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Book Details:

Book TitleDumplings Mean Family by Jennifer Shaw 

Category Children’s Non-Fiction (Ages 3-7), 32 pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Publisher:  This Side Up LLC

Release Date: May 2021

Tour dates: November 15 to November 30

Content Rating:  G.



Book Description:

​Telly Award -winning artist Jennifer Shaw’s new children’s book, “Dumplings Mean Family,” is told from her son Ethan’s perspective as he shares what it was like to join their family after his adoption.

“When Ethan and his siblings are adopted from China to the United States, everything seems so strange and different. Their new American family doesn’t even know how to make Chinese food! The children are worried. Will they ever get to eat their favorite meals again? For Ethan’s family, embracing two cultures means learning to fold and pinch their way to dumplings that taste like home.”

Truly a family project, Jennifer’s oldest daughter, Rinnah, served as illustrator for this heartwarming book celebrating the truth that families can be strong and united when they commit to loving each other for who they truly are. As Ethan says, “We may be different in some ways, but we are one family!”


Dumplings Mean Family



I encourage you to read this beautiful Guest Post from the Author about their Adoption Journey 

God has taught our family a lot of valuable lessons during our adoption journey. We were in China with Noah, and he was having a really, really hard day. He was losing everything he knew. He began realizing that we didn’t speak Chinese and he was going to have to leave with us. He didn’t know us or trust us yet, and he was homesick. And so he was really acting out, and it honestly got very difficult. At the same time, I was realizing that my family was changing permanently, and I had no idea how any of it was going to work out. I was panicking. It’s pretty terrifying to go halfway across the world and have people hand you a nine-year-old, sassy boy you can’t communicate with who has a life-threatening health condition and say, “well, there you go! Take him home, good luck!” 


I had a moment where I was looking at Noah walking away from me while yelling things at me in Chinese (I’m probably glad I didn’t understand him then!) and had the thought, “Hey, I didn’t have to do any of this! My life was pretty good, and I didn’t need to work so hard for a year and come all this way and spend all this money and then have this child be so mean to us! I didn’t have to do it!”  I was instantly struck by Philippians 2. It was like God spoke right into my brain and said, “Oh, so you’ve never been a sassy jerk in your life?  I didn’t have to come either, you know. But I came for you. And I came for him too.” It was just an instant reset. Because I realized that I really am nothing, and yet somehow God loved me that much and came anyway. It felt like a great covering of God’s love over me, even though He was actually telling me to get over myself.  Our lives are not our own. When we follow Christ, we are to be His people in the world, and that means giving up control. Saying yes to something means saying no to something else. There are many things I would like to do that I can’t right now because we have so many kids at home, but I know this is where God has me now. I want to be where He wants me because that is

where both true adventure and true contentment lie.


This has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done, and there were days I honestly didn’t know if we would get through.  But we did because of God’s strength. So many people think if something is hard, it means they’ve made a mistake or gone the wrong way, but that’s just not true. Sometimes God calls you to hard things. Hard doesn’t equal bad. Sometimes hard just means hard. But He is also reliable and will give you what you need to do what He’s called you to do.


Meet the Author:

Jennifer Shaw is a Telly Award-winning singer/songwriter, author, speaker, and five-time Top 40 Billboard artist. Her work has been featured by Focus on the Family, Insight for Living, Family Life Today, Compassion International, Autism Speaks, and many more. Her book, “Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song,” has brought national attention to the issue of Sensory Processing Disorder. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, six busy kids, and two crazy dogs.

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