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A Divine Conspiracy

(A Divine Conspiracy #1) By Tom Bruner

Christian Young Adult Fiction

Paperback & ebook, 297 Pages

February 15, 2021

It’s a new world for the first fifty, ever-created, Angels.

They have been brought to life for one reason. To fight evil. But no one knows what evil is or where it’s going to come from. The story takes place in Heaven another newly created estate, under construction as the Angels begin training, under the watchful eye of the Archangel, Michael, to become Guardians on a yet to be created planet called Earth. Heaven is something to behold. The Angels are mystified as they take their first tour through the new city. Incredible architecture (Skyscrapers made of seashells and white sand), birds of every color (Golden Eagles), and a city made of libraries (For those who like to read), are just a few of the sights the Angel’s experience.

We follow Adlay, one of the Angels, from his first breath, through extensive physical training, his Humanities class with Jesus, and his Worship class with a beautiful Angel named Lucifer, who immediately gives Adlay a foreboding feeling. The Angels work hard for months to improve and graduate from training. Adlay excels above everybody else in training but quickly discovers Lucifer is planning something. What he finds out, makes him question if he actually knows what is right or wrong. As the Angels near their big day, Adlay must make a difficult choice. Does he care only about graduating and moving on or does he risk everything to discover if Lucifer and evil are synonymous.

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Chapter 1 Creation, continued

“Excuse me, excuse me.”

A tall, light blue, glowing cloud-like life form took shape in the middle of the room. It hovered there, slowly spinning as if looking at everybody, though it did not have any eyes. It was close to three feet tall but had no discernible shape. I can see through it! thought Adlay. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the smoky, blue creature with no face.

Adlay slipped off his table. What is this?

“I’m so sorry, I know this has to be confusing, but that couldn’t be helped,” the smoke quipped in an aristocratic English accent. He paused and turned, seemingly looking around the room. “My name is Thalzn. I am what we call a Spirit, and I will be your host for a brief period.”

Where is his mouth?

The apparition paused, waiting for some sort of feedback. None came.

“Yes, well,” Thalzn finally said, “You, my friends, are what we call new creations. Your job will ultimately be one of Protector or Guardian. For a little while, you will be students. You don’t know what that means yet, but you will. Believe me; it is quite an honor you have. Not quite as honorable as what I do, but not much is!” Thalzn bragged. Nobody looked like they cared, but Thalzn wasn’t put off in the slightest. He continued, “Look around you and be proud. You are the first fifty of your kind ever created.”

Adlay felt a warm, extremely pleasing sensation roll through his body and settle in his heart. A feeling, a sense of camaraderie. That was the word. Why? He looked around the room. Because these people were just like him.

Adlay peered at the glowing spirit again, then around the room as the others were doing the same. This doesn’t seem so bad. I’m one of the first. But of wh…

“I expect you have many questions, as would I, but it is not my place to answer them, and I really don’t have the time. We are tremendously busy. Michael will escort you from here in a few minutes. He will give you all the answers to your questions, I’m sure. I am only here to give you a quick overview of what is happening right now, okay?” Okay.

“Know that you are in a place of infinite joy and happiness. Or at least we will be once we start getting customers. For now, we are still “under construction.” This will be a bit confusing, but I promise, soon, you will begin to feel better, and your thoughts will be clearer the longer you are here. You have been created for many reasons, most of which I will let Michael tell you, but I will say that you will be very much needed, from the little I know. I apologize again; I don’t know what any of that means, I was just told to say it.”

A rumble of murmur came from the Angels. Not helping, Thalzn.

Excerpted from A Divine Conspiracy by Tom Bruner. Copyright © Tom Bruner.

About the Author

Tom Bruner appreciates books. Over one thousand read. Really. Growing up in Southern California, Tom has had a passion for reading books since his early teens. It’s all about the story is what he believes. Tired of the same vanilla spoonful every time he opened a Christian Fiction book, he decided to write, A Divine Conspiracy. This book is set in the newly created estate of Heaven. It tells the story of the creation and training of the first Angels ever to be. We follow Adlay, a newly created Angel from his first breath, through physical training and classes with Jesus and Lucifer until the day Heaven falls apart. It packs a punch. There is not a dull moment.

Tom considers taking a motley group of boys from the 7th grade through the graduation of high school with Lifegroup a church program to be his greatest accomplishment so far. That and U.S. Air Force Basic Training. That and fraternity initiation. Oh, and running a marathon without training. The boys and Tom met once a week throughout each school year. Spending six years with the same boys going through that period of their life a great adventure. Tom, an avid Christian, volunteers on Sundays at his church in the junior high ministry. Please pray for him.

Tom is a Southern California guy through and through. He loves the beach and writing books. A Divine Conspiracy is the first book in a trilogy. Tom hopes to have the second book out in six months.

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