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Book Details:
Book Title:  Nobody’s Mulligan by Brian Holt
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 337 pages
Genre: Spiritual, Inspirational, Religion
Publisher:  Covenant Books
Release Date: March 2020

Content Rating:  G – No excessive sex, profanity or violence
Book Description:

Margaret Sullivan, a troubled college student in her early twenties, becomes a modern-day Joan of Arc when she is compelled to save humanity as the pinnacle of evil comes to seize what he believes was his in NOBODY’S MULLIGAN by Brian Holt.


Orphaned at childbirth and raised by her maternal grandparents, Margaret feels the sting of loss when her grandmother dies. With no maternal figure in her life to offer her comfort and guidance, Margaret becomes a borderline traumatic social recluse and is treated as an outcast, despite participating in admirable callings, and is left with her ailing grandfather, Paddy Sullivan. What she doesn’t realize is that evil is actively afoot and identifies her as an impediment to Satan’s global apocalyptic conquest.

Craig Templeton, an unmotivated, barely graduated gamer existing in his mother’s basement, seeks employment at a PR firm, assigned to the mailroom, which he perceives as corporate leprosy and beneath him given his freshly minted college degree. Templeton’s rust-relic of a car is the perfect prompt for Satan, as he sees Templeton ogling the high-end vehicles believing that he is already deserving of such amenities.

Drawn against their will into the town square on the night of the apocalypse arranged by a series of circumstances under Templeton’s influence, the citizens of Grace’s Parrish are confronted by the accumulated product of their own transgressions, and universal suffrage is served. Perplexed by her grandfather’s apparent immunity to Templeton’s will, Margaret ultimately realizes that faith will triumph over evil. The price is heavy, as the town seeks redemption from the only one who can grant it. With it comes a caveat that one detractor in the group will re-invite the apocalypse with increased severity.

Margaret’s heroism is handsomely rewarded as she ultimately finds transcendence that no mortal could deliver—a unification with the one person whose absence created an emotional abyss, as well as an explanation of her grandfather’s immunity to Satan’s will which is epic. And she ultimately finds her happily ever after with a love-match that is intriguingly coincidental!  The ending nicely sets the stage for the workings of a prequel.

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Nobody’s Mulligan was an interesting read I was sure about in the beginning but it that turns out to be a book about. I found the story to be slow for the first part of the book but it gets better and after several chapters. I like Margaret Sullivan, and felt bad for her as she fought against the forces of evil. She is a strong character and played her part well in the story, along with her supporting characters. There is so much going on here in the book, and the twists and turns kept me reading to see what was coming next. Brian Holt does a great job of weaving all of the storyline together to come up with the interesting ending. This is a great Debut novel for Holt. I’m interested to see what he has next for readers. Nobody’s Mulligan is Four Stars for me. I encourage you to check this one out. 

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.




How did you get the idea for Nobody’s Mulligan?

Nobody’s Mulligan was culminated during a very tumultuous time in my life, believe it or not. I was in the awful process of a dissolving marriage, leaving my children as a result. I was sharing a house with two other people and literally had NOTHING. Everything I had, with the excepting of the clothes on my back and a 15-year-old transportation, I was encouraged to pray the Rosary for guidance. 

Having always wanted to write, I had wanted to create something in the line of a crime novel, having a background in law enforcement. But I struggled with a viable storyline.  Praying a Novena, I asked, not for the words to generate financial gain, but the words that He needed me to write.

At the end of the Novena, I sat in my desk chair, alone in my bedroom. I remember it perfectly. The only light was the entering the single window from the lamppost in front of the house. I had this epiphany and actually uttered the words, “Ok. Your way, not mine.” It was as if to say that God was telling me, Ok, I’ll grant you your request, but I need this done first. That’s when the first ideas for Nobody’s Mulligan started to materialize. 


What’s Nobody’s Mulligan about?

