I don’t listen to them, or whenever I am left to decide the outcome of a situation on my own, it usually ends up badly. Mainly with me getting hurt.

Expect the unexpected…at all times
Seriously. When I think I know everything there is to know about angels, they always surprise me with a new detail. Usually that’s really important, like how you’re not supposed to touch celestial objects.

Get used to their constant vigilance and protection
Angels don’t sleep. And they don’t eat. So, they constantly nurture me to make sure I’m taking care of myself. They also never leave my side. I typically have at least one angel with me wherever I go for protection. It’s better to get used to it than fight it. The angels are set in their ways.

Never forget they have a divine duty
Even though they’ve been on Earth for centuries, the angels are here for a reason. They have a divine purpose to defeat evil. It’s easy to forget because they are fun to be around, but when Satan shows up ready for a fight, the reality of who they are becomes all the more serious. Remembering this at all times helps to never underestimate the enemy.

Take the time to get to know them
Each of the angels are unique, and they all have different interests. Trying to understand them goes a long way in actually helping them save the world. It also just makes for good times since I’ve been able to learn so many new things from them.

About the Author

SARA M SCHALLER is a paralibrarian, publishing professional, and young adult author. She lives in Colorado with her mom, dad, brother, and four furry canine siblings. Sara loves the world of pop culture and the performing arts, so when she is not reading or writing, she is either watching movies and shows, attending conventions, or going out to see live performances. She likes to write stories for all ages in the fantasy genre, and her writing usually contains elements of speculative fiction and features a large cast of characters. Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in English, Art History, and Religious Studies from the University of Denver, and a Master’s degree in Publishing from Pace University. For five years, Sara worked as a graphic designer, and her creativity in design carries over into other areas of her life like writing. You can visit her online at

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