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Book Details:

Book Title:  I Can Handle It! (Mindful Mantras) by Laurie Wright
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  32 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Laurie Wright
Release date:   August 2016
Content Rating:  G. This children’s book is for everyone.

Book Description:

Your child will incorporate the idea of ‘I Can Handle It’ almost immediately after reading this book, even in our current uncertain times. After reading this book, they will have great ideas for how to ‘handle’ tough situations! When they are tired of having to stay home, they will think ‘I can handle it’! When they are missing their friends, they will think ‘I can handle it’! When they are feeling worried about the future, they will think ‘I can handle it’! Even if they aren’t saying the words out loud, this mantra will become a part of their self-talk. Over 300 5-star reviews say so! Positive self-talk is vital for improving and maintaining strong mental health which is exactly what the world needs right now. Help your child feel emotionally strong along with Sebastien, and provide a tool to help them get through these challenging times. And because parents have such a difficult and important job, this book includes updated free resources.

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I love this sweet little book. I Can Handle It is about a little boy who thinks he can handle anything, and he names many things, including being bored, when the pool is closed, at bedtime and so much more. He also gives alternative things he can do to help him handle each situation. Such a great book for any child to read because all children have things that bother them. I love that this book teaches children to have a positive attitude when things don’t get as they expect it to. And the illustrations by Ana Santos are so very cute. I love all of the adorable facial expression this little boy had. And the expression on each face fits perfect with the story on that page, as well as the other things on the page. It all goes together so well. This is an adorable book inside and out. A book that is a must for your child’s home library, in each daycare, preschool, and in each elementary classroom and any library. Children need this book to read and and teach them about behavior issues. This book could be a good conversation starter in the home or in a classroom. Check out this book today for you home or library. You can’t go wrong with this one. I give I Can Do It Five Stars.

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


  • Thank you Laurie Wright for thus wonderful interview, for ‘I Can Handle It’

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

I have three kids and nieces and nephews, in addition to all my students over the years. There is a load of inspiration all around me. One of my favorite stories from a nephew was about pressing the elevator buttons. I heard about how he’d had a meltdown after not getting to press the button and knew it had to go into a book! 

There are many books out there about helping kids deal with worries and anxiety. What makes yours different?

It’s different because it actually works, and doesn’t come off as preachy. Kids enjoy the amusing illustrations and the outrageous possibilities of how they ‘could’ handle their problems. It all rings true for them, because they’ve had the same thoughts so often themselves. Frequently after reading it just once kids start to say the words, ‘I can handle it’, meaning they are realizing they CAN handle it!

How long have you been writing?

My first book came out in 2016, but I actually wrote it about 10 years before that.  Prior to that I didn’t write anything except lesson plans.

Where do you write?

My office is my mudroom, but I also love to carry my laptop around the house and write on the couchees or rocking chair.

How many languages has your series been published in?

I am  so grateful to be able to help children literally all around the world! So far they are being translated and sold in seven other languages. 

Meet the Author:

Children’s author and book marketing coach, Laurie Wright is a silly but smart, busy mom of three who laughs at her own jokes just a bit too much. The minivan is her sanctuary, and the only place she can sing out loud without being shushed. She’s known for her short term memory and extreme love of chips and dip. Usually on her best behavior, watch out when her filter wears off! Never without her laptop and a notebook. Trust her with your kids and your books, but not your coffee!

connect with the author:  website  twitter  facebook ~ instagram

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Tour and Giveaway for WINTER SONG by Saurav Dutt

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Book Details:

Book Title: The Winter Song (a novel) by Saurav Dutt

Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  170 pages

Genre:  Romance

Publisher:  Amazon Publishing

Release date:   December, 2020

Tour dates: January 25 to February 12, 2021

Content Rating:  PG-13. In a few places there is some moderate bad language.

Book Description:

From the acclaimed Author of ‘The Butterfly Room’ comes a powerful afterlife drama conveying how great gifts can be hidden in death and how they can bear fruit in our lives if we have the faith to let them unfold.

Somewhere between the mountains and the mist in North India, a widower must reconcile himself to the loss and grief that haunts him after the recent death of his wife.

