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Rediscover Snow White, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty—20 years beyond the “happily ever after.” The lives of their teenage daughters become intertwined as an old threat emerges, hidden powers surface, and new love is discovered.

Questions and Answers About This Book From The Author

Where did you get the idea to write this?
It was when the Twilight movies were coming out and I found out the fans actually sent money to help finance finishing the first film. I thought if I could come up with a story that gripping and engaging, I could maybe write and create for a living. I did some research and there were really no solid YA stories continuing the classic fairytales. So I started thinking of how I could connect them and build a brand new fairytale without changing what we already know. Slowly but surely “Beyond the After” was born, and it’s still growing.
It’s important to note, this book is the first of 4 and they don’t develop like a normal series. Each of the first 3 books are from the viewpoint of each different princess. Totally connected, but totally different. Then the 4th book with start where they left off. To my knowledge no other author has done a series like this, and that’s both scary and exciting. But so far people are really liking how it’s developing.
What advice would you give other writers?
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Create what you want to create, how you want to create it. It’s easier to sell yourself and your creations if you believe in it. Also, write down or keep a note of any idea you have. You never know what it could develop into.
What is your favorite line from a book?
“Dark and difficult time lie ahead. Soon, we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”
– Albus Dumbledore
What project are you currently working on?
Always the next BtA book (Princess Avery), but I’m having my next children’s book Penelope Rose Goes to India illustrated right now. I’m also developing ideas for a horror anthology that’s completely different than what I have out there now.
What do you enjoy when you aren’t writing?
Spending time playing with my baby girl; watching TV and playing Mario Cart with my wife.
What are 5 things we’d see walking into your room?
A mess (HA!) But in my man cave you’d see Legos, board games, comics, Blu rays, a piano and stacks of my books.

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About the Author

C.M. Healy currently lives in Texas with his wife, baby girl, dog, and two cats where he teaches high school science. When he’s not busy writing, he enjoys building Lego sets, playing video games, reading comic books ( The Flash is his favorite), and watching TV with his best buddy, his wife. He earned the distinguished award of Eagle Scout during high school and went on to obtain his masters in child development from Oklahoma State University. He has been working with and entertaining children of all ages ever since. 

Where can we find you? (optional)
  • Website:
  • FB Fan Page: CM Healy
  • Twitter: @authorcmhealy
  • Instagram: @authorcmhealy
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