Tour and Giveaway for My Pseudo College Experience (A memoir) by Jess Kimball

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Book Details:

Book TitleMy Pseudo College Experience (A memoir) by Jess Kimball
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +), 112 pages
Genre:  Memoir
Publisher:  Mascot
Release date:   May 2021
Content Rating:  PG

Book Description:

While most other high schoolers were trying to navigate college applications, Jess Kimball was moving abroad, alone. Her decision to focus on running a business instead of going to college changed her life, especially when she decided to audit classes at Dartmouth College. What resulted was the social experience of college, without the debt and anxiety, or a pseudo-college experience. Is college really a necessity for everyone? Are the financial burdens and anxiety worth it? Are you “missing out” if you choose a trade school or other career path, and can you get the “full college experience” without actually attending? Jess did—and she did it Ivy League style.

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Meet the Author:

Kimball’s work as a doula is a huge part of who she is. She works with families to find what works for them, being respectful of what they wish to do, while providing guidance and resources for each route they may be curious about taking. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, paddle-boarding, gardening, and being outdoors. She loves to travel and incorporates that into her work. She has worked with families in France and Hawaii and spends lots of her free time with her many animals and writing.

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A Lady in Attendance Epic Book Launch

A Lady in Attendance Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book:  A Lady in Attendance 

Author: Rachel Fordham

Genre: Fiction/Christian/Historical 

Release date: June 1, 2021

Five years in a New York state reformatory have left a blemish on Hazel’s real name. So when she takes a job as Doctor Gilbert Watts’s lady in attendance in 1898, she does so under an alias. In the presence of her quiet and pious employer, Hazel finds more than an income. She finds a friend and a hope that if she can set her tarnished past in order, she might have a future after all.

As Gilbert becomes accustomed to the pleasant chatter of his new dental assistant, he can’t help but sense something secretive about her. Perhaps there is more to this woman than meets the eye. Can the questions that loom between them ever be answered? Or will the deeds of days gone by forever rob the future of its possibilities?

Rachel Fordham pens a tender tale of a soft-spoken man, a hardened woman, and the friends that stand by them as they work toward a common purpose–to expunge the record of someone society deemed beyond saving–and perhaps find love along the way.


A Lady in Attendance Excerpt 7

Words that would let her know that he would help her if she were ever in need.

He cleared his throat. “I’ll wrap them for you. But they will take time to heal. Do you have bandages at your home? Or should I send some with you?”

“I can manage.” Hazel reached to help him, and their hands brushed together. He pulled away, startled. She put a hand on his shoulder, and again his throat grew tight. “You were right. You are a man of action and not just words. I had heard that you were just a dentist, but that is not true. You are a good man and a friend.”

Mindful of the closeness they were sharing, his hands shook. The brush of her fingers, the touch of her skin in his hands, and her affirming words had an unfamiliar effect on him. One thing was certain—he was grateful he was not merely a dentist. When the last toe had a bandage securely around it, he took the bowl and rag and left her to put her shoes back on. Safely away from the room, he leaned his back against the wall and took several long breaths in a vain attempt to regain his composure.


Excerpt One:

Excerpt Two:

Excerpt Three:

Excerpt Four:

Excerpt Five:

Excerpt Six:

Excerpt Seven:


Rachel Fordham is the author of The Hope of Azure Springs, Yours Truly, Thomas,

and A Life Once Dreamed. Fans expect stories with heart, and she delivers, diving

deep into the human experience and tugging at reader emotions. She loves

connecting with people, traveling to new places, and daydreaming about future

projects that will have sigh-worthy endings and memorable characters. She is a busy

mom, raising both biological and foster children (a cause she feels passionate

about). She lives with her husband and children on an island in the state of


Tour and Giveaway for To Save A King by Rachel Hauck

to save a king (1)

About the Book

Book:  To Save A King

Author: Rachel Hauck

Genre: Christian Royal Romance

Release date: May 8, 2021


A modern-day fairytale of rescue and hope from NYT bestselling author Rachel Hauck

Growing up in small town Hearts Bend, Tennessee, Gemma Stone had big dreams. So she headed to Hollywood to make her mark in the world.

But dreams have a way of becoming nightmares. When she returns home twelve years later, she’s limping through life and harboring a dark secret.

Running a rescue ranch and raising her friends’ orphaned daughter is her sole mission now. All the while she’s well aware these defenseless ones are also rescuing her.

HRH Crown Prince John has learned a royal title cannot shield him from heartbreak. He had the perfect life as heir to the revered House of Blue, the royal dynasty of Lauchtenland, and married the love of his life. Then tragedy changed everything. Is there any way to be saved from a life of grief?

When he finds himself in Hearts Bend on a mission for his mother, Queen Catherine, he catches up with a good friend–country music great Buck Mathews. He has no intention of joining the 4th of July fun until he’s cajoled into a three-legged race with the beautiful Gemma Stone.

The disastrous race leads to a quick friendship. They are easy and comfortable around one another because love is absolutely not an option.

John desperately wants to hold onto the memories of his wife while Gemma refuses to trust her heart to any man. Even a prince.

When trouble in Lauchtenland calls the prince home, he realizes how much Gemma has rescued him. Saved him and restored his hope for his role as future king.

For Gemma, falling in love with the prince must be quenched. If it weren’t for her past, she’d give him her heart in a second. How could she risk bringing her shame to the House of Blue and the world stage?

However, she’s not the only one who can rescue and heal the wound. If she saved Prince John, why can’t he save her? And when he tries, will she have the courage to say yes to the best role of her life?

“Another compelling royal story by the master of princely tales!”  Susan May Warren, USA Today bestselling, RITA award-winning novelist

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About the Author


Rachel Hauck is an award winning, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

She is a double RITA finalist, and a Christy and Carol Award Winner. Her book, Once Upon A Prince, first in the Royal Wedding Series, was filmed for an Original Hallmark movie. Three more of her titles are under film contract.

Rachel was awarded the prestigious Career Achievement Award for her body of original work by Romantic Times Book Reviews.

A retired member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Executive Board, she teaches workshops and leads worship at the annual conference. She is a past Mentor of The Year.

In the real world, she’s a wife, writer, worship leader and works out at the gym semi-enthusiastically.

A graduate of Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with a degree in Journalism, she’s a former sorority girl and a devoted Ohio State football fan. Her bucket list is to stand on the sidelines with Ryan Day.

She lives in sunny central Florida with her husband and ornery cat.

Running a rescue range and raising her friends orphaned daughter, Gemma Stone still needs rescuing. Returning home after 12 years in Hollywood and a deep dark secret isn’t easy. Finding himself in Hearts Bend on a mission for his mother, Prince John also finds himself at the 4th of July fun in a three-legged race with Gemma Stone. Both of these characters are hurting from a very flawed back life. Are to too flawed to find something between them?

A sweet and fun Fairytale is always an interesting and enjoyable book to read and Rachel Hauck always makes it fun to read. I enjoyed getting to know Gemma and Prince John and enjoyed following their journey to finding help for healing. I like Gemma’s rescue horse rescue ranch. I’ve always thought it would be fun working around one of those places, and it’s wonderful the help the accomplish. All of the characters made it fun as they developed as the story unfolds. This is one you don’t want to miss. Rachel Hauck writes the most amazing books. And I give this one a solid Five Stars.

.A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

More from Rachel

One of the biggest challenges in a series is keeping the reader interested. Even more of a challenge is writing in a trope like royals.

I never set out to write a second royal series. With five stories in the Royal Wedding Series, I thought I’d explored the topic to my satisfactions.

Yet when readers asked for more, and when I found myself in a season to produce my own stories, another royal series seemed like the perfect fit.

But can I be honest? Really honest? Come close. I’ll tell you a secret. Closer…

Royals can be a bit boring. At least to write. You laugh but I’m serious.

What do we really know of their day to day lives? They attend national functions, patron charities, represent the nation on walkabouts around the world. They are ambassadors with no real political agenda. They champion causes.

But what exactly do they do with their days? What are the inner workings of palace life? What are the real expectations? Do they call the queen “her majesty” when talking among themselves? When talking to her? Are they as formal as it seems on television?

Yet royals are the most documented people in history. So there is a lot to glean from when I make up my worlds.

But at the end of it all, they key for me in writing royal characters is to make them real, everyday people. The prince is the kind of chap you want to chat with over tea. The heroine is the sort of girl you’d love to see become a princess. Maybe even see a bit of yourself in her.

In To Save A King, Crown Prince John is trying to emerge for a year of grief. Gemma Stone is desperate to escape her past.

Gemma’s story has some what of an edge to it. In her attempt to achieve her goals, she walked a path she never thought she’d walk when she was a girl growing up in Hearts Bend, Tennessee. And it proved her undoing.

While we may have never faced a past like Gemma’s, we can all relate to personal betrayal of our values from gossip to immorality. I hope Gemma’s story reminds us the nearness of love and forgiveness.

On a lighter side, I recently learned British society has moved away from chap and bloke, replacing it with the American term “guy.” Isn’t that funny. Louise Lee, my narrator, said it was funny to read those words in To Love A Prince since there were more her parents’ generation. Ah, the signs of a more global society.

Well, I didn’t care if they have gone out of style for young people. I used them anyway. I like them. Maybe we should adopt “chap” and “bloke” over here. What do you say, guys?

I hope you enjoy To Save A King, book two in the True Blue Royal series and find your heart cheering on broken, wounded characters to a happily ever after worthy of a prince and princess.

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To celebrate her tour, Rachel is giving away the grand prize of a Kindle Fire!!
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Tour and Giveaway for The Ack Ack Girl By Chris Karlsen

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

The Ack Ack Girl
By Chris Karlsen
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 221 Pages
February 14, 2021

Love and War

A country under attack and the story of one woman’s fight to protect England and her heart.

1941. The German war machine has crushed all of Europe-only England holds fast. To force a surrender, the German Luftwaffe bombs cities and villages the length of the country. As the battle rages, Britain is in desperate need to put more pilots in the air.

To free up more men a new unit is formed: The Ack Ack Girls. These special teams of courageous women will now fight in the anti-aircraft stations. Determined to be part of the effort, Ava Armstrong, volunteers for one of the special teams.