Unhinged by grief, anger, and guilt, John Perera has set off on a journey, a journey to honour the love of his life and to fulfill the promise he made to her to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of their son. It is a journey of extraordinary self-discovery that will take him to the extremities of his soul and question all he believes

about life, death, and faith.

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  1. What does literary success look like to you?

On a purely selfish level it is arriving at a sense of agreement with your inner spirit, of taking those voices in your head and putting them to paper and actually getting the difficult job done of finishing a novel. That’s incredible in itself, actually seeing it through to the end to the best of your own ability; that’s successful in your own right, and knowing that you could articulate these thoughts in a creative, illuminating way. The flipside is convincing a complete stranger to purchase your book, from one ripple, the ocean then starts to pulsate, and more people come to see what you have brought into the world. If these efforts generate press, kickstart dialogues, and can actually affect some kind of change in the world with initiatives if your subject matter is so inclined, then that’s an incredible achievement. Before I wrote novels I helmed many biographies and they sold many copies, but they never gave me the sense of success and satisfaction in writing my own stories instead of telling those of somebody else.

  1. What’s the best way to market your books?

Offer value upfront by maintaining your audience’s interest, either through blogs, opinion pieces, commentary in journals, magazines, news items, and at speaking engagements. The key is to be authentic, to be approachable, and to be real. Audiences can suspect inauthenticity in a heartbeat, and the decision to buy your book is based on the person not just the product. Your market your books through your platform, the personification of the author and subject matter expert and that means creating a person of interest in their mind, not just a salesman that dangles their book in front of them expecting them to buy.

  1. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Yes it’s a form of meditation, of expelling these thoughts and feelings running circles in your mind and finding the discipline and wherewithal to put them down to paper and see them through to the end. I know I could not live my life with satisfaction without seeing out this creation avenue, without giving those voices in my head the outlet; I think it’s a kind of madness to deny yourself the gift of writing and once you get down to it, a kind of alchemy begins to roll into motion and the art of creating and writing does become a spiritual outlet.

  1. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Over time I have become less interested in them but if my book is reflecting real world issues, or a historical event or period, then I want to know what readers think and if I have been true to reality. With good ones they bring a temporary relief and joy, but the bad ones linger and pollute the mind and I wish it wasn’t that way, but any creative artist will tell you the bad ones have a way of sticking to you while the fantastic reviews offer only temporary satisfaction. Maybe it calls to the inherent insecurity every writer has?

  1. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

It’s in continuing to believe you have the strength to finish the piece you are currently working on and hoping you will be inspired again. All creative people hope the fire, once ignited, remains and is ready to burn through the years ahead. It’s also in overcoming fear, a fear that nobody but you cares about the work, that your work will never be ready, that you won’t sell any books, that you doubt your own ability as a writer. Then there’s the other side which is staying true to your integrity and your value as a writer, in not selling out the uniqueness of your voice and craft.

Underpinning all of that is motivation. Every writer hopes and dreams they will continue to produce work on a regular basis and that the world will care; but there is always the lingering doubt that it all means nothing. That’s the devil on the shoulder tapping you each and every time, and it’s your job as an artist to keep that voice at bay, and hopefully extinguish it altogether. That’s the continual battle.

Meet the Author:

Saurav Dutt is an Author, Political Columnist and Human Rights Campaigner. A journalist in three continents, his acclaimed debut novel ‘The Butterfly Room’ explored issues of domestic violence and homophobia within South Asian communities and has been showcased alongside leading political figures and human rights campaigners. His work for human rights and charity campaign work has taken Dutt to speaking engagements at the WEF, IKWRO, IWN, Houses of Parliament and TEDx. After exploring the issue of psychological abuse and domestic violence in ‘There Is A

Light That Never Goes Out’ Dutt was commissioned by a major Hollywood production house to pen the official novelization of the major motion picture ‘Tiger’ (starring Golden Globe winning and Academy Award nominated actor Mickey Rourke) and he commemorated the centenary of the infamous Amritsar Massacre in India with ‘Garden of Bullets: Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh’ which was featured in TIME magazine. TIGER is the biographical account of Parminder Singh Nagra, a trailblazing Sikh boxer who fought successfully for the right to compete in the ring with his beard, an essential part of his faith. A syndicated political columnist, Dutt writes for the International Business Times, The Times of Israel, Human Events, and American Herald Tribune. He has featured on CNN, GQ, Huffington Post, BBC television and radio, RT (Russia Today), Press TV, Sky News and more. He resides in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and India.