Nobody’s Mulligan is set in a small town in the south called Grace’s Parrish. Our protagonist, Margaret Sullivan, is raised by her maternal grandparents as her father does not contribute to her rearing; more on that in the story itself. She is raised in a very Catholic household by her maternal grandparents, and inexplicably is treated like a social outcast in many settings. Her trials and tribulations, which include a quest to find clues that would give her a better understanding of her mother’s traits and talents, are preparing her for a colossal confrontation with evil that is the culmination of our nation’s escalating depravities, much of which she is unaware of.  With death and time confiscated the tormented citizens of Grace’s Parrish know what suffrage is, as evil identifies Margaret as the impediment to global damnation and erupting purgatory. The antagonist, Templeton, who barely graduated college, is possessed by evil that’s been manipulating him through the portal of his own self-declared entitlement.  [I’m sure your listeners are already picking people out in their own lives that fit this description quite closely] The end is epic but the price is hefty for everyone – especially the reader!


Many authors say that each novel that they write is a learning experience. Did you learn anything special while writing this inspirational novel?

To this day I’m not sure whether I was the author or the vehicle for God to use to compose this work. And Nobody’s Mulligan does contain some telling messages. Expect to ask yourself several times “What if the Margaret Sullivan didn’t exist? Our collective fate, not just as a nation or hemisphere, but as all existence, would be sealed !  

Also, what if certain characters didn’t behave in such a way, would they have had the experiences they had?  We need to take the perspective that one decision that violates the value set most of us were born with, the ones whose foundations were established in our Christian foundations, can lead to reverberating, life-altering consequences the likes of which can be seen in the narrative in many spots. Moreover, the accumulated violations of our faithful tenets and mores bring a collective consequence that relies on one person to address. I don’t want to give too much away, but I sew up every loophole!! So the reader will just have to wait for it. 


At what time did you realize that you were on to something special, something life-changing? Why do you feel that Nobody’s Mulligan is more of an anthem than just a great story?

Ok, your question calls for a little insider information here, so here it goes: Have you ever gotten goosebumps for reasons you couldn’t explain? Not chills but legit goosebumps. It occurred numerous times when I’d enter the library’s resource room at the library where I wrote Nobody’s Mulligan, picture that same feeling pouring over your entire body and soaking every inch of your anatomy, and I mean inside and out! And it lasted for about a minute! It was like it was slowly poured all over me out of 50-gallon drum, starting at the very tip my head and causing every single hair on my body to stand on end!!! I believe to this day that I was touched by something or someone, supernatural, that my faith tells me that was very, very special. I’ll never forget it !

Also, along the lines of the saying, “there but the grace of God go I”or “what if Jesus comes back like that”– I work at a hospital that serves a metropolitan area here in NC – There was a frequent patient, obviously homeless, and unkept. He had a history of being drunk and aggressive with the clinical staff, and caused many problems, but he would come back sometimes several times a week, more soiled and unkept than the previous visits, and of course clinical people would treat him with dignity and treated his complaints. One day I simply addressed him with a “ Hi, George[not his real name]” and he turned to me and answered “ know me?” and he said it in such a way that was uncharacteristically civil if not magnanimous.. Slowly a smile raised to his face as if to say “Finally!” – which I interpreted as  relief that he was seeking some sort of acknowledgement he likely didn’t experience in his current transient circumstance. I said “sure I do. Why don’t you come in and let these people treat you?” and his visit was uneventful. Some weeks later I received a group text that George had been found dead. And it was in the same location as a major character in the book!!! A book I had started writing in 2016 !!!!  So I’m not sure if this was a signal of gratitude for completing and publishing Nobody’s Mulligan, or some sort of communique that it was Jesus walking in this man’s shoes, and a thank you for treating him with civility and decency. 

That’s a major take on the book – one I’d like everyone to come away with-  that what you do for the least of my brothers you do for me. And that people are waiting for the second coming – what they are actually saying is Jesus isn’t here so let me get away with this. In reality, I say he never left. Yes he ascended into heaven, but He’s also a omnipresent being.  He’s walking in every one of our lives and we treat him like our single parent working or distracted so much we all keep trying to get away with something we wouldn’t do in his presence. The message here is that he walks with each of us, every step of our lives. Just recognize, acknowledge and include Him. Sometimes I feel people go through this life like they’re at a dinner party and Jesus is the host. Everyone enjoys the gifts and blessing He provides, but don’t acknowledge Him or even say thank you. If their kids never said thank you they would correct them [we hope], but I think too many people don’t put their hands together for 60 seconds in silence, or better with the family, and simple acknowledge His gifts. 