Her unit just happens to be located near an RAF airfield teaming with pilots. Sparks fly, and not just from artillery, When Ava crosses paths with Chris Fairfield, a handsome and cocky pilot stationed there. But nothing is easy in time of war, not even love.

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I have read a lot if stories and history about WWII but I had never heard of the Ack Ack Girls, a Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) group of women created to help in Time that men had more than they could do. I found the book very intriguing and enjoyed following these women on their journey. Chris Karlsen does an amazing job with researching and the awesome writing of this story. The characters were realistic and believable.  There are quite a few twists and turns in the story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you love WWII or any war story you are sure to enjoy this one. I strongly encourage you to pick up a.copy of The Ack Ack Girl to read for yourself. There is always so much more to find than a review mentions so you need to check before you find more boards
A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

About the Author


I was raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor, and my mother, a voracious reader who passed on a love of history and books to me along with a love of travel.

I am a retired police detective. After twenty-five years in law enforcement, I decided to pursue my dream of writing. I write a historical-time travel romance series called Knights in Time and a historical suspense called The Bloodstone Series.
I also have a historical romance series called Love & War. A free copy of the first book in this series is available through my newsletter:


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Tour and Giveaway for Pennies from Heaven by Koedi Nealy

Join us for this tour from April 26 to May 14, 2021!

Book Details:

Book TitlePennies from Heaven
Author:  Koedi Nealy
CategoryChildren’s Non-Fiction (Ages 3-7), 27 pages
Genre:  children’s picture book
Publisher:  Halo Publishing International
Release date: Nov 29, 2020
Content Rating:  G.

Book Description:

Based on the true-life events that led Koedi Nealy to start changing lives one penny at a time at the age of seven, “Pennies from Heaven” teaches children that they are never too young to do great things for God. Koedi’s journey culminated in forming a non-profit that currently serves the homeless population in Houston, Texas, helping the most overlooked and undervalued people in the community.

Buy the Book:

An Interview with Author Koedi Nealy

Q: PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is really your personal story. Why did you decide to put it into children’s book form?

A: I decided to write about my story in book format because when I was seven, I felt called to serve others, but no one really got on board to help me.  I told my parents about my dream to help the homeless, but my parents just thought I was a cute little girl who wanted to change the world. They didn’t know I was serious about starting a ministry. And why would they? I mean I was seven! And that’s why I decided to put my story into a children’s book. I want to teach other kids that they aren’t too young to make a difference. I also think it’s important for adults to listen and nurture dreams that their kids come to them with. It’s important for our kids to feel like their voice is being heard.  

Q: What ages do you believe this book reaches and what do you hope they learn from this book?

A: Pennies from Heaven is written as a children’s book, but I believe all ages can learn from it. I want to remind people that they are valuable to God and you’re never too young or too old to make a difference! I also want to share Jesus with the world and show people that anyone can be His hands and feet. Living in a big city my whole life, I noticed how the homeless were easily seen but not easily understood. I think as Christians we don’t always see how simple it is to be like Jesus. Jesus came to earth to love others and that’s what I was trying to illustrate in the book. 

Q: If you could go back in time, where would you go?
A: I would go back to when I was a little girl at my Grandma’s house (NiNi). She is in my childrens’ book! My grandma has been in heaven for 4 years and I miss her very much. 

Q Favorite travel spot?

A: My favorite travel spot is Medicine Park, OK. I have visited there many times, so it feels comfortable and familiar. I feel close to God when I am there, and I love the mountains and streams and all the nature. I love visiting with the local people there too.

Q: If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 books would you want with you?
A: The Bible because I can’t imagine my life without God’s Word. It doesn’t matter how many times I read it, I get a new message from the Lord. Pennies from Heaven because I would want this book so that I could be reminded of my purpose. My baby book because this would remind me of how loved I am by my family.

 Meet the Author: 

A native of Houston, Texas, Koedi Nealy is a senior at Cypress Christian School. She received her local minister’s license at the age of sixteen and is an active member of her school and community, holding leadership roles in various sports, drama, praise and worship groups, Thespian Society, and National Honor Society. She is the founder and president of Graced Ministry. She has not let dyslexia define or deter her as she advocates for others with learning differences through the NILD programing year.
She and her husband, together with their cat, Zulu, have now settled in Biarritz, France. A native of Houston, Texas, Koedi Nealy is a senior at Cypress Christian School. She received her local minister’s license at the age of sixteen and is an active member of her school and community, holding leadership roles in various sports, drama, praise and worship groups, Thespian Society, and National Honor Society. She is the founder and president of Graced Ministry. She has not let dyslexia define or deter her as she advocates for others with learning differences through the NILD program.Connect with the author:  Website  ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Tour Schedule:

April 26 – Working Mommy Journal – book spotlight / giveaway
April 26 – Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / giveaway
April 26 – Rockin’ Book Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
April 27 – She Just Loves Books – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
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May 5 – Pick a Good Book – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
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May 10 – Westveil Publishing – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
May 11 – Splashes of Joy – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
May 12 – Literary Flits – book spotlight / giveaway
May 12 – Laura’s Interests – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
May 13 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book spotlight / giveaway
May 14 – fundinmental – book spotlight / giveaway

Enter the Giveaway:

A native of Houston, Texas, Koedi Nealy is a senior at Cypress Christian School. She received her local minister’s license at the age of sixteen and is an active member of her school and community, holding leadership roles in various sports, drama, praise and worship groups, Thespian Society, and National Honor Society. She is the founder and president of Graced Ministry. She has not let dyslexia define or deter her as she advocates for others with learning differences through the NILD program.

Koedi Nealy’s PENNIES FROM HEAVEN Book Tour Giveaway

Tour and Giveaway for Reflections on the Nature of Friendship by Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D.

Join us for this tour from May 4 to May 24, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Reflections on the Nature of Friendship
Author:  Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D.
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 336 pages
Genre:  Psychology, Self-Help
Publisher:  Booksmyth
Release date:  Feb 2021
Formats Available: print-softback, ebook

Content Rating:  G. No bad language, sex scenes, or anything objectionable

Book Description:

Reflections on the Nature of Friendship is a rich, nuanced journey that delves deeply into the fascinating and complex world of friendship. Psychologist and world-traveler Dr. Daniel Cantor Yalowitz takes readers on a carefully narrated tour into the heart of what human beings need and bring to their chosen relationships. Reflections examines what makes  friendships work, thrive, and connect people with one another. Using quotes across place, time, and culture, this book includes salient and seminal chapters on Identity, Longing and Belonging, Boundaries, and more, including three case studies that explore primary friendships within the author’s life. Using examples from literature, poetry, film, and music,Dr. Yalowitz brings deeper understanding about building stronger, healthier, and sustainable friendships.

Buy the Book:


Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D writes Reflections on the Nature of Friendship because there was so much going on in the world with the political situation and Coronavirus, the world needed a stable tool such as this book on friendship to  look at the different types of friendships and really just what we could do to better ourselves and those around us. The questions he encourages readers to reflect on and answer that will help us dig deeper into what friendship is and its meaning. This is a book that would benefit everyone to read. Imagine if everyone read this book and followed just a fraction of what is included here, what would happen in the world? Grab a copy of this book and encourage everyone you know to do that same. And read it. It can change your life. 

This book is a Five Stars for me.

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

An Interview with the Author

[1]    Why did you write this book on friendship at this time?

AT FIRST, the blocking, researching, and writing of my book, Reflections on the Nature of Friendship began as an exercise to address the increasing political bifurcation and isolation 

I observed that coincided so closely with the emergence of the 2020 political and presidential campaigns and elections. As groups and organizations, including the Braver (formerly, “Better”) Angels (which I co-chaired in my town for a full year in 2019-2020) searched for ways to bridge the ever-widening political divide, I felt that a book on the very nature of friendship could be and become a practical tool – and this was just on the cusp of what was then known as the “Novel Coronavirus”. Covid-19 was a dramatic step pushing all of humanity further 

and further apart, with new ways of having people under-relate with one another through social and physical distancing, masks, rules and laws now governing all forms of travel, vacation, family time, and virtually all other forms of interpersonal connection. I wrote and 

re-wrote, edited, and reframed feverishly and fervently all throughout the year in order to birth this book into the world at a time during which many people across the globe continued to struggle with relational and intrapersonal issues with little opportunity to get the intensive support that was so needed. And so, Reflections was published in early March of 2021 as my personal response to the range of mental health and personal issues and insularity that I saw was putting us over the edge, both individually and collectively.

[2]     What guided you most throughout the writing and publication of your  book, Reflections on the Nature of Friendship?

    AMONG OTHER THINGS, I used my own world of friends and friendships as a barometer 

and testing ground for my ideas. The concept of “friendship” is NOT a theoretical construct, I reasoned – although many of my thoughts, opinions, and reflections about it are based on a range of diverse psychological concepts. I interviewed myself, and my friends, at length and at depth, as to why I had and chose the friends I had, why  they stayed with me, and I them, and under what circumstances these friendships could and did bloom and why they struggled, and how I could challenge myself to grow by addressing them thoughtfully and respectfully. I posited that I’m a regular person, not known to most of the world, with some but not all of the challenges many people endure, and that I was not unique as far as having and being a friend, or in being able to maintain and sustain friendships. The research I did to unearth quotes from other human beings across time, place, space, and culture only deepened my resolve to follow my thinking and to reflect back toward potential readers what we as a species have learned and taught others in terms of the complex and fascinating world of intra- and interpersonal world of relationships. Throughout, I was guided to write a book that would be easily accessible and yet challenging to anyone interested in and curious about themselves and 

other people and what it takes to make friendships grow, work, and thrive.

[3]      In your research and writing, how did you find friendships have been 

           challenged and changed due the pandemic?