connect with author: amazon ~ twitter ~ facebook


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Tour and Giveaway for STOP STRESS FAST by Gregory Landsman



Join us for this tour from Feb 1 to Feb 19, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  STOP STRESS FAST : 12 Quick, Proven Stress Relief Techniques to Help You Feel Good Everyday by Gregory Landsman
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 yrs +),  110 pages
Genre: Stress Management Self Help; Happiness Self Help; Self Help
Publisher:  Hill of Content Publishing
Release date:   June 2020
Tour dates: Feb 1 to Feb 19, 2021
Content Rating:  G.


To receive a free copy of Gregory’s e-book, STOP SKIN AGING PREMATURELY, which includes a list of the most powerful cortisol lowering foods that help reduce stress and wrinkles go to:


Book Description:


Best selling author and wellness educator Gregory Landsman shares his

quick, simple and proven method to STOP STRESS FAST and re-boot your


The bite sized chapters will reveal:

• The ground breaking GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS™ Breathing Technique

that everyone can use to Stop Stress Fast (sometimes in less than 2


• The secrets to lowering stress levels everyday with foods that support you to look younger and healthier at the same time.

• The 5-Day GL DE-STRESS & AGE LESS™ diet.

• How to counteract the wrinkle causing hormone and look younger and more vital.


In my thirties I looked ten years older than my age and was close to a breakdown from stress, overwork and unresolved emotional issues. Most of the time I didn’t know what was wrong with my life. I didn’t know why it wasn’t running smoothly and had no idea how to fix all the things that were going on and going wrong.

One minute I was happy, the next minute I was sad and my ability to make decisions was clouded with doubt. The stress that I felt on a daily basis was impacting on the quality of my relationship, my business, my health and state of mind.

Instead of dealing with the cause of my stress, I built my life around managing the stress and unhappiness I felt, and doing what was required to keep everything moving.

I felt disillusioned and ashamed for letting these emotions get the better of me and angry for not being able to manage my own expectations. To cope with the stress of a difficult day I would ‘self-medicate’ with lifestyle elements; a few more coffees to get through the day; too many sweet or greasy snacks to cheer me up; and one too many glasses of wine to relax – none of which would have been a problem if I had only indulged occasionally; but stress had a way of turning my indulgent treats into an everyday occurrence.

I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. The days were long and the nights were even longer, and when I did fall asleep I would wake up short of breath with my heart pounding.

I got to the point where I dreaded going to bed and would spend my days feeling weary with my mind in a fog. I looked broken and started to gain weight; so misery was now sitting on my face and my bones. Fatigue and heart palpitations became my new ‘normal’, but I ignored the symptoms and told myself it would all be worth it.

My feelings of personal success and self-worth were based on my business success and so I pushed myself harder and internalised my worrying.

I wanted to be the best I could be, but I had been fighting years of stress and toxic lifestyle behaviours. I experienced low motivation and low moods, but I kept pretending that nothing was wrong and whenever it felt like I was at breaking point I told myself to ‘get over it’.

That worked for a while, until one night at two in the morning the stress that I thought I was keeping under control, took control over me. My heart was beating wildly and my breathing became shorter and shorter. With long pauses between breaths I began to panic and wondered if each breath would be my last.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t modulate my breathing and was just desperately gasping for air. My wife rushed me to the hospital where I found myself in emergency hooked up to an oxygen tank for hours, while they performed all sorts of tests.

The doctor told me it was an anxiety attack, but regardless of what they called it, I knew that the stress I had refused to deal with had finally caught up with me.

Never before had I given much thought to the act of breathing, after all we do it all day without having to think about it; but after this incident I found myself feeling extremely grateful for each new breath I took.

Even after this episode, my stress and anxiety levels were still high, as my business used every last bit of energy I had in me. Everything in my world seemed to be challenging me to find another way to live and so faced with collapse from exhaustion, I finally had to decide whether wealth or my health was to be my priority. It didn’t feel like an easy decision as I had worked so hard to get to where I was, but in reality I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to live a long and happy life; so I made the commitment to de-stress my life.