I wrote this to get people to start to think that all that is going on is more that coincidence. Evil is always afoot. There is nothing we see or experience that is unintentional. And if we don’t get ourselves back to church, and return to the tenets that birthed this great nation, we can expect our certain demise. There will be no second chance. Our plight has been by skillful, incremental  design, nothing is a coincidence. In Nobody’s Mulligan, it takes our protagonist in her early twenties to save us. The entire world will rely on the faith of one person. And she goes in unarmed, with only the help of her disabled grandfather. 

HINT: But nothing is as it seems!  


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A Plague Among Us by Deb Pines


A Plague Among Us

A Chautauqua Murder Mystery

by Deb Pines

September 1-30, 2021 Tour


When Al Martin, the editor of a satiric newspaper in Chautauqua, N.Y., reportedly dies of COVID-19, the local consensus is: good riddance.

A sister suspects foul play. She wonders why Al was cremated in a hurry.

The police stay out of it.

So it takes reporter and relentless snoop Mimi Goldman to try to find which of Al’s haters— including an estranged wife, three bitter siblings, a secretive caregiver, old enemies and the many targets of Al’s poison-pen sarcasm—might be a ruthless killer.

The novel, No. 8 in a series called “an Agatha Christie for the text-message age,” once again offers page-turning suspense. Wit. And the unforgettable setting of Chautauqua, a quirky, churchy, lakeside, Victorian cottage-filled summer arts community that launched an adult-education movement Teddy Roosevelt called “the most American thing in America.”

Kirkus Reviews calls A Plague Among Us “an intriguing and engaging crime tale” and “enjoyable novel” with “captivating characters.”  

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery

Published by: KDP

Publication Date: July 1, 2021

Number of Pages: 280

ISBN: 979-8525017368

Series: Mimi Goldman Chautauqua Mysteries, Book 8 | Each book can be read as a Stand-Alone Mystery

Purchase Links: Amazon | Goodreads


A Plague Among Us is the first book I’ve read in this series. It reads OK as a stand alone, but I think reading the series in order will probably be easier to keep up with the characters. I enjoyed the beautiful little town of Chautauqua and its people. This story is so realistic because the covid19 cases in Chautauqua, as well as a possible death because of the virus. I’ll have to say it was little weird for me reading this book because I just got over covid myself, and then reading a fiction story with the virus running rapid through the story was a bit weird. But all that aside, this is an awesome murder mystery. And while many were glad to say good riddance to the newspaper editor, their were others concerned about his death, Maybe it wasn’t covid, it could be murder. So the sleuthing begins and Mimi Goldstein and Sylvia quickly get to work on finding the culprit.

Deb Pines is a new author for me and I enjoyed her writing style and enjoyed this book very much. The characters were believable and played their parts well as the story unfolds. There’s quote a bit going on in this story, a lot of twists and turns that kept me tuning the pages to see whodunit. If you enjoy a good mystery with fun characters, especially the ones doing the murder sleuthing, you will enjoy this book very much. A Plague Among Us is Five Stars for me.

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Read an excerpt:

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Mimi and Sylvia were on the road again, heading to the Tissue Donor Center in Jamestown to chase Winston Suarez.

The center wasn’t far from the Loves’ funeral home. But this time Google Maps was directing them to take the highway, not back roads.

They started out the same way, heading west on 394, passing the same early landmarks: the Institution’s empty parking lots, busy golf course and We Wan Chu Cottages.

“So what’s new?” Sylvia asked.

“Too much,” Mimi said. “It’s crazy how I keep learning stuff without seeing how any of it means anything.”

“Because the medical examiner still hasn’t called?”


Sylvia sighed heavily. “Maybe he’s just as difficult as his dad.”