THIS BECAME a tipping point during and throughout my writing of Reflections. The myriad challenges humanity has been faced with during the first three decades of the 21st century – including the race with and against time, the increasing reliance on technology, the race to preserve earth and the environment, racism, sexism and all other “—isms”, and, most recently,  COVID-19 – have put a premium and a strain on friends remaining friends and the fulfillment of the promise and potential of friendship. As many cultures and human and social systems have become increasingly dependent on technology, COVID-19 pressed us to, literally, “go virtual”. With all that came with this, human contact – “touch” – virtually ceased to exist except between intimates. I believe that having to refrain from touch and contact has served 

to increasingly and severely alienate us from our friends and even our loved ones with whom we do not cohabitate. In a very present sense, people had to reconsider and re-learn how to negotiate friendship and sharing and connection without contact, without in-person connection, without the opportunity to engage in the myriad and diverse experiences that friendships have always had and, to a certain extent, relied on. Redefinition and reframing 

our friendships – which are, for so many of us, experiences of routine and regularity – is a slow-going and challenging process. My hope, as we individually and collectively heal from 

the incredible strains and struggles of COVID-19, is that we can find our way back into the balm that friendships are.

[4]     What matters most in friendship, and why?

THIS MAY BE SEEN as a “trap” question: there are no formulas or formulations, or equations and clear and defined answers here. Friends and friendships are a very personal, very extraordinary matter to each individual who decides and chooses to engage. I am extremely hesitant to come up with a focused and “correct” answer here. There is no one-

size-fits all, period.  That said, I think that what is important in friendship is that we learn 

to trust, to respect, to reach out to, and demonstrate compassion toward anyone whom we might consider to be a friend. Friendship is, at best, a mutually supportive and caring human relationship (whether with others or with ourselves) that can help us to feel safer, more connected, and more at ease in our life and in our world. If we find another person, anywhere in the world, who is capable of doing this day-in and day-out, we might do well to consider that individual as a friend.  Friendship, we must remember, is social work: we get out of it 

only as much as we put into it.

[5]     You wrote in your book that conflict is integral in friendship and     

     something not to waste.  Can you share more about why you believe 

these statements?

FRIENDS HAVE an incredibly precious opportunity to draw closer through their ability to both tolerate, resolve, and transform conflict with one another. Conflict between individuals 

is inevitable for human beings. Many of us have been reared and raised to believe that conflict is “bad”, it should be avoided, and we should ignore, resist, and/or deny the “temptation” to engage in conflict. In my mind, this is a wrong-minded approach.  To me, the measure of any friendship or human relationship lies in the ability to come through the challenges, obstacles, and difficulties that arise between any two people. As we work through our interpersonal issues and differences, we have the potential and the opportunity to recommit to what brings and brought us together in the first place: concern, caring, compassion, and connection.  I believe that if we waste the opportunities we have to respond to and hopefully resolve our “friendly” conflicts, we don’t and won’t have that chance to reflect back and know that we’ve been able to work through those tough moments. If we are able to transcend the “Zero Sum” approach to conflict, that being “I win/You lose”, and replace it with “We can both win by working it through” then we have gained greater depth, commitment, and understanding 

with our friends and friendships that will stand in good stead through the test of time.

[6]     What is most challenging and difficult in maintaining and sustaining 


THERE IS NO singular response I can offer to this important question. As every human being who has ever lived has had unique circumstances that have profoundly and subtly affected their growth and development, so, too, are the situations that may make it challenging for them to maintain and sustain each and every friendship over the course of their lives. There can be tremendous differences between people as to how they experience friendship and the “triggers” 

that may offset or upset it at various times throughout their lifespan.  Our triggers are those circumstances that affect us in negative ways and cause us to feel negative emotions in response. For example, some may be frustrated by the lack of consistent time shared with friends, while others may feel crowded or invaded by having too much time with them.  In other words, one person’s triggers may lie in another individual’s comfort zone.  What’s most meaningful is that 

we each come to understand what our unique challenge-points are in friendship and work to recognize and cope with and manage them to the best of our ability without placing blame or 

fault on anyone else.

[7]     How has writing your new book impacted and influenced your own 


BY PLACING a more conscious and conscientious emphasis on all facets of friendship, I believe 

I have further “awakened” and enhanced my friendships and friends. This is likely true whenever someone places additional focus and emphasis on any one thing that they do on a regular basis. With regard to my own friendships, I believe there is now a greater sense of communication, compatibility, compassion, and commitment to working through whatever differences we may 

have together. Researching and writing this book has also made me much more aware of the need to offer verbal and other forms of appreciation and gratitude to my friends for both who they are and the things they do, both large and small. One thing I know for sure is true: in the history of humankind, no one and no friendship has ever been damaged by the offering of a sincere and heartfelt appreciation or compliment! Additionally, I have become more highly attuned to the importance – the necessity – of seeing everything from more than my limited perspective: I have 

a great deal to learn through the asking of one simple yet profound question: Is there more? By enabling my friends to speak, even dwell, beneath the surface of most superficial exchanges, I 

have found that I am encouraging them – and myself – to place greater emphasis and meaning 

on what’s really happening and going on and down with them, and between us.

[8]     What, if any, advice would you wish to offer your audience and readers about


FRIENDSHIP IS a truly remarkable and precious form of “social work”. Putting in ongoing time, energy, thought, and discernment into one’s friends and friendships is likely the biggest difference-maker in developing one’s own social world and network.  Daniel Goleman and his colleagues have written much over the past three decades on the impact and influence of social and emotional intelligence. I would suggest that our ability to use and manifest these particular forms of human intelligence is a huge conduit toward establishing deeper and more meaningful friendships over the full course of one’s lifespan. Friendship is many things; among them, it is a social investment that offers and brings huge and ongoing returns of the kinds of care and values that are so vital in maintaining and sustaining a healthy life and right livelihood. When Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of my favorite book ever, The Little Prince, wrote that “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”, I believe that he was reflecting on the power and potential of deep and abiding friendship.

Meet the Author:

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D., is a developmental and intercultural psychologist and an international consultant/trainer focusing on team-building, human intelligences, conflict transformation, and

intercultural communication and competence. He focuses his work on building greater awareness and deeper awareness of the importance of creating sustainable relationships, especially meaningful friendships. He brings all these emphases into focus in his most recent book, Reflections on the Nature of Friendship.

connect with the author:  website ~ facebook ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:

May 4 –
Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / giveaway
May 5 – Rockin’ Book Reviews – book review / guest post / giveaway
May 5 – What Polly Reads – book review/ giveaway
May 6 – Over Coffee Conversations – book review / giveaway
May 7 – Books Lattes & Tiaras – book spotlight / giveaway
May 10 – Splashes of Joy – book review / author interview / giveaway
May 11 – Lisa’s Reading – book spotlight / giveaway
May 12 – Jazzy Book Reviews – gook spotlight / giveaway
May 13 – A Mama’s Corner of the World – book review / giveaway
May 14 – Sefina Hawke’s Books – book spotlight / giveaway
May 17 – Deborah-Zenha Adams – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
May 19 –Locks, Hooks and Books – book review / giveaway
May 20 – Literary Flits – book review / giveaway
May 21- Books for Books – book spotlight
May 24 – Adventurous Jessy – book review / giveaway
May 24 – Gina Rae Mitchell – book spotlight / giveaway
May 26 – Fur Everywhere – book review / giveaway
June 1 – Brittany’s Book Reviews – book review

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Blitz for Silent Altitudes By Michael James Emberger

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Silent Altitudes
By Michael James Emberger
Christian Sci-Fi, Cli-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 270 Pages
March 30, 2021 by Ambassador International

The world looks up to the sky in hopeful anticipation as the Pennychuck Atmospheric Carbon Reduction System comes online. Finally the chance to eliminate global warming will be obtainable.

Within moments, something goes terribly wrong. Dr. Milford Pennychuck races to find the underlying problem that caused so much destruction. Yet when an assassination attempt and system sabotage blindsides him, he has to rely on a surprising ally. Together they delve into a conspiracy deeper than they can fathom. As the system operates at progressively higher altitudes, the two scientists must find a way to shut it down…or die trying.

(Affiliate links included.)


Katherine walked over and looked at the terminal and then at her watch. “It’s 10:05. The reaction should occur any minute, if it works.”

“If wh-what works?” Barry said. “What just happened here?”

A phone started ringing, and Katherine answered it. “Hello? Gunshots? No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know—the door won’t open. What? What? You’re breaking up. What was that?”

The walls of the bunker were thick, but a staticky hissing sound was getting louder outside. Barry turned his attention back to Valentina. The gauze had soaked through, so he added more and continued putting pressure on the wound. He could feel the rise and fall of her chest and the thrum of her heart beating, but she remained unconscious.

“The phone line went dead,” Katherine said. “What is that sound? It’s getting louder.”

“I don’t know. I need help!”

Katherine went to the window. “What are they looking at?”


“The protesters. The media. They’re all looking at the sky and covering their ears. Why are they doing that?”

Barry didn’t know. It was all happening too fast. Why was she asking him? He glanced at Katherine for a moment. Wasn’t she going to help him? Maybe not. She was watching the crowds. He had to focus. He turned his back to Katherine and the world outside the window, and then a flash filled the room, erasing Valentina from his vision.

About the Author

Michael James Emberger is an author of thrillers and suspense, and he resides in Wilton, New Hampshire. He enjoys weaving narratives of conspiracy and misguided intentions around divisive topics. Where there is debate, there is always room for a villain with goals far out of alignment from either side. Michael is a graduate of Messiah College, where he studied Engineering and met his wife racing solar cars cross-country. When he’s not working on home renovations or writing, he enjoys visiting the ocean and exploring the majesty of God’s creation on the summits of New Hampshire’s Mountains.

Blitz Giveaway

One winner will receive a signed print copy of Silent Altitudes and a $25 Amazon gift card (US only)

Tour and Giveaway for Caroline & Mordecai the Gand by Jeff Gunhus

Join us for this tour from Mar 31 to May 11, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title: Caroline & Mordecai the Gand by Jeff Gunhus
Category Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 186 pages
GenreFantasy, Literary
Publisher Seven Guns Press
Release date March 31, 2021
Content Rating: PG:

The language is G. There is one scene with the main character punches a

bully resulting in a bloody nose. The emotional treatment of grief and

the death of a loved one can be somewhat intense.