I was searching for a deeper understanding of who I was and the life I had created and this took me to India.

I stayed in India for three months, spending whole weeks at a time practising meditation and conscious breathing for thirteen hours a day. The program would start at 4.30am in the morning and finish at 10.00pm in the evening, with short breaks for water, fruit and watery porridge flavoured with garlic!

As we meditated we were told to breathe deeply and consciously, while sitting completely still in one position for the entire day – no talking, no eye contact and no hand gestures. There was certainly nothing ‘airy fairy’ about this course. It felt like a mental, physical and emotional boot camp.

So when I wasn’t fighting an itch that I wasn’t allowed to scratch, my body ached, my muscles cramped and my joints locked. By the end of the night, as I walked back to my sleeping quarters, my legs shook uncontrollably from the pain.

Everything changes when you have no distractions; you remember things and feel things that you have long forgotten about or put aside. In the silence all of the suppressed unhappiness, stress and emotional baggage that I had been running from in my life crashed into me.

There was so much unresolved pain in my life and sitting with my own thoughts I could feel how I had repressed my feelings, pushing them deep into my body so that all I generally felt on a daily basis was a sense of numbness. For the first time I understood why a feeling of inner peace eluded me and why I felt depressed, anxious and unhappy. It is a bizarre feeling sitting in silence waiting for nothing other than your next deep breath. I started to feel how stress had burdened my mind and body and made me look worn out, defeated and tired. Listening to the subtle changes in my breath helped me understand how my body responded to my thoughts and how this set off stress reactions in my body.

When I thought about something stressful, my breath would shorten and I would feel anxiety take over my whole body. But in this environment there was no option to suppress my thoughts and feelings and keep moving. I had nowhere to run, no business meetings to distract me and no lifestyle self-medicating opportunities; it was just me sitting alone in one position with my thoughts and feelings for hours every day.

As awful as this sounds, (and it was), it was the turning point that allowed me to listen to where the stress was coming from and start to heal the parts of me that were pained.

Acknowledging and listening to my feelings went a long way to releasing the built up stress in my body; but what astounded me was that at the end of this meditation program I could see that it had literally taken years off my face within days. I felt like I had discovered the fountain of youth! The stress had left my face and I looked like a younger, fresher version of myself; but beyond that I felt more calm and peaceful than I could ever remember.

The old saying that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it, was ringing true. I believed I was no longer a victim to my thoughts and emotions and no longer needed to follow them down the well-worn path to the pit of depression.

The transformation I experienced felt like it had reignited my life force. While there was no single ‘silver bullet’ solution to lowering my stress levels, the realisation that I could take back control of my life from the stress I had lived with for so long was like a light going on in my head. The deep breathing and meditation were transformational. I now had some tools that I could use to help me feel better and cope with situations in a calmer way. My quality of life was changing internally and that was showing up in the way I felt and my overall health.

Prior to going to India I was suffering from built up internal stress as well as the additional physical stress caused by over-indulgence with the wrong foods; too much sugar and way too much alcohol. So I knew that when I returned to my real life and its every day stresses that if I wanted a different result, I needed to change the way I managed the internal stress and my use of lifestyle indulgences for short term relief.

I also had to find a way to stop stress fast and not let it build up, if I was going to find a way to live a better life.

My quality of life and my health depended on my making real and lasting changes, so my aim was to create a lifestyle that would allow me to maintain a high level of energy, feel peaceful in myself and look as healthy and vital as I could.

I needed a daily approach that ensured my stress levels remained low and I could enjoy my life, instead of just struggling to get through it.

While I had started to make many changes, one of the most important issues I needed to conquer was my diet, and address the way I either chose to nurture or ‘torture’ my body as a means of managing daily stress!

I had worked as a chef years before while I waited for my career in fashion to take off, so cooking good food was never an issue – it was what I chose to snack on, binge on and overindulge in that had become a problem. Real change is rarely without challenge and I would have loved someone to provide me with a formula or a roadmap on how to move forward, but I kept going until over time I discovered and adapted my own de-stress techniques to support my health and lower my stress levels. This formula consists of three elements:




For me this has become a life-long practice that I continue to use daily to raise my energy, look after my body and manage the stress that comes with day-to-day living. It is the source of energy that allows me to do the things I want to do, to maintain calm in the face of stressful situations and to live peacefully with myself and others.