Tom Love Sr., in Mimi’s opinion, wasn’t difficult. All he had done was stand up for his son before Sylvia picked a fight with him. But Mimi let it go.

“Well, one thing I’ll grant the older one,” Sylvia said.


“He’s above average in the looks department.”

Mimi chuckled.


“I thought you’re done with all of that nonsense.”

“I am.”

Sylvia moved to the left lane to take the ramp onto Route 17/Interstate-86 East and floored it.

“Whoa, hey,” Mimi said. “Mario Andretti, slow down.”

Okay, okay,” Sylvia said. “Just had to get us on the highway.”

Sylvia slowed down to fit into the slow lane, sticking behind a FedEx truck going a steady 70 miles an hour.

Mimi filled Sylvia in on what she had heard from Shannon about Liam and Patrick. Their denials of knowing anything about the pranks. Their claims the decisions to have no autopsy and a quick cremation were just expedient—so Patrick could get home.

“So what time does Winston Suarez get off work?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s 5.”

Mimi had reached Winston once, described why she was calling. He got quiet, then hung up. After that, she called Winston and never reached him—leaving something like five or six messages.

They stayed on the highway about ten miles before taking the Jamestown airport exit, then winding around a maze of city streets until signs with a big “H” led them to the UPMC Hospital campus.

“Hopefully,” Sylvia said, “we’re more irresistible in person.”

The Tissue Donor Center was one of many outbuildings with medical-sounding names surrounding the redbrick main hospital.

Some were done in their own architectural style. Most, like the Tissue Donor Center, imitated the low-slung, redbrick design of the hospital, down to having a white number (for their address) and a primary-colored letter on their sides.

The letters were explained on campus signs. Building A was the main hospital. Building B, the signs said, was Outpatient Svcs. C was the Sherman Medical Bldg. D was Imaging & Medical Bldg. E was Physical Therapy, Pharmacies. F was the Tissue Donor Cntr.

Sylvia zipped past the early letters of the alphabet, slowing at F, the Tissue Donor Cntr. The main door had its name above it, an intercom to the right. Near the curb, another sign said, “No Standing any time. Ambulance Lane.”

They didn’t see any ambulances, but Sylvia decided to wait for Mimi anyway in a parking lot across the street.

“Break a leg,” Sylvia yelled as Mimi got out.

Mimi laughed.

If she did break a leg, no question, this was the place to do it. Her limb could be X-rayed at the Imaging Bldg.(D) and then set at Outpatient Svcs. (B).

At the door of the Tissue Donor Center, Mimi knocked.

“Who is it?”

The woman’s voice, through the intercom, was familiar.

“My name is Mimi Goldman,” Mimi said. “And—”

“Let me guess? You’re looking for Winston?”

Mimi laughed. “I guess I’m pretty predictable. Is he here?”

“He is. This is Hannah, by the way. We keep speaking on the phone. Why don’t I see if he’ll come out?”

Mimi had high hopes. How hard would it be for Winston to take a few steps to walk outside and see her?

On the other hand, blowing her off might be easier.

When she heard a ping, Mimi examined her phone. Sylvia, after coaching from her grandkids, texted like a teenager.


I asked for WS and someone said they’d get him. Just waiting.


Standing there, Mimi went through her email. Then she switched to her latest word game addiction: Spelling Bee in The New York Times.

Players have to make the most words, four letters or longer, from seven given letters, including one letter that had to be used in every word. The words that day had to be made from BLWCHAE, with all using an E.

Mimi started with the obvious ones: BLEACH, BLECH, BEACH, EACH, LEACH, LECH. She was moving on to trickier words when the center’s door swung open.

Out stepped a tall, handsome, dark-featured young man in a white surgical mask and blue scrubs with the name SUAREZ above his shirt pocket.

“I don’t know who you are,” he said. “I don’t know why you keep asking me about this case, but . . . I’m pleading with you to drop it and just go.”

Mimi had expected an asshole, too lazy or too self-important to talk. Not a frightened young man.

“Can you say why?” she asked. “I have no idea why this case is at all sensitive.”

Winston shook his head.

