Hope, Strength and Courage by Kathryn Lee


Hope, Strength and Courage: With Stories in Medicine Training and the Atypical Sibling Rivalry by Kathryn Lee


GENRE: Autobiography – Medical and Family



This book has been a self-reflective journey of a medical doctor as an ordinary person going through ordinary life’s ups and downs. In epistolary form, its articles were written during the special time of her first year of training to become a general practitioner/family physician, including making the tough decision to give up hospital specialist training, “withdrawing” from fast-paced hospital work, transitioning to working from a metropolitan hospital to a rural community clinic, witnessing and getting used to a younger sibling’s growing up, and being independent from a close and loving family. Some also feature a promotion of the author’s new academic career at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic and how it was perceived. The book shows a journey of love, strength, perseverance, purpose and encouragement. Lots of anecdotes, lots of stories, lots of quotes. With love and respect.

EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):

These things were stressors for me, and I got melancholy. Rightly or wrongly, I started feeling that since we all die sooner or later, there is no meaning in living on. I became so depressed, I thought to myself, whatever we do is of no worth and our existence is in vain. I hid it from you and everyone how hopeless I felt; I was so down at one point that I considered life to just be a burden. Looking back, unreasonably, I was the doctor who was secretly planning her own death while striving her best to care for everyone else. Several months later, after going through this rollercoaster of high and low emotions, I finally got some control back over my thoughts. It took me all this time to be open about this. I felt such loss; the loss of my brother, the loss of my youth, the loss of proximity to my parents, the loss of faith, the loss of time, the loss of my past self … all led to me think I had no control and was merely a passive piece of work by God. To tell you the truth, Al, I am still battling hard with my inner self about these things. So that’s been my journey for the past months. Moments came when God’s word spoke to me occasionally when I was reading, and that let some light into my darkened soul. Thinking of God’s grace and goodness gives me strength, and that sustains my feeble mind. While I continue struggling deep within, I ultimately trust that God will guide me through my troubles. So He will do for you, and the rest of the family. I get joy from Mum and Dad and I particularly love conversing and connecting with them. I try hard to return home at the end of the week, even though it sometimes means I do absolutely nothing—no studies, no running around. I am appreciative of God’s company, as well as the company of our parents and you. Let us not be disheartened in the Holy Spirit. Be revived in His name. God, please guide our steps. Dude … see if you have thoughts about above, and I would certainly love to share your journey. Tell me how you have been since you got married. Amen.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kay Li is a medical doctor. A Christian. A daughter. A sister. A student in life university. An ordinary person in an extraordinary world.








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