For over twenty years I have shared my expertise with organisations and people across the global community; supporting them to de-stress and age less; and to look and feel their best.

It has inspired me to share and write books on how to maintain younger looking skin naturally and to create the television program, FACE LIFTING FOOD and the FACE LIFTING FOOD APP; which shows people how to keep skin healthy and younger looking with vitamin rich power foods, while lowering their stress levels naturally. The TV show is now shown in more than 25 countries worldwide and also used in Universities throughout the USA and Canada as the go-to educative resource on how to sustain healthy, vital looking skin without invasive practises or chemicals.

On reflection, what worked for me was a willingness to change a few small behaviours and repeat them regularly, until one day I literally woke up and realised that I wasn’t as stressed or as pained, and that into the bargain I looked healthier, younger and felt like I was operating day-to-day with more energy and mental clarity. I have come to believe that we can’t hide from stress, but regardless of the situation that is causing us to experience ongoing stress, there are ways that we can deal with it. I freed myself from years of suffering from chronic stress, so I know from lived experience that it is possible to learn to live more joyfully and fully.

The exciting part is that we all have access to some of the most effective tools to deal with and reduce stress naturally, and in the process age less.

Many of these techniques are designed to stop stress fast and can be practised where ever you are, so you reduce the immediate onset of stressful thoughts and feelings. Others require a daily approach to set you up for the long term benefits of living your best life free from chronic stress.

To de-stress and age less we have to work with the mind and the body and the best way to do this is to practise daily de-stress techniques.

Please keep in mind that this book is not a replacement for getting help in the form of counselling or seeing a psychologist or medical professional if you are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety or depression. Nor is it a total life solution to managing stress. It is a compilation of techniques that helped me to reduce my own stress levels, feel calmer on a daily basis and look healthier.

So if at any time you feel as though you need support or just want to talk to someone, make sure you reach out and get the help you need. There are services in most countries that operate 24/7 with amazing, compassionate people at the end of the phone ready to listen. (Please note: if you are being treated for any symptoms of extreme stress please consult with your physician before undertaking the GL De-Stress & Age Less method.) I wish you only the best on your journey to live peacefully and with joy in the midst of life’s challenges!

With that in mind the best advice I can offer is to breathe deeply, eat well and live happily!

Gregory Landsman

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There are many ways we can reduce the visible impacts of stress on the face. Two of the most effective are:

  1. Breathe deeply for at least five minutes a day. Deep breathing calms the body and relieves stress and tension, reduces high blood pressure and calms anxiety. 
  2. Give your face a firm massage daily with a nutrient rich moisturiser in the morning and before going to bed. This speeds up the lymphatic drainage system and oxygenates the blood, which carries more nutrients to the skin and relieves stress from the facial muscles. 

Incorporating these small practises into our daily routine reduces the impacts of stress on our faces and makes a visible difference. 

We associate wrinkles and sagging muscles with lost youth, yet rarely do we make the connection between stress and how it robs us from looking younger, feeling younger and staying younger.

Gregory Landsman


I am a firm believer that when we know better we can do better. My clients report a marked reduction in their stress levels and the prevalence of wrinkles by increasing their water intake. When you are feeling stressed, take a few deep breaths and drink a glass of water. It immediately calms the nervous system. Water reduces stress. Many studies show that when the body is dehydrated it leads to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes it more difficult to cope with daily issues and stress. 

Staying hydrated supports us to cope better, it also increases blood circulation and detoxifies the body by flushing out impurities. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is important, because it increases water in the skin cells, which reduces wrinkles and creates a healthier and younger looking complexionIncreasing our water intake naturally increases the health of our skin and simultaneously helps decrease our stress levels.  


The thing that ultimately changed my day-to-day reality was making decisions. I needed to make decisions that allowed me to live more calmly, so I could enjoy a greater sense of peace – not occasionally, but every day!

The first decision was that regardless of what I had to change, I wasn’t going to live with as much stress as I was currently experiencing. I have come to know that nothing changes in life until we make the decision to change. 

The second was making a commitment to deal with stress in a way