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Rogue Unbroken
(Legends & Shadows Saga #3)
By Angie Day
Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook,  412 Pages
December 10, 2021 by Rahne Press

Kate had survived. She had lived through pain and torment and now she was on the other side, where all the happiness was supposed to be. But with Alec’s vengeful punishment for escaping him, she can’t touch anyone without hurting them.

Alec still wants to create a Level Five and he’s dangerously close. That power under his control would mean unraveling the world as it stands. The world Kate has not yet started to enjoy. She won’t be able to rest until her body, her mind is fixed, and Alec won’t get his beloved power without her help.

The two warring sides of Rogues and Shadows will have to meet. Kate will have to confront Alec and his cruel ambition once again. But every moment with the Shadows is detrimental to those she loves, especially Kylan. So she must find a way to outsmart the person who taught her everything she knows, the most feared Shadow in the world.

Kate is strong. She survived once. But even the strongest people can break with the right pressure, and Alec is ready to tear her life apart.



“Another power that Legends can have is the ability to extract energy from other Legends,” I explained, walking closer to her. “I have four powers—I’m a Level Four—and that’s one of the things I can do.” 

    She shook her head, moving away from me. Tears welled in her eyes. Her breath couldn’t keep up with how fast her lungs wanted to pull in the air. Adrenaline spiked in her body and she turned to the open street to run. 

    That only made me want her energy more. 

    “No,” Lisa hissed, running as fast as she could. 

    I had more energy than her already, so I was faster. I flashed in front of her and blocked her path. I put my hands on her arms, feeling her energy just underneath her skin. 

    For one more second, I needed her to be a person, someone that I didn’t want to hurt. Her curly hair crowded her face, her hands trembled at her sides, and she nervously shook her head. 

    “Let me go,” Lisa sobbed. She turned her face toward the street. “Help! Please, someone help me.” 

    “Lisa, stop.” I gripped her arms even tighter. “They won’t help you. They will kill you once they find out what you are.”

    “No. No, I’m not like you.” She tossed her head from side to side, still trying to shove me away. “Help!”

    Her eyes were bloodshot. She wasn’t going to calm down. The only thing I could hear over her screaming was the sound of the humans getting uncomfortably close. 

    She was drawing them right to us.

    “Yes, you are. Whether you like it or not, you’re a Legend, just like me. I’ve seen humans attack like this and you will not survive if I let you run out there.” I rushed through an explanation. 

    “You’re lying.” 

    She slammed her eyes shut, jerking away from my body. 

    “Listen to me. If you don’t calm down and come with me right now, I won’t have a choice,” I begged her. 

    “You’re gonna kill me.” 

    Lisa froze, locked in my gaze. Her arms were warm under my hands. 

    That energy. I shook my head gently. 

    “No, I won’t,” I answered for both of us. 

    Her body twisted awkwardly. Hot tears poured down her cheeks. Her heart rate skyrocketed. The blood pumped through her veins, enough to turn her face red despite her brown skin. 

    The energy in her blazed. My mouth watered.

    She was scared out of her mind. There was only one way for me to fix it.

    I focused on that, on her fear, as I pulled the first energy from her body. The raw, unfettered power scorched through my arms. Every cell inside of me wanted a taste. 

    The energy flooded through my chest, down my legs, up to my head. Any part of me that worried about Kate or feared for Lisa’s reaction when she woke up was silenced by the roar of new energy in my body.

    “But I’ll want to,” I breathed.

Excerpted from Rogue Unbroken by Angie Day, Copyright © 2021 by Angie Day. Published by Rahne Press.

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About the Author

Angie Day found her love of writing while in college where she studied psychology and eventually went on to a master’s degree. She noticed the need for romantic and fantastic adult stories that were still wholesome and clean. So, she took matters into her own hands.

The Legends & Shadows Saga is her debut series. When she’s not devouring the next book, she is spending time outdoors with her husband.

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