“How about off the record? You have my word that I’d never tell anyone you ever spoke to me.”

“Sorry,” he said. “I can’t risk losing my job.”


Excerpt from A Plague Among Us by Deb Pines.  Copyright 2021 by Deb Pines. Reproduced with permission from Deb Pines. All rights reserved.


Author Bio:

Screenshot_20210831-002945_Samsung Internet

A former reporter, Deb is also a lover of puns, show tunes and indoor cycling. She lives in New York City with her husband Dave.
Deb Pines, an award-winning headline writer for the New York Post, is the author of seven Mimi Goldman novels and one novelette all set in the Chautauqua Institution in southwestern New York where they are top sellers.

Catch Up With Deb Pines:


BookBub – @debpines

Instagram – @pinesdebbie

Twitter – @pinesdeb

Facebook – @deborah.pines.9

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Rebel Correspondent by Steve Procko

Join Us For This Tour From: September 1 to September 14

  Book Details:

Book Title:  Rebel Correspondent by Steve Procko
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction 18+, 356 pages
Genre Biography & Autobiography, Military and Nonfiction, History,  United States, Civil War Period
Publisher:  Steve Procko Productions, LLC
Release date:  September 2021
Tour dates: September 1 to September 14
Content Rating:  PG

 Book Description:
Rebel Correspondent is the true story of a young man who joined the Confederate Army days after his eighteenth birthday and served bravely 

until the war ended. Wounded twice, he emerged a changed person. But he wasn’t just a returning veteran; he was also a writer.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Arba F. Shaw was a fifty-seven-year-old farmer. On a chilly December day in 1901, he put pen to paper to write his memories of being a Rebel Private in the 4th Georgia Cavalry (Avery), C.S.A. He completed writing his account in February 1902. His local newspaper, the Walker County Messenger, in 

Lafayette, Georgia, published his account in more than fifty articles from 1901 to 1903. Then it was all but forgotten. Until Now. Rebel Correspondent presents Arba F. Shaw’s account word-for-word, as first published in the Walker County Messenger almost 120 years ago. Procko annotates Shaw’s account with in-depth research, verifying it and uncovering the back story of his life and the lives of his Rebel comrades. Procko’s research offers a historical perspective on the many 

places and events Shaw so richly described.

Join me in reading this very interesting and informative Guest Post….

By: Steve Procko; Author, Rebel Correspondent –

In Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War, Burns would regularly use the eyewitness accounts of people from that era to illustrate his storyline. One individual who was often featured and quoted was Samuel Rush Watkins (1839-1901). 

Watkins wrote his personal account of his memories as a Rebel private in Company H of the 1st Tennessee Infantry, CSA. His writings were serialized in his local newspaper the Columbian Herald in Columbia, Tennessee from 1881 to 1882. The articles were so popular that the newspaper published them 1882 as a critically-acclaimed book – Co. Aytch: Maury Grays First Tennessee Regiment or A Side Show of the Big Show.

The book has been republished in multiple editions since the 1800s including recently by Watkins’ great-granddaughter Ruth Hill McAllister using her ancestors original first-edition copy of the book filled with his handwritten notes and additions. Today, Watkins is one of the most well-known soldiers from the Civil War.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Arba F. Shaw was a hard-working fifty-seven-year-old farmer. After finishing his daily work on the farm and hanging up all the tools, he would sit down at his farmhouse’s kitchen table with another set of tools, writing implements. Because Shaw was also a correspondent for the Walker County Messenger, a weekly northwest Georgia newspaper published in the town of LaFayette, Georgia. 

Arba Shaw’s town of LaFayette, Georgia and Sam Watkins’ town of Columbia, Tennessee are separated by just 175 country miles. But during the summer of 1864, both men, as part of the Army of the Tennessee under General Joseph E. Johnston were just miles apart. In battle after battle, the rebel army was pushed south by Union forces leading to the fall of Atlanta. Shaw and Watkins were both there, experiencing the same battles. Watkins was marching with the Infantry, Shaw was on horseback with the Cavalry. Shaw was wounded at the battle of New Hope Church in May 1864.

