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Walk with Me 

River North; New Edition edition (September 1, 2012) 



Along with being the author of Walk With Me (forthcoming September 2012, River North/Moody), my fiction has been published in numerous journals including Image, The Southern Review and The North American Review and included in the anthology series, Not Safe But Good, edited by Bret Lott and published by Thomas Nelson. I’m also the author of a young adult novel, The Counterfeit Collection (Tyndale) and I’ve written feature articles for many publications such as Guideposts, Leadership, and Partnership.

Before writing full-time, I worked in book publishing as an acquisitions editor and then as Editor-in-Chief at Princeton University Press. Since 2000, I’ve lived in Morocco where my husband is the pastor of Rabat International Church. We have two married daughters and four delightful grandchildren.

A Word from Annie:

If you still want to know more about me, you may be interested to learn:
On the Myers-Briggs scale, I’m not an I for introvert. I’m an H for hermit.

But I’ve been known to say, “We’re having a small gathering; only 10 people.”

I love Easter sunrise services in cemeteries.

I live on the west coast — of Africa.

My favorite Moroccan meal: Zahara’s beef couscous with raisin sauce, and tchouchouka.

J’adore le francais.

I once told God I’d marry anyone except the man who became my husband.

I prefer to make things up rather than do research, although I have been described as an ‘infomaniac’.


Peter and Celeste choose to travel as one on the lifelong journey to the King’s City

. They are blissfully in love and bound to each other by the Cords of Commitment.

Shortly after visiting the Moon of Honey they discover that the journey proves

much more difficult than they expected. When they find themselves laboring

through the Swamp of Selfishness, crossing the dismal Plains of Distance, and

nearly becoming separated by the River of Unfaithfulness, their love for each

other and for the King is challenged. They must choose whether to continue on

together, not knowing if they can be warmed again by the Kindling of Affection,

or visit the Valley of Cut Cords to journey alone once more.

If you’d like to read a chapter excerpt of Walk with Me, go HERE



On the front of this book it says, “Pilgrim’s Progress for Married Couples” and that’s just what this book is. Showing two different people, with completely different backgrounds, along with different expectations of each other, but they are determined to be committed to each other and make a go of their marriage.  And author Annie Wald writes this book in such and interesting, unique and compelling way, couples will look at their marriage journey in a totally different way. This would be an awesome wedding gift, or a gift for someone even thinking about marriage. Which is just what I will do with this book. Give it to my son, who is getting pretty serious with a lovely young lady who loves the Lord, yet their worlds are so different, their expectations are so different, yet they love each other and say their relationship just feels right, just feels like it is what the Lord wants of them. This book is just what they need….so they will be getting it now, not later, to help them work through their differences, and and realize what marriage is really about.

This book was provided by the publisher River North through CFBA for me to read and review. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.


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