“Readers of all ages who look for ethereal, haunting stories of recovery and courage will find Caroline & Mordecai the Gand may hold the trappings of a fantasy adventure; but inside there is so much more. Make the right decision, to read this!”D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“Caroline’s story is profoundly sad, and yet hopeful, magical, and yet rooted in reality. There is magic, mystery, and daring adventure.”– BooksCoffee

Book Description:This novella was written by USA Today bestselling author Jeff Gunhus after he received a devastating diagnosis of state 3 cancer. The story is a message to his five children on how to deal with grief and a plea for them to grasp onto joy and love even in the darkest of times.

Caroline loses her spark. It takes a great adventure for her to find it again. Caroline loses her father in a car accident for which she feels responsible. Consumed by grief, she has a difficult time readjusting to a world that has changed so dramatically for her. On the anniversary of her father’s  death, a strange window opens in the middle of the small lake behind her house. She climbs up an old oak to peer inside, but falls out of the tree and discovers that the window also serves as a door into a different world.

Enter Mordecai the Gand, a mysterious traveler who befriends Caroline and promises to help her find a way back home since the window she fell through has disappeared. The two set out on a series of adventures that include visiting a tree village populated by a tribe known for eating travelers, running into a witch under a spell of her own making, hiding in a cave with a dragon encased in a wall of ice (prone to melting by campfire), all the while being pursued by a mysterious entity call the Creach which promises to devour Caroline and trap her in an eternity of despair.

As they navigate these adventures and this new world, Caroline slowly discovers that she is meant to help each of the characters she meets. As she battles internally whether to stay or return home to the sadness and grief waiting for her there, she must regain perspective and open her heart to the act of caring and to the joy of love itself. In the end, she must demonstrate great courage, loyalty, and caring as the plot unfolds, becoming the active hero of her own story.

Order the Book:


I really enjoyed this middle grade book by Jeff Gunhus, <span;>Caroline and Mordecai the Gand. I think it is so sweet that he wrote this for his children after a diagnosis of cancer. Caroline is the main character in this book and she is struggling with the loss of her father. Walking the woods one fine day she accidentally stumbles on a window, a window she walks through that has those who want to hurt her, including a dragon and she also finds so much grief. But she meets a mysterious traveler call Mordecai the Gand who promises to help her find home again.

<span;>I usually don’t read fantasy book but this one is so different than others I have attempted to read. The characters are so wonderfully created and I enjoyed their development throughout the story.  There is a lot going on in this book, too much to tell but I encourage you to try this one. It’s special in that Gunhus writes this for his children after his diagnosis of stage 3 cancer, just in case he didn’t survive. He makes sure his children, as well as any child that looses someone they love, will find peace and help in those dark times in their life. And the ending was a Wow moment for me. I love how Jeff Gunhus weaves everything together and comes up with this special ending. This book is a Five Stars for me. And it deserves more!

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


What made you write a book about grief and loss? 

I received a cancer diagnosis five years ago. I was only given a small chance of surviving beyond two years. I wanted to write something specifically for my kids on how to deal with grief and loss in case things didn’t work out. I started writing personal letters to them but found it too hard to do. I decided to write this story as my way of conveying to them how I believe joy and love should supersede sadness and grief, no matter what the circumstance. 

What advice would you give budding writers? 

I have three pieces of advice I give to new writers. The first is to purchase Stephen King’s book On Writing. It’s a great look at writing life but also very pragmatic in its advice. Second, allow yourself to be terrible. First draft work is the fertilizer draft — the piece of crap out of which good things will come. Get the first draft done because you can’t edit a blank page. The third piece of advice is that writers write. Nothing happens when you think about writing, you need to put your behind in the chair and get to work. Start small, even 15 minutes a day, but be consistent. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish over a long period of time. 

How long have you been writing? 

I was one of those kids in grade school where the teacher would assign a 2 page creative writing assignment and I would turn in 20 pages. I’ve always enjoyed it and always thought I would become an author. I took a dramatic detour into the business world and got a little busy having five kids, but I always found time to write. Is really just been since 2012 when I first released the Jack Templar series that I’ve put my work out into the world. It’s been hell of a ride. 

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it? 

I’m not sure exactly what writers block is. The closest thing that I come to it is paralysis on choosing the next project. Like most authors I have a pile of ideas, too many to ever get through in one lifetime. And the pile keeps getting taller. Making a final decision on which idea to pursue is a year or two of commitment. Sometimes that can be a challenge to decide. My solution has always been to write the first 50-60 pages of an idea and then gauge whether I’m waking up early to work on it or if I’m needing the alarm clock to get me up. If it feels like work, then I think it’s not the right idea. Other than that, I’m always ready to bang on the keyboard.

What is your next project? 

I have a few I’m considering. One that has my attention is a fantasy novel about a world where disease has killed everyone under the age of 18. The pestilence is still active so people die on their 18th birthday. A small group races against time as they near their birthday to find a cure. It’s called Kingdom of the Young and I think it would be pretty awesome.


Meet the Author:

Jeff Gunhus is the USA TODAY bestselling author of thriller and horror novels for adults and the middle grade fantasy series, The Jack Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year-old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His books for adults have reached the Top 30 on Amazon, have been recognized as Foreword Reviews

Book of the Year Finalists and reached the USA TODAY bestseller list.

Jeff wrote Caroline & Mordecai the Gand after receiving a devastating diagnosis of stage 3 cancer. The novella was meant as a private story for his five children on how to face grief by holding onto joy and love. He leads an active life in Maryland with his wife Nicole by trying to constantly keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of Old Fox Books in Annapolis working on his next novel or on

connect with the author:  website  twitter  facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads ~ bookbub

Tour Schedule:

Mar 31 – Rockin’ Book Reviews – book review / guest post / giveaway
Apr 1 – Lisa’s Reading – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Apr 5 – Freda’s Voice – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Apr 6 – Because I said so — and other adventures in Parenting – book review / giveaway
Apr 7 – Leels Loves Books – book review / giveaway
Apr 8 – pick a good book – book review / author interview / giveaway
Apr 12 – Gina Rae Mitchell – book review / giveaway
Apr 13 – Book Corner News and Reviews – book review / giveaway
Apr 14 – michellemengsbookblog – book review / author interview / giveaway
Apr 16 – Writer with Wanderlust – book review / guest post / giveaway
Apr 20 – Sadie’s Spotlight – book spotlight / giveaway
Apr 21 – Sefina Hawke’s Books – book spotlight
Apr 22 – Kam’s Place – book review
Apr 23 – Books Lattes & Tiaras – book spotlight / giveaway
Apr 26 – I’m All About Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Apr 27 – Cover Lover Book Review – audiobook review / giveaway
Apr 28 – Icefairy’s Treasure Chest – book review / giveaway
Apr 30 – Books for Books – audiobook review
May 3 – Hall Ways Blog – audiobook review / giveaway
May 4 – High Society Book Club & Review – book review / author interview / giveaway
May 5 – Westveil Publishing – audiobook review / guest post / giveaway
May 5 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book review / guest post / giveaway
May 6 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book review / giveaway
May 7 – Reading is My Passion – book review
May 7 – Splashes of Joy – book review / author interview / giveaway
May 10 – Bound 4 Escape – audiobook review / giveaway
May 11 – Laura’s Interests – audiobook review / giveaway

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Launch Party for How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself

Celebrate with us via Zoom as we launch Antoinetta Vogels’ new book, “How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself: a Healthy Sense of Self Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep.”

The party will take place at 9:30 PM on May 7. 

 The link for the Zoom party can be found here:


Antoinetta has a bachelor’s in French and a master’s in music. She worked in the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra as a bassoonist, has two grown daughters, and lives in Bellevue, WA, USA.

In 2013, Antoinetta created the Sense of Self Method, a self-help program for people who want to get a good night’s sleep no matter what!

With her company, Healthy Sense Of Self, LLC, Antoinetta and her team provide education about what can be wrong in the way a person experiences their self and, consequently, others. Antoinetta has made it her life’s work to help people improve their life by reversing issues related to a negative self-image. She wants everyone to have the ability to be their most authentic self.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Sense of Self™ LLC, author of “How to Overcome Insomnia All by Yourself” her newest book which will release in the fall. She also wrote “Healthy Sense of Self How to be True to Your Self and Make Your World a Better Place!” (2013), as well as the Online Course: Introducing the Sense of Self Method! (found on her website,, the “Sense of Self Workbook” (based on the Online Course but also to be used independently) (2014), “A Guided Journal to a Healthy Sense of Self (2014), and “The Motivation Cure” (2017).

Through many years of searching for her Self, Antoinetta has come to conclude that from early childhood on, many of us have not been acknowledged as the autonomous people we truly are. She provides insight and tools to help you enhance and/or completely restore your ability to sense your Self and correct the ill-effects of childhood conditioning that reverberate in all aspects of our lives.

Antoinetta Vogels is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands and a former bassoonist of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. She is a ballroom dancer, a mother of two and lives in Washington, USA.

The author will be giving away a print copy of 2 of the author’s books (US only). 

Enter to win 2 print books – a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Takeover Tour for When God Says “No” by Elizabeth Laing Thompson

When God Says No JustRead Takeover Tour

Welcome to the Takeover Tour for When God Says “No” by Elizabeth Laing Thompson, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


When God Says No

Title: When God Says “No”: Facing Disappointment and Denial without Losing Heart, Losing Hope, or Losing Your Head

Author: Elizabeth Laing Thompson

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

Release Date: May 1, 2021

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

No is not a four-letter word, but it certainly feels like one.

It’s one thing to feel God’s love when life goes your way, but what happens to your faith when life doesn’t go as you had planned?

When prayers go unanswered and dreams unfulfilled?

When the sick stay sick and the dead do not rise?

When you’re lost in the desert and the Promised Land seems like empty promise?

When God says, “No,” how do you grapple with disappointment?

Author Elizabeth Laing Thompson walks alongside readers as she tackles the difficulties that stymie our faith, stifle our prayers, and stunt our relationship with God. When God Says, “No” will help you to discover hope when life feels hopeless, good in what feels bad, and new dreams when old ones have died. This book is a fantastic reminder of Who is in charge—Who He is and how He works. How He loves us and why He limits us. The better we know Him, the more we understand that He says “No” to a few things, so He might say “Yes” to many more.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub



Elizabeth Laing Thompson

Elizabeth Laing Thompson writes at about clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life. As a minister, speaker, and novelist, she loves finding humor in holiness and hope in heartache. She lives in North Carolina with her preacher husband and four spunky kids, and they were totally worth the wait.

CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


(1) winner will receive a print copy of When God Says No and a $15 Amazon gift card!

When God Says No JustRead Giveaway

Be sure to check out each stop on the tour for more chances to win. Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight May 3, 2021 and lasts through 11:59 PM EST on May 10, 2021. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!

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Tour and Giveaway for Hope Between the Pages by Pepper Basham

Hope Between Pages

About the Book

Book:  Hope Between the Pages

Author: Pepper Basham

Genre: Christian Historical

Release date: April, 2021


Uncover the Story Behind a One-Hundred-Year-Old Love Letter

Visit historic American landmarks through the Doors to the Past series. History and today collide in stories full of mystery, intrigue, faith, and romance.

Clara Blackwell helps her mother manage a struggling one-hundred-year old family bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina, but the discovery of a forgotten letter opens a mystery of a long-lost romance and undiscovered inheritance which could save its future. Forced to step outside of her predictable world, Clara embarks on an adventure with only the name Oliver as a hint of the man’s identity in her great-great-grandmother’s letter. From the nearby grand estate of the Vanderbilts, to a hamlet in Derbyshire, England, Clara seeks to uncover truth about family and love that may lead to her own unexpected romance.

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author


Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor with southern Appalachian flair. Both her historical and contemporary novels have garnered recognition in the Grace Awards, Inspys, and ACFW Carol Awards. Her historical romance, The Thorn Healer, was a finalist in the 2018 RT Awards. Her historical romance novels, My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge and The Red Ribbon, and her contemporary novels, the Mitchell’s Crossroads and Pleasant Gap series, showcase her Appalachian heritage, as well as her love for humor and family. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of five great kids, a speech-language pathologist to about fifty more, and a lover of chocolate, jazz, hats, and Jesus.

I love Pepper Basham’s books and this is one of my favorites. The split timeliness from 1915 was interesting as well as The Biltmore Estates settings. I love the beautiful Biltmore and love it even more that this story shines a historical light on not only the beauty of the estate, but the beauty of life within the home. Sadie was only a helper, a servant, but boy did she leave a lasting story behind for those who would find and know her beautiful story decades later.

Ms. Basham does such an amazing job with researching her story and creating characters that tell the story so perfectly. I loved reading every single page of this book. And I can’t wait to read what’s next from Pepper Basham. This one is a Five Star for me, I wish I could give it more!

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


More from Pepper

Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King

Appalachia is known for having a high illiteracy rate. A place of beautiful scenery and rugged landscapes, the people of the mountains developed stories through oral storytelling much more than “book learning”.  As a young girl growing up in this world, I loved hearing my granny share tales from up to five generations ago, filling in the narrative gaps between a birth date and a death date on a tombstone – giving flesh and breath to the stone-etched names.

It’s no surprise then, with a heart cultivated from rich oral stories, I fell in love with reading. Books became that “portable magic” that took me places my little Appalachian community couldn’t provide. I fell in love with the Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew. Wept through the end of Bridge to Terabithia and Old Yeller. Traveled to the plains with Sarah Plain and Tall and fell in love with horses with The Black Stallion. But when I was in seventh grade, I read my very first “British” novel, The Secret Garden. In that one introduction, my world expanded into mysterious English manor houses and British classics. Before long, I’d consumed Jane Eyre, Austen’s classics, some Dickens, Dracula, Frankenstein…and the list goes on! And then…I found Tolkien and Lewis – and the ‘real’ world swelled into OTHER worlds.

I’m grateful for true stories of book-loving pioneers traveling into the world of Appalachia to provide books and literacy training to “my people”, because I know some of those books made their way to my tiny elementary school library…and not only brought me the chance to discover stories, but to write them too!

Isn’t it amazing how books can do that?

In Hope Between the Pages, I wanted to bring the same awe and discovery I felt as a child (and continue to feel as an adult reader) to the story of two people whose words had seemed small. Stories stretched their worlds, but the stories also gave them wonderful imaginations and positive perspectives. It’s still amazing to me that ink-and-paper words can make such a lasting impact on hearts and minds. They can lead us to dream, teach us new things, encourage our hearts, help us to think outside the box, swell our imaginations, broaden our horizons, and encourage our hope.

Books are not a replacement for real adventures and relationships, but they certainly provide a beautiful “door” into other lives and worlds that we may never have a chance to experience in real life. Sadie, my historical heroine, and Clara, my contemporary heroine, both have kept close to home but traveled greatly through books…and BOTH are given the opportunity to reach beyond the bindings to discover real-life adventures. I’d like to think that their love for stories helped them have the courage to step away from the page and into their own tales even more prepared than they would have been without stories.

What are some of your favorite books you read as a child? Did any of them influence you to become a more avid reader?

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The Write Escape, May 7


To celebrate her tour, Pepper is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

Tour and Giveaway for Reel to Reel by Isla Grey

  This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Isla Grey will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Lights, Camera, Action! From the very beginning, the world of cinema has captivated us. We have found ourselves laughing at our favorite comedies, crying when love finally comes to fruition, being beamed to other worlds or battling in the midst of action sequences. While movies might be the perfect entertainment, most have slight imperfections, mistakes, which go unseen, until they’re released and caught by the movie audience. These mistakes don’t detract from the film, and finding them are just as fun as watching the movie. For the past several years, Isla Grey has written a “Movie Mistakes” column for Bellaonline. “Reel to Reel” is a collection of some of those columns, spotlighting the fun goofs found in some of our favorite movies. Can you spot them? Grab the popcorn, sit back, and happy movie watching!

  Read an Excerpt

The Notebook

There’s no question–Noah and Allie are in love. Set in two different time periods, the beginning of the pair’s relationship is shown via a notebook an older Noah reads to Allie who is suffering the effects of dementia. Can true love ever be forgotten? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “The Notebook”.

Near the beginning of the movie, the younger Allie and Noah are at a carnival. After their first encounter, Allie and another man get on the Ferris wheel. The man is holding cotton candy in his right hand. This is noticeable throughout the scene. After Noah has climbed aboard and gets Allie to go out with him, the cotton candy the man was holding is now gone.

After Noah and Allie have watched the movie in the theater, they decide to go for a walk. When they get to the traffic light, Noah tells her how he used to lie in the road and demonstrates for her. At first, Noah is closer to the center of the lane to his left.  (This is noticeable in the overhead view.) During the close-up, Noah is now closer to the double lines that run down the middle of the road. This happens again when Allie joins him. At first, they are closer to the center of the lane to their left, but the next view shows them near the double lines.

  About the Author

Isla Grey is from Central Virginia and at an early age developed a love of movies.  She shared many Sunday afternoons watching old favorites with her grandmother that included everything from “Gone with the Wind” and “Rio Bravo” to “Titanic” and “The Mummy”.  (Her grandmother may or may not have made fun of her when she covered her eyes during “Anaconda”.)

Working as Bellaonline’s Movie Mistakes editor since 2012 has given Isla the opportunity to indulge in two of her passions—movies and writing.

When Isla isn’t writing or watching movies, most of her time is spent with her ever active daughter and her band of cats.  She also enjoys good music, reading biographies and ghost stories and taking quiet strolls.





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Tour and Giveaway for Room’s of a Mother’s Heart by Dr. Carol McLeod

Rooms of a Mother's Heart

About the Book

Book:  Rooms of a Mother’s Heart

Author: Dr. Carol McLeod

Genre: Christian Living

Release date: April 20, 2021


For thousands of years and in a myriad of cultures, women have forged identity, unconditional love, and vast purpose in the calling of motherhood. From Eve to Sarah, from Ruth to Mary, the Scriptures are filled with the accounts of the heart of a mother who was given a divine opportunity to raise the next generation for the purposes and call of the Father.

Inside the soul of every mother lies a heart that becomes a repository of sweet memories, hard lessons, glorious victories, ordinary days, glaring failures, and God’s grace over the years of mothering. The heart of a mother becomes home to jokes around the dinner table, holiday traditions, the tears of childhood, and the love that only a mother knows. And this tender heart that has given birth to the future of mankind or has lovingly adopted the seeds of the next generation also develops rooms of unsurpassed greatness and quiet strength. These are the Rooms of a Mother’s Heart.

With her characteristic charm, joy, and biblical teaching that she shares like a good friend over a cup of coffee, Carol McLeod examines what it means to be a mother and offers tender encouragement to all women who accept that calling.

Click here to get your copy!

 About the Author


The president and CEO of Carol McLeod Ministries, Carol McLeod is a popular speaker at women’s conferences and retreats. She is the author of a dozen books, including Vibrant: Developing a Deep and Abiding Joy for All SeasonsSignificant: Becoming a Woman of Unique Purpose, True Identity, and Irrepressible HopeStormProof: Weathering Life’s Tough TimesGuide Your Mind, Guard Your Heart, Grace Your Tongue; Joy for All Seasons; Holy Estrogen; and Defiant Joy.

Carol hosts a twice weekly podcast, A Jolt of Joy! on the Charisma Podcast Network, and a weekly podcast, Significant. Her weekly blog, Joy for the Journey, has been named in the Top 50 Faith Blogs for Women. Carol also writes a weekly column in Ministry Today.

She has written several devotionals for YouVersion, including “21 Days to Beat Depression,” which has touched the lives of nearly one million people around the world. Her teaching DVD The Rooms of a Woman’s Heart won the prestigious Telly Award for excellence in religious programming.

Carol was also the first women’s chaplain at Oral Roberts University and served as chaplain on the university’s Alumni Board of Directors for many years.

Carol has been married to her college sweetheart, Craig, for more than forty years and is the mother of five children in heaven and five children on earth. Carol and Craig also happily answer to “Marmee and Pa” for their captivating grandchildren.

Rooms of a Mother’s Heart is a much needed book today. I haven’t given it a thought before now but there is indeed a number of rooms in a woman’s heart. Each room being different, with a different topic need or fix. Dr. Carol McLeod has accomplished an extraordinary job of taking each room and exploring each in a way that it is easily understood yet it is so much needed in my life.

