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Acres of Promise

(Single Again #2)

By Lisa Renée

Christian Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Paperback & ebook, 208 Pages

January 1, 2020 by The Collaborative Press

Join the journey with Chantelle Anderson as she actions all in her power, to prevent her teenage son falling into a life of crime and drugs. 

Along the way, in her vulnerable state, she struggles to find a suitable life partner. With the trials she’s experiencing with her son, who’d want to take on the whole package? Unless, God intervenes and shows He hasn’t forgotten Chantelle’s desperate situation.

Acres of Promise is a beautiful story of how God restores what was lost and stolen, replacing it with more than we can ask or imagine.

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The pastor clasped his hands. “Are you passing through town or new to the area?”


The handsome worship leader walked past, leaving a spicy lingering scent.

The greying pastor grinned when Chantelle turned back and finished her sentence.

“I moved in this weekend.”

He chuckled. “That’s Andrew McCarthy, by the way.” 

“Pardon?” She wrinkled her brow in confusion. 

“The guy in the red-chequered shirt—our lead singer, guitarist, set up and pack up guy, maintenance man, elder, the list goes on—his name is Andrew.”

“Oh. Good to know.” Her cheeks heated.

Pastor Bradley smoothed over his beard. “Would you like me to introduce you?”

Her eyes bulged. “No. I don’t think I need any maintenance service or whatever he does.” She swallowed. “How about I meet your wife? I want to find out more about the craft group she mentioned in the announcements.” Her words tumbled in a fluster.

“Certainly.” He winked at the same time as his mustache twitched. Pastor Bradley gestured with a wave to follow him.

Country churches often have interesting folk. If the pastor was any reflection of the people, then she was in for a colorful afternoon. His lame dad-jokes at the beginning of his sermon made her laugh. He seemed like a down-to-earth-type minister. Relatable. Oh, she should ask to meet the youth leader—if they had one. Hopefully, not the drop-dead gorgeous worship leader who seemed in her age bracket. He did everything else, surely not youth work as well.

As Chantelle followed the pastor, she scanned the crowd for teenagers. Two tall girls hovered near their mother. Perhaps they were fifteen and seventeen. Three boys crammed near the snacks, piling up their plastic plates—maybe Noah’s age or younger. 

With another glance of the room, she summed up that was all the youth present today—plenty of little children too. That was a good sign of a healthy church. She assumed the small town might have only elderly folk in their churches. This one seemed quite contemporary. 

A flaming red-haired pastor’s wife met them halfway. “Hello! I saw you there at the back of the church. Welcome to Boyup. I’m Whitney.” She clasped Chantelle’s hands and wrist.

Chantelle beamed a smile back. This lady had spunk. Delicate freckles decorated her cheeks that appeared round with her blazing bob.

“My name is Chantelle. I’ve moved into Lee-Steer Drive.”

Her eyes lit up. “Fantastic. A beautiful part of town. Some of our members live out that way. If you need anything, you only have to sing out.”

“Lalala.” Chantelle croaked and laughed at herself. “Like that?”

Witney swung her head in a dramatic nod and slapped Chantelle’s shoulder. “You’re gonna fit in just fine, darling. Just fine.”

♦About the Author

Lisa Renée is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Omega Writers, Australia.

Lisa adores babies enough to have seven of her own. Recently, Lisa has taken up breeding Ragdoll cats instead of breeding humans.

The tribe lives in Australia, where Lisa and her husband enjoy their writing projects and publishing ventures.

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