In Loving Memory of our precious mom…..Rachael Chattin

In Loving Memory of our precious mama

Rachael Chattin

To Our Mom

This has been a day of mixed feeling for all of us, sad but yet joyous because a year ago today you stepped from this life into the loving arms of Jesus. Where has the time gone? It seems only yesterday that we would answer the phone and it would be you with news of someone we knew, news of another one of us because you always so lovingly kept us all up to date on each other, or maybe you just wanted to say Hi and talk a little while. You always knew what was going on with each child, grandchild and great-grandchild, and even aunts, uncles and cousins and you filled each one of us in on each other’s lives. You made sure we all knew what was going on.

 It seems that only yesterday we were calling you to find out how to cook or fix something, or maybe just to talk to you about something. You were always there for us, no matter what, you always had time for us, or if you were busy you took the time for us. You were our mom, but you were also our best friend. We never had to worry about this or that needing sewing up or altered because you would always say ‘Bring it up here and I will fix it for you,” and you did. And even though you were limited at what you could eat, you loved to cook and would cook whatever you knew we loved to eat, which was just about anything you fixed. And I could go on and on and on about the wonderful mama, grandma, great-grandma, sister, aunt and friend you were to all of us. You lived your life giving to others, expecting nothing in return. When someone gave to you, you didn’t think you deserved it, but you were the one who deserved more than anyone could have ever given you. But in saying all of this you know and we know, you wasn’t perfect, we are not perfect, we had our ups and downs and our struggles just as any family does, but we still had the love and closeness of a family you and daddy so instilled in us, and that makes us miss you all the more.

As we went through yesterday and today we thought about that horrible shocking moment when we were told you wouldn’t make it through the night, and the few hours we had with you before you left this life. You were so amazing. As you spoke with each of us, you were our encouragement as you told us what to do with this and that, encouraged us to go on with our lives because you were going to meet your Lord. What a wonderful testimony it was to be in your hospital room that night and see the power of God in your life. You were so amazing. You were doing what you had always done in your life, you were trying to help each of us deal with this difficult time. You were the strong one, You held us together, You were one amazing woman and your testimony was shinning throughout that hospital because everyone could feel your perfect peace, everyone could see that you had no fear at all of dying, not even a trace. You talked about seeing Jesus; you talked about seeing daddy, and many others already in Heaven waiting for you. You were truly amazing. What an honor it was to sit by your side as your life here on earth ended. So quiet, so peaceful.

But Praise the Lord you did not leave us forever in the early hours of September 16, 2010, for we will see you again. Those of us who have accepted Christ as our Savior will be reunited with you, with daddy and with all of the many friends and family already there. But more importantly we will walk into the loving arms of Jesus just as you did one year ago today, just a little after 4am.

We rejoice that you are no longer suffering but our hearts are breaking because we love and miss you so very much. Our mama. Our grandma. Our great-grandma. Our sister. Our aunt. Our friend.
Until we meet again.

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