From the Welcoming home of the precious baby till the Sitting on the Front Porch realizing how much you need to untie the Apron strings a little more each time, McLeod has something for every single mother reading this book. I was especially interested in the Welcoming home and few chapters after that, not that I was Welcoming a baby but I was Welcoming my son and daughter in law home with their first baby just a few months ago so this book is so appropriate for my sweet daughter in law. For all of you mothers out there, grab this book and settle into the teachings McLeod has for you in her wonderful book.

.A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

More from Carol

Evening Conversation …

I am working with my fabulous editor on the edits for my next book that will be released in April.

“The Rooms of a Mother’s Heart” is the title and writing it has caused me to travel back through the memory bank of my heart.

As I was working on the edits for the chapter, “The Nursery”, tonight, I came upon these words and thought that I would share them with all of you in my evening conversation.

It’s a lesson that I am still learning …

“The nursery is filled with little things, isn’t it?

It holds little bears and little clothes, tiny blankets and miniature books.

It is in the nursery of your heart that you develop an appreciation for the little things in life and where you begin to understand that these are actually life’s big things.

The nursery teaches that it is the little things in life that are capable of building a grand and historic life.

So often, during other years of my life, I have made the glaring error of living for the big moments, for the red-letter days of graduations, weddings, and championship ball games. The nursery has taught me that those monstrous occasions, as fabulous as they might seem at the time, do not construct a vital and enchanting existence at all.

A glass of iced tea on the back deck while the children are playing baseball, and the sweet giggle of a child just waking up from a nap—these give birth to a whimsical life.

The smell of the roses as I walk to the front door, a good book and a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon, and making cookies with the children to share with the neighbors—these build a life of grand and lasting proportions.

A glorious life is built on one small but meaningful and carefully chosen building block at a time.

A wonderful life is composed of long walks along country roads while the children gather wildflowers.

It is pancakes on a Saturday morning and popcorn on Sunday evening.

In the nursery of my heart, I have been taught that the real stuff of life is as close and as dear as the morning song of the bird outside my bedroom window, the companionship of my daughter on my daily run, and the treasure of reading a devotional book that belonged to my grandfather.

Those events may seem small and even in consequential to you, but to me, they deliver joy.

There is no applause in a nursery, nor are there diplomas on the wall or trophies lined up across the changing table, but it remains the most splendid room in the entire home.

The nursery is absent of the rush of adrenaline, but it is filled with the sweet sighs of contentment.

Perhaps living inside a regular day in which nothing of earth-moving significance happens is at the heart of all that is truly meaningful and extraordinary.

The glory of life is found quite simply in the ordinary moments.

The treasure of a life well lived is acquired not in getting but in giving.

The substance of all that is good, rich, and meaningful is found in a thousand inconsequential gifts that are easily overlooked if one is not careful.

I hope that you will treasure the time spent in the nursery of your heart and remember that it is the little things that contribute to a large life.”

These are my thoughts for Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Blessings, my friends.

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To celebrate her tour, Carol is giving away the grand prize package of a $20 Starbuck’s gift card and a copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

Gold Rush Bride Hannah Epic Book Launch

Gold Rush Bride Hannah Epic Book Launch

About the Book:

Book:  Gold Rush Bride Hannah

Author: Linda Shenton Matchett

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: 05/18/2021


Recently widowed, she’s doesn’t need another man in her life. He’s not looking for a wife. But when danger thrusts them together, will they change their minds…and hearts?

Hannah Lauman’s husband has been murdered, but rather than grief, she feels…relief. She decides to remain in Georgia to work their gold claim, but a series of incidents make it clear someone wants her gone…dead or alive. Is a chance at being a woman of means and independence worth risking her life?

Jess Vogel never breaks a promise, so when he receives a letter from a former platoon mate about being in danger, he drops everything to help his old friend. Unfortunately, he arrives just in time for the funeral. Can he convince the man’s widow he’s there for her protection not for her money?

Gold Rush Bride: Hannah is the first book in the exciting new series Gold Rush Brides. Steeped in romance, intrigue, and history, the story will keep you turning pages long into the night.


Gold Rush Bride Hannah Excerpt Seven

Dots of light danced in her vision, and roaring, like an approaching train, filled her ears. A lump formed in her throat. “Ambushed?” Her voice caught, and she swallowed. “Who would want to murder my husband?”

“Looks like the work of the Cherokees. I’ve got my boys looking into things as we speak.” He ducked his head. “I guess you’ll be pulling out and going back to Atlanta, so be sure to let me know how I can contact you when I solve the case. Shouldn’t be long.”

Overhead, the sun broke out from behind a bank of clouds casting a bright beam onto Hannah’s face. A slight breeze brushed her cheeks as if God had reached down to remind her of His love and presence, even during this terrible turn of events. Hannah squared her shoulders. “I’m not going anywhere, Sheriff. I’ve got a claim to work.


Links to All Excerpts:

Excerpt One:

Excerpt Two:

Excerpt Three:

Excerpt Four:

Excerpt Five:

Excerpt Six:

Excerpt Seven:


Linda Shenton Matchett writes about ordinary people who did extraordinary things in days gone by. A volunteer docent and archivist for the Wright Museum of WWII, Linda is a former trustee for her local public library. She is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry. Linda has lived in historic places all her life, and is now located in central New Hampshire where her favorite activities include exploring historic sites and immersing herself in the imaginary worlds created by other authors.

Tour and Giveaway for BLACK IN TIME by Brynn Chapman!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours


Black in Time
(Synesthesia Shift #2)
By Brynn Chapman
YA Historical Urban Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 143 Pages
April 6, 2021 by Burns and Lea Books
Patient Twenty-Nine, or Jane, is within reach of her heart’s desire: a home outside of Soothing Hills Asylum, where she has been raised.
Her sister Jules wants to take her in, and a man, Mason, is deeply in love with her and wants to care for her. But before Jane can leave, she must be examined by the Board of Lunacy. Jane is still hearing voices and songs from the cornfield outside the asylum, voices and songs that tell her what she must do, and that no one else can hear. So the Board may not allow her to leave.
But the asylum is becoming more and more dangerous. Its lead alienist, Dr. Frost, has disappeared, there have been frightening sightings of a woman in white, running through the corn at night, and perhaps worst of all: lobotomized women from the asylum are turning up pregnant.
Jane is desperate to get away and go to her new home. Mason and Jules only want to rescue Jane from the asylum.
But there is a complication: for Jane, the voice in the corn calls. And she must obey.

(Affiliate link included.)

Goodreads | Amazon


Excerpt from Book


Gentile arrives at the chair, his wizened hand lightly touching the halo.

The hair on the back of my neck rises. I understand the need for many of the asylum’s treatments—but this? I cannot come to terms with this idea, nor the outcomes I have thus far borne witness to. Electricity, fed through the chair’s halo, till life is extinguished.

“And how is Old Sparky today?” He speaks to the machine, patting it almost lovingly.

I shudder and bite my lip.

All words die in my throat.

As a boy, I watched our farm animals perish in a horrible barn fire. From that day, the sickeningly sweet smell of charred flesh is seemingly ever-embedded in my nostrils and mind.

Merely staring at “Old Sparky” not only revives this phantom smell but sends an instantaneous rise of bile up my esophagus.

“You do not approve,” Gentile says. It is not a question.

“No. This is one area of practice where we diverge. I… do not believe we should have the power to… snuff life. Not in this fashion.”

Gentile nods. “I am only in agreement in extreme circumstances. The chair was Frost’s, you know this.”

“Yes. But I was under the assumption we were here to discuss ablation. Not this… contraption.”

“Indeed. Walk with me, Jonathon.” He slips a periodical into my hands, the London Medical and Surgical Journal, where I assume I will read of his justifications for “Old Sparky.” Physicks are deluded in the sense that if words appear in a coherent, bound, and published fashion, they must be true and should be replicated.

I myself am a believer in problem-solving and experience.

I follow, just now noticing a huddled group of white coats, new alienists. Their faces are so fresh, they resemble excited schoolboys
rather than newly graduated interns from the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“No. I sawr him. I’s tellin’ you, I sawr him!” a patient wails.

The young doctor dodges—but is not quick enough.

The young woman clutches and attaches to Dr. Pembleton’s lab coat, shaking him hard enough to send his horn-rimmed spectacles sliding to the end of his pointy nose.

Though her waist is buckled to the chair, the girl halves her body like a contortionist as Pembleton struggles backward, giving a valiant effort to disentangle himself.

I step forward, and all six young coats straighten in attention, parting like the sea for Moses to grant me passage.

I stand before her, bobbing and weaving with her darting gaze. “What is it, Wilhelmina? Whom have you seen?”

Her befuddled expression clears as her eyes fixate on me. She releases Pembleton, and he immediately retreats into the protective huddle of alienists as they close ranks. They circle him like a horde protecting an injured comrade.

“Oh, Dr. Grayjoy.” She grasps my hand, and I squeeze it in return. “I sawr him. IdidIdidIdid.”

I kneel before her. “Who? Who have you seen?”

Her face drains of remaining color, her eyes flicking left and right like an animal trapped.

She leans in, our heads nearly touching—I smell ripe urine and the rot of her teeth.

“Dr. Cloud. He has returned.”

Other Books in the Series

The Requiem Red
(Synesthesia Shift #1)
By Brynn Chapman
YA Historical Urban Fantasy
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 300 Pages
February 4, 2019 by Burns and Lea Books

Life for Patient 29 is full of medicated day dreams of a life outside the walls of Soothing Hills Asylum. But fantasies are not all that consume her. A monster roams the halls of the sanitarium she reluctantly calls home and three girls have been found dead. The dead girls share one common thread . . . each was 29’s cell mate. As the investigation gets under way, she retreats into her mind, listening to the voices that call to her. She is endowed with the cursed gift of perception. Through it, she hears messages carried upon the notes of music, discerns words hidden among the strokes of paintings, and minds pleadings for help from the corn field outside.

Could the key to the murders lie within 29’s broken mind? Mason, an orderly, does not see 29 as a lunatic and as his belief in her grows so does her self-confidence. The possibility of one day leaving the asylum seems less and less like a fantasy. But the monster has other plans for her. Leaving will not be so easy, at least not while she is alive.


