Tour and Giveaway for Wait for Me by Marguerite Martin Gray

Wait for Me

About the Book

Book:  Wait for Me

Author: Marguerite Martin Gray

Genre: Christian Historical  Romance

Release date: February 9, 2021

wait for me cover

A town besieged by the enemy with just one Sovereign order: wait.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1780

With the inevitable occupation of Charles Town by the British pounding at the gates, Louis Lestarjette braces for possible imprisonment or worse. How can he provide for his growing family with the evil chains of the enemy binding his source of existence? The scenarios of imprisonment and starvation force him to realize he has no control over the outcome of the stronghold of the British. All that remains is a sense of survival at almost any cost.

Elizabeth Lestarjette faces looming confinement with both a drive to protect her children and a desire to do her part to undermine the enemy.  They must thwart the British plans to imprison more men, but how?  Who can they trust?

Just how long will Elizabeth’s confidence in justice withstand the constant battering of war and circumstance?
Discover the destiny of the Lestarjette family in the final book of the Revolutionary Faith Series as they hope and wait upon deliverance from a world under siege.

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About the Author


Marguerite enjoys the study of history, especially when combined with fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches French and Spanish and has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and a MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. She has two grown children and currently lives with her husband in north Louisiana. She writes historical fiction.

Interesting interview with author Marguerite Martin Gray

2. Why choose the genre you are writing? 

I must place my love of historical anything on my background. Living with my parents from day one, I was surrounded by history—whether in stories, painting, houses, trinkets, or people. My architect/historian father placed us in situations involving history. He would quiz my sisters and me on the kings and queens of England or the presidents of the U.S. When we lived in England, I could almost guarantee that we explored every cemetery, church, castle, and house in our proximity. What a living history lesson we heard everywhere in the European countries! I gained an immense appreciation and love for history. I write what I love. The research inspires me to create believable characters living in the places and times that I cherish.

3. Why fiction instead of non-fiction?

I love this question because I struggled with the concept as a teenager until I took a world history class under Coach Barmore. He turned my world around when he introduced me to James Mitchener. I read The Source. Until then, I did not understand historical fiction. I began to devour historical novels. Why? I love the historical facts, the real backgrounds and events, and historical characters mixed with the exciting plot and dialogue of fiction. To me that is the best of both worlds. My time spent researching non-fiction aids my plotting and characterization of my novels. I don’t mind reading and studying non-fiction. I read and used 45 non-fiction books for my Revolutionary Faith Series. I couldn’t write my novels without these resources. As a reader, I prefer a novel with strong historical setting (although I read and enjoy contemporary too). 

7. Where is your favorite setting for a story you have written? 

For every novel I’ve written, I have first been to the city or setting. I’ve walked the streets, toured the buildings and houses, viewed the artwork, tasted the food, and spoken with the people. Before I started Revolutionary Faith, I went to Charleston, South Carolina and fell in love. This is my favorite setting for my published novels. I have stayed in Charleston four different times, researching, roaming, dreaming, touring, and writing. Charles Town 1772-1782 is the setting for Revolutionary Faith. As I walk the streets and view the old Lestarjette house, I peek at Louis and Elizabeth in their daily lives. I see the history of the revolution etched in the paintings, churches, building, and houses. This city has become my favorite city in the United States, holding a place in my heart forever.  

10. Do you enjoying writing stand alone stories or series? And Why?

Another great question. I’ve written both stand alone and series. The series I’ve written is now complete. I enjoyed every minute of it and really cannot believe it has ended. This series is close to my heart because it has ties to my ancestors. The story I wanted to share grew. The period I chose (American Revolution) begged for a second, third, … book. While writing these novels, I’ve written three stand alone novels. It is different as I have to limit the characters’ lives and growth to 90,000 words instead of a possible 450,000. That’s a big difference! I enjoy both challenges. 

11. How did you go about developing the setting(s) for this story?

Research and more research. Before I ever wrote one word, I flew to Charleston, South Carolina to see if there was anything to my dreams of writing a novel based in this city. Well, in the Charleston of 1770. I didn’t even know if I could get a feel for a historical setting in a modern city. Surprise! Charleston 2000 has managed to capture the historical 1770s as well as the 1800s including the Civil War. I was able to segment my tour around the American Revolution even with all the other history lessons around me. I bought books from the wonderful Charleston Historical Society. I began with ten dealing with the city and the people who dominated the 1700s. Quickly that list of books grew to 25 on my next visit. By the time I finished the series, I had collected 45 books about this city and historical setting. For this historical fiction series, I felt I needed to stick to the historical accuracy in regards to the setting.

More from Marguerite

Thank you for stopping by the Wait for Me tour. I’m so excited about the release of this novel, the finale of the Revolutionary Faith series,

I have always been fascinated with the ordinary—the simple acts from day to day. When an historical event is added, I surround my fascination with questions. What did they wear or eat? Why did they marry? Did they have children? Where did they shop? What is incredible or surprising to me about the historical event or activity was at one time ordinary to the characters whether in fiction or nonfiction.

The ordinary that I like to encounter and write in historical fiction includes how the characters dressed. I even had the dress pictured here made for me just in case I want to present in costume!

Also, I like to explore the food my characters ate. I found a wonderful recipe for a beefsteak pie in an American Girl cookbook. I’ve made it several times. Yummy!

The ordinary activities such as going to church or to the market or mercantile make the characters real. Their lives have depth in their interaction with society. My simple faith in God’s provisions and promises flow into the lives of my characters. What makes the story exciting is the historical element linked with the dramatic background of war.

Thank you for continuing the journey with Wait for Me, rooted in the ordinary from two centuries ago.

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To celebrate her tour, Marguerite is giving away the grand prize package of a print copy of all five books in the series and a box of Charleston Plantation Tea!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

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  1. Roxanne C.
    Apr 06, 2021 @ 16:32:07

    I enjoyed the author interview and learning more about how Marguerite researches and writes her books.



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