In December 1901, Shaw began putting pen to paper with the personal account of his memories as a Rebel private in Company F of the 4th Georgia Cavalry, CSA. Shaw’s Civil War memories were burned deep into his mind, he knew it was time, and in what must have been cathartic release, thru February 1902, he managed to scratch out over 40,000 words.

Much like Sam Watkins’ home-town newspaper did just twenty years before, The Walker County Messenger then serialized Arba Shaw’s recollections into fifty-five articles published from 1901 to 1903. Sam Watkins style of writing has been described as like Mark Twain. Arba Shaw’s writing style is like “News from Lake Wobegon”. Though Shaw’s writings were popular when printed in the newspaper at the time, there would be no book like Watkins, his words were all but forgotten, until now.

My book Rebel Correspondent, brings Arba Shaw’s complete, original account and enhances it with research into the backstories of many of his Rebel comrades and offering historical perspective on places and events Shaw described so richly.



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Meet the Author: 

Steve Procko never thought of himself as a Civil War history buff, let alone a biographer. He does love history, however, particularly learning about the small, everyday events in the lives of little-known people and the small towns they lived in.

A documentarian and cinematographer, Steve was sleuthing stories for a documentary series he has developed, “There’s History Around Every Bend,” currently available on YouTube, when he came across the writings of Private Arba F. Shaw.

The down-to-earth accounts of the everyday life of a lowly private just struggling to survive one of the greatest events in American history fascinated Steve. As he read the series of articles, mostly unread since they were published in a small, north Georgia newspaper in 1901-1903, he began to realize that this was a remarkable cache of history.

A native of Florida, Steve, with his Lauren and their dog Rigby, splits his time between a mountain log cabin nestled next to Stanley Creek near the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia, and a home in Ocala, Florida.

He opened a commercial film production company with a partner in 1984. In 2003 the company became Steve Procko Productions (SPP). His Emmy-award-winning financial literacy program Talkin’ Money Minutes is available on over 100 Public Television stations nationwide. SPP has also won three additional Emmys over fifty Addy Awards, Telly Awards, and two Promax awards.

When he’s not behind a video camera or researching the archives for his next documentary or book, Steve explores remote areas throughout the United States and Canada as a fine art photographer. He has had work displayed at The Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as well as solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. 

Steve’s second book, Captured Liberty, another Civil War story about nine POW Union officers and their amazing escape will be published in 2022. He also plans to develop documentaries about The Rebel Correspondent and Captured Liberty.

connect with the author:  website twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram `~ goodread


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The Temple of the Exploding Head Omnibus by Ren Garcia

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

The Temple of the Exploding Head Omnibus
(League of Elder)
By Ren Garcia
Science Fiction, Fantasy
Paperback & ebook,  1413 Pages
April 19, 2018 by Hydra Publishing

Three books in one:
The Dead Held Hands
The Machine
The Temple of the Exploding Head

Starfarers and explorers, the League settled on Kana thousands of years ago. They found it to be a paradise, a perfect, virtually uninhabited planet waiting just for them in the cradle of space.
Lovely Kana … it was too good to be true …

But, all was not as it seemed. Simmering beneath the ground was a demented god who had soaked Kana in blood for untold ages, luring in victims, lying to them, and rejoicing in their suffering as they died at the hands of his dark angels.

And there will be blood again … From his Temple in the ground, the Horned God stirs.
When Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort, a young man troubled by the weight of the world, dares give his heart to a girl from a mysterious ancient household, one that pre-dates the League itself, he comes to know the shadows of the past that hover over her.

He comes to know of the Horned God, and for love he is destined to face him. All roads lead to the Temple of the Exploding Head, a place of evil and death, rooted in the ancient past, but also tied to the distant future.

“We were evil once,” she said, “and the gods are still punishing us…”

(Affiliate links included.)


-286714033_Excerpt - Splashes of Joy HIEI-Color_9079534_resized

About the Author

Ren Garcia is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons. He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood, he also has a passion for caving, urban archeology and architecture.

Website | Goodreads | Bookbub | Twitter | Instagram
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