(Affiliate link included.)

About the Author



Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Brynn Chapman is the daughter of two teachers. Her writing reflects her passions: science, history and love—not necessarily in that order. In real life,  the geek gene runs strong in her family, as does the Asperger’s syndrome. Her writing reflects her experience as a pediatric therapist and her interactions with society’s downtrodden. In fiction, she’s a strong believer in underdogs and happily-ever-afters.  She also writes non-fiction and lectures on the subjects of autism and sensory integration and is a medical contributor to online journal The Age of Autism.

WebsiteGoodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Tour Schedule

Tour Giveaway

– One winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card and an audiobook of HERE WALK THE DEAD

– Ten winners will receive a print copy of REQUIEM RED
US only


Ends May 5, 2021

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Indescribable for Little Ones by Louie Giglio

Discover the wonders of God’s creation!

Bestselling author and pastor Louie Giglio brings Indescribable for Little Ones, an interactive board book that will introduce the littlest readers to God’s amazing world. Young children will be awestruck as they pull tabs and turn a wheel to reveal that everything, from the ants on the ground to the stars in the sky, was made by God.

Louie’s popular kids’ devotional, Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science, has touched hundreds of thousands of families by sharing incredible scientific facts alongside the wonder of God’s majesty. Now this same message is made easy for little ones, focusing on four areas of creation:


This STEM-themed board book: Is perfect for little hands and motor skills development with interactive pull tabs and wheels
Would be a brilliant gift for baby showers, birthdays, Easter baskets, and holiday gifting
Includes fun facts and Bible truths



Faces of Courage Epic Book Launch by Susan K. Beatty

About the Book

Book:  Faces of Courage

Author: Susan K. Beatty

Genre: Christian Woman’s Fiction

Release date: May 11, 2021

Fear strangles even the faithful sometimes.

Despite every attempt to be brave, fear has defined Olivia Stanford’s life: with each new foster home, when her adopted parents died leaving her all alone again, trusting and marrying her husband, Frank, and coping with his football injuries and career loss.

Without faith, fear only grows in the face of adversity.

When Frank becomes abusive, Olivia enters a terror-filled life in her upscale Southern California home. Common sense demands she dig deep for the courage to confront him–to demand change. Fear and confusion push back.

And just as courage finally blooms within her comes the terrifying diagnosis: breast cancer.

Some say courage is found at the intersection of faith and grit. How will Olivia manage to summon either in the midst of this new battle?


Faces of Courage Excerpt Six

Olivia stroked Zoe’s bangs away from her face and kissed her forehead. Her shoulders slumped. Continue to get along. For the kids. And we’ll be fine.

In the master bedroom Frank sat up against the bed pillows, his arms folded across his chest. “Tell Pastor David to impose on someone else for Bible study. I don’t want those people here anymore.”

“But, Frank—”

“You heard what I said.”

The force in Frank’s voice pushed Olivia back, her father’s voice reverberating in her head—the same hot anger, an anger that scorched her soul and often ended in a beating. Olivia slipped off her dress and hung it in the closet with a shaky arm. “Okay.” Olivia whispered, looking back at her husband through lowered lashes.

With a glare that sent heat rising up her chest, Frank snapped off his bedside light and jammed himself under the covers, turning his back to her.

Olivia’s chest and neck burned as she silently shut herself in the bathroom. Just get along. As long as we’re safe and healthy, that’s all that matters.

But where would she get the courage to keep them safe if he became violent?




Excerpt Three:

Excerpt Four:

Excerpt Five:

Excerpt Six:

Excerpt Seven:




“Courage: The intersection of faith and Grit”

Susan K. Beatty is passionate about finding courage through faith and grit, particularly through the trials of breast cancer. Her daughter is a metastatic breast cancer “thriver” and has been an inspiration for her writing. Susan retired from a full-time job in 2017 and is now pursuing a novel-writing career. Her first novel, “Faces of Courage,” is in revision. Susan is the author of “An Introduction to Home Education” (AKA “California Homeschool Manual”), was the assistant director of the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference and is the president of her local ACFW-OC Chapter. She is a professional writer/journalist. Susan is proof you can begin a fiction writing career after age seventy.




According to the National Cancer Institute, “In 2020, an estimated 1,806,590 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 606,520 people will die from the disease.” It is impossible to meet someone who has not been

touched by this disease in some manner, whether it be physically or emotionally.

There are many types of cancer–so many that each month of the year is dedicated to promoting awareness of a different type. Just as cancer comes in various forms, it touches different people in various ways.

When a writer is touched by this disease, the natural reaction is to take pen to paper–or rather fingers to keyboard.

The results will surprise you! The stories are as diverse as the disease.

During the month of April, here at iRead Book Tours, we are featuring some tremendous titles written by or inspired by cancer survivors!

AGAIN: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists by Christine Shields-Corrigan

Book TitleAgain: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists
Author:  Christine Shields Corrigan
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 256 pages
Genre:  Memoir
Publisher:  Koehler Books
Release date:  Oct 2020
Formats Available for review: print-softback (USA and Canada), ebook (
mobi file (for Kindle), gifted Kindle copy, PDF, NetGalley download)
Tour dates:  May 10 to May 28, 2021
Content Rating:  PG-13. My book has some profanity and one non-explicit sex scene with my husband.


 no-nonsense debut memoir recalls Corrigan’s two-time battle with cancer and takes a pragmatic approach toward guiding other patients. Candid, sagacious writing on illness and adaptation.” –Kirkus Reviews


A breast cancer diagnosis at forty-nine forces Christine Shields Corrigan, a wife, mom, and meticulous list-maker, to confront her deepest fears of illness, death, and loss of control as she struggles to face cancer again. From the discovery of a “junky” cyst, to chemotherapy and surgery, sleepless nights filled with rosaries and “what ifs,” and shifting family dynamics, her adult experience mirrors her teen bout with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with one exception—she no longer has parents keeping her in the dark.
With the ghosts of cancer past hovering around her, Chris falls into the same overprotective traps her taciturn Irish-Catholic parents created, striving to keep her family’s life “normal,” when it is anything but, and soldiering through on her own, until a neighbor’s unexpected advice and gift move her to accept others’ help. With fierce honesty, poignant reflection, and good humor, Chris shares a journey filled with sorrow, grace, forgiveness, and resilience, as she winds her way through cancer for the second time. Again offers practical guidance and hope to individuals that they have the strength to forge a path beyond a diagnosis.

Buy the Book:
Amazon ~ B&N ~ BAM
Book Depository ~ IndieBound
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FLYING AGAINST THE ODDS by Jean-Jacques Trochon

Book Title:  FLYING AGAINST THE ODDS: One Man’s Journey to New Ways of Healing by Jean-Jacques Trochon with Heather Whitehall-Trochon
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  249 pages
Genre:  Memoir
Publisher:  Ikhaya Publishing
Release date:   November 2020
Format available for review:  print (Internationally), ebook (mobi, epub)
Tour dates: May 17 to June 4, 2021
Content Rating:  G. Memoir for General Audience.

Author Jean-Jacques Trochon


Jean-Jacque (JJ) had a devastating problem. At age fifty-one, he was diagnosed with

stage four cancer and given three years to live. Rather than accept that outcome, JJ did what he always does: he set out to find a solution. Desiring to look beyond traditional treatments and their often harmful side effects, he put his unconventionally wired mind to work. JJ was relentless as he investigated alternative therapies and pursued global

trailblazers in cancer research. Moving from the role of patient to patient-researcher, he became a trailblazer in his own right, being sought after for his latest findings. Ultimately, JJ brought together the most innovative international minds at the Rethinking Cancer 2017 conference in Paris. Together, they found common ground, and they continue to create integrative, synergistic approaches to treatment. Today, almost a decade after his diagnosis, JJ has defied the odds and

is cancer-free. Recently retired from his career as a commercial airline captain on the Airbus A380, he now devotes himself to sharing his ongoing research with scientists and patients. JJ’s story illustrates how looking at things differently often enables us to see them in a whole new light.

Buy the Book:
Amazon ~ Book Depository
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on iRead Book Tours


Book Title: Caroline & Mordecai the Gand by Jeff Gunhus
Category Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 186 pages
GenreFantasy, Literary
Publisher Seven Guns Press
Release date March 31, 2021
Format available for review:  print (USA), ebook (mobi for kindle, epub, PDF, audiobook (audible download)
Tour dates:  Mar 31 to May 11, 2021
Content Rating: PG: The language is G. There is one scene with the main character punches a bully resulting in a bloody nose. The emotional treatment of grief and

the death of a loved one can be somewhat intense.

“Readers of all ages who look for ethereal, haunting stories of recovery and courage will find Caroline & Mordecai the Gand may hold the trappings of a fantasy adventure; but inside there is so much more. Make the right decision, to read this!”D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Caroline’s story is profoundly sad, and yet hopeful, magical, and yet rooted in reality. There is magic, mystery, and daring adventure.” – BooksCoffee

Author Jeff GunhusJeff Gunhus


novella was written by USA Today bestselling author Jeff Gunhus after he received a devastating diagnosis of state 3 cancer. The story is a message to his five children on how to deal with grief and a plea for them to grasp onto joy and love even in the darkest of times.

Caroline loses her spark. It takes a great adventure for her to find it again.

Caroline loses her father in a car accident for which she feels responsible. Consumed by grief, she has a difficult time readjusting to a world that has changed so dramatically for her. On the anniversary of her father’s death, a strange window opens in the middle of the small lake behind her house. She climbs up an old oak to peer inside, but falls out of the tree and discovers that the window also serves as a door into a different world.

Enter Mordecai the Gand, a mysterious traveler who befriends Caroline and promises to help her find a way back home since the window she fell through has disappeared. The two set out on a series of adventures that include visiting a tree village populated by a tribe known for eating travelers, running into a witch under a spell of her own making, hiding in a cave with a dragon encased in a wall of ice (prone to melting by campfire), all the while being pursued by a mysterious entity call the Creach which promises to devour Caroline and trap her in an eternity of despair.

