PUYB Presents….Healing Ruby by Jennifer H. Westall

Healing Ruby 3

Title: Healing Ruby
Author: Jennifer H. Westall
Publisher: Jennifer H. Westall
Pages: 369
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Format: Hardback/Paperback/Kindle

Ruby Graves, a young girl in Depression-era Alabama, faces the hardships of poverty and loss with as much faith as she can muster. At only the age of thirteen, she’s already lost a younger brother to illness, and now faces

losing both her father and the boy who’s stealing her heart to illnesses as well. Armed with her beloved Scriptures, she prays daily for their healing, only to have her tender faith shattered by her father’s death.

Through her pain, she’s able to connect with her long-lost Uncle Asa, who’s mere presence at his brother’s funeral brings murmurs of a scandalous past involving her parents and a prominent local pastor, Irwin Cass. When Ruby discovers that one of Asa’a many secrets is an ability to heal, and that she may be next in line for the “gift,” she vows to find the faith that has eluded her so far, a faith that could mean never losing loved ones again.

But faith and doubt can’t reside in the same heart, not according to her father, and doubt is Ruby’s constant companion. As she struggles to find the true meaning of faith, she’s opposed at every turn by the pastor who would see her family destroyed and a community that can’t see deeper than the color of one’s skin. Through her search for a faith that could move mountains and a true understanding of her gift, can Ruby trust in a God that may require the ultimate sacrifice?

“A fast-paced story that will leave readers wondering what’s next for Ruby Graves. This soulful, often poignant novel explores difficult subjects such as death, racism and religious hypocrisy, while still remaining hopeful. One of its greatest strengths is its cast of well-drawn secondary characters, including the…vengeful preacher who tries to thwart Ruby at every turn. Ruby’s unlikely friendship with a cast-out African-American woman and her child is a particularly bright spot in this often heavy novel.”

– Kirkus Reviews


What an amazing story, and I love the setting being in the 1930’s! Ruby was a special young lady, always willing to help those in need. Ruby’s life of heartache and disappointments in life leaves her with a passion and love for people, even so far as leaving out her own needs to help others. I love the feisty and determined spirit Ruby has in this book, and I appreciate the author sharing the faith that was so strong and evident in Ruby’s life.

This is my first book by Jennifer H. Westall, and one I thoroughly enjoyed! The characters were well created and developed so well as the story unfolds. I found myself wrapped up in the middle of the characters several times as I was reading. Healing Ruby will have you sitting on edge because you want to finish the book to see what happens! Since I don’t like giving away a lot of the book, I’ll not go into details about it, but I will say that it is full of twists and turns that make the story fun and interesting. I am really looking forward to more books for this author! I want to encourage you to pick up your copy of Healing Ruby for many hours of enjoyment and fun entertainment!

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