As they navigate these adventures and this new world, Caroline slowly discovers that she is meant to help each of the characters she meets. As she battles

internally whether to stay or return home to the sadness and grief waiting for her there, she must regain perspective and open her heart to the act of caring and to the joy of love itself. In the end, she must demonstrate great courage, loyalty, and caring as the plot unfolds, becoming the active hero of her own story.

Buy the Book:
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on iRead Book Tours

MARVELLOUS MACEY by Caitlin Bangsund

Book Title:  Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days by Caitlin Bangsund
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-8),  40 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Caitlin E. Bangsund
Release date:   March 2021
Format available for review:  print, ebook (PDF)
Will send print books out:  USA and Canada
Tour dates: Mar 1 to mar 28, 2021
Content Rating:  G. This children’s book is for everyone.

Author Caitlin Bangsund you va va voom? Do you light up the room? Marvellous Macey does! She may not quite fit the mould, but she is living delightful days. Embrace

Macey’s world of imagination and ability to love and accept everyone. Life may not be perfect and some things might be hard, but Macey shows us how to live in the moment and find the delight! Be inspired by Macey to make everyday the BEST day.

Caitlin Bangsund is the author of Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days. It is the first in a series based on true life. Caitlin knows the trial and trauma of childhood cancer, childhood disability, and the fear of

almost losing her daughter — the star of the series — Macey. She encourages readers to look for the treasures that hide in the rubble and gloom. Life is beautiful chaos and her message is to press on and conquer. Read her stories and help create a world that is full of kindness and acceptance.

Author’s Website

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Book Title:  MC Plays Hide and Seek: An Empowering Story for Healthy Children Who Care About a Person Living with Cancer by Eva Grayzel
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  64 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   Jan 5, 2021
Format available for review:  print (USA), pdf
Tour dates: Jan 5 to Feb 1, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

When asked about her motivation for writing her children’s picture book about cancer, author Eva Grayzel explains:

My children were 5 and 7 when I was diagnosed with stage IV oral cancer. It’s a disease that cannot be hidden under clothing. My caregivers were so consumed with me, we didn’t addressthe feelings of our children. I regret not seeking professional attention for them during that time, but we didn’t think of it. If my healthcare providers had recommended it, we would have followed through.

Since my voice was compromised during treatment, finding a book about understanding cancer would have been an easy solution. However, I could not find one to help start the conversation with our children.

Months after my recovery, my daughter still wouldn’t kiss me. She was intuitive, afraid of losing me and didn’t want to commit to another day of loving me. My son was shopping  with his grandma for a birthday card and he found a Get Well card. “Let’s buy this for Mom.” Grandma had to tell him that I wasn’t sick anymore.

When I reached my 10 year cancer-free anniversary, I had to mark it. There was no better way than filling the void for a children’s book to minimize fear and promote dialogue about cancer. ‘M.C. Plays Hide & Seek’ emphasizes feelings children experience and ways to address their emotions in a healthy, comfortable way. It’s everything I wished I had for my children. And, I hope it will be everything you need for yours.

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Eva Grayzel ~ B&N

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Tour and Giveaway for Cracking The Harmony by Camilla Gray-Nelson

Join us for this tour from Apr 19 to May 14, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Cracking The Harmony Code: Nature’s Surprising Secrets for Getting Along While Getting Your Way
Author:  Camilla Gray-Nelson
​Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 190 pages
Genre:  Leadership, Women’s Empowerment
Publisher:  Double Dove Press
Release date:  Mar 31, 2021
Formats Available for review: print (USA and Canada), ebook (PDF)
Tour dates:  Apr 19 to May 14, 2021
Content Rating:  G. This is a book for all readers.

Book Description:

In Cracking the Harmony Code, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Camilla Gray-Nelson, reveals Mother Nature’s secret code for achieving personal and professional goals. Using “influence through instinct,” she guides you up Nature’s Harmony Pyramid to its pinnacle of success, peace and happiness.

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In Cracking The Harmony Code, Camilla Gray-Nelson gives is what she has learned about Nature’s Surprising Secrets for Getting Along While Getting Your Way. In this book she is sharing with each of us Nature’s amazing secrets for maintaining social harmony—a harmony necessary for pursuing personal goals that require willing cooperation from others.

Through her experience the author says that: I have come to realize that despite intelligence and socialization, we humans are still members of the Animal World! Hidden deep within us seem to lurk the verysame instincts that drive and influence our dog’s behaviors and, for that matter, the behaviors of many other social mammals.

For my thoughts, I’m not sure I fully believe what she is saying here. But one thing for sure is, I will be watching animals more carefully now. Maybe I will learn something from them!

I have to say the authors influence through instinct method as she teaches readers through Nature’s Harmony Pyramid is interesting and I believe can help everyone in our relationships in our workplaces as well as with friends and family at home. The six stages she gives is something we all need to look at in our own lives. Not only in relationships but in achieving our personal goals. I found this pyramid an interesting way to look at these issues. It’s all laid out there for us. I challenge you to pick up a copy of this book and read it for yourself. If everyone climbs this pyramid and the teachings along the way, we can help our world be a better place.

.A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Author by Camilla Gray-Nelson

Meet the Author: 

Best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur with a company consistently listed in the Top 15 Women-Owned Businesses in Northern California, Camilla Gray-Nelson has a leg-up on her competition. Raised and living on a farm, Camilla credits her business success today to the lessons she learned from Mother Nature in her childhood! Combining a keen knowledge of animal behavior and her awareness of the human animal’s inner instincts, she reveals Mother Nature’s paradigm to all women who seek their own success at work, parenting and love. She shares the animal secret of Influence through Instinct, to more cleverly succeed in getting what we want in our professional as well as personal lives, while at the same time, maintaining precious Peace and Harmony. . . two seemingly endangered species in today’s chaotic world!

Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter ~  Facebook ~ instagram

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Tour and Giveaway for Night Fall by Nancy Mehl


Night Fall

by Nancy Mehl

Now that Alexandra “Alex” Donavan is finally free of her troubled upbringing, she’s able to live out her childhood dream of working for the FBI. But soon after she becomes a member of the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis Unit, authorities in Kansas and Missouri contact them about bodies found on freight trains traveling across the country–all killed in the same way.

Alex never expected to be forced to confront her past in this new job, but she immediately recognizes the graffiti messages the killer is leaving on the train cars. When the BAU sends her to gather information about the messages from her aunt in Wichita, Kansas, Alex is haunted by the struggles she thought she’d left behind forever.

In a race against time to solve the case while battling her own weaknesses, Alex must face how far she’ll go–and what she’s willing to risk–to put a stop to the Train Killer

Book Details:

Genre: Suspense

Published by: Bethany House Publishers

Publication Date: March 30th 2021

Number of Pages: 336

ISBN: 0764238183 (ISBN13: 9780764238185)

Series:The Quantico Files, #1

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | | Goodreads

Read an excerpt:

Four murders. Only a week or two between each one, and they all look random. Nothing about the victims is similar—as if our UNSUB is selecting whoever is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Three men, one woman. Two Caucasian, one Black, and one Hispanic. Three of them younger, one in his seventies. All the bodies were discovered on trains and were stabbed multiple times.”

They could hear him take a deep breath before going on. “Unusual tags on the outside of the boxcars. Something like Bible verses, but we’ve searched several Bible apps to find them, and they’re not in any version we could locate. We’re not sure what the UNSUB is trying to tell us. He signed his work, but we have no idea what the initials TM mean. His name? Or something else?”

There was a slight pause. “I’m sending you some photos of the tags right now, along with everything else we’ve got, which isn’t much. We don’t have any real evidence. This guy is careful . . . and smart. At this point, we’re not in charge. He is. Have your team look over this information before they get here, okay? I’ll expect them at the command post in the morning. We’re setting it up now. Does that work for you?”

“They’ll be there, Stephen. Talk to you soon.”

The call done, Jeff turned on his laptop and pulled up the information Barstow had just emailed. He sent the file to a large screen on the wall and began slowly clicking through the photos.

In mere seconds, Alex felt like all the blood in her body had frozen, as if time itself had come to a halt. Her mind couldn’t seem to process what she was seeing.

How could this be happening?


Excerpt from Night Fall by Nancy Mehl.  Copyright 2021 by Bethany House Publishers. Reproduced with permission from Bethany House Publishers. All rights reserved.


I love Nancy Mehl’s books and though I haven’t read any for a while, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review this one. This story is pretty predictable, though the author did her magic and kept me reading. I wanted to find out where Adam was. If he was following the police and FBI knowing their every move. I enjoyed these intense character and I love Alex. She isgraffiti messages such a caring person and came from and very horrific life. She did so well being the person she is now, especially from the life she lived. When she let’s her team know she recognized the messages left on the train they all run out to see if they could chase him down. I enjoyed this journey very much as the KCPD and the FBI tried to find answers and what was really in the mind of Adam, the killer. Nancy Mehl writes a riveting tale that will capture you heart and keep it for a reminder to Kross Zagros

If you enjoy a mixture of mystery, suspense and thrills this is the book for you. 

One thing I was not to happy about is the mention of Covid19. It’s just to personal right now, people we know have lost their lives and this is not for a fiction book, this is real life. Real hurting people. 

<span;>A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


Author Bio:

Nancy Mehl

Nancy Mehl is the author of more than 40 books and a Christy Award and Carol Award finalist as well as the winner of an ACFW Book of the Year award. Her short story, Chasing Shadows, was in the USA Today bestselling Summer of Suspense anthology. Nancy writes from her home in Missouri, where she lives with her husband, Norman, and their puggle, Watson.

Catch Up With Nancy Mehl:


BookBub: @NancyMehl


& Follow her Instagram hashtag: #nancymehl



Tour Participants:

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Enter To Win!:

This is a rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for Nancy Mehl. There will be three (3) winners (U.S. addresses only) for this tour. ONE Grand Prize winner will receive: ONE (1) physical copy of Night Fall, ONE (1) $10 Gift Card; and ONE (1) physical book set of the Kaely Quinn Profiler series (including Mind Games, Fire Storm, and Dead End). Additionally, TWO (2) winners will each receive ONE (1) physical copy of Night Fall. The giveaway begins on April 19, 2021 and ends on May 2, 2021. Void where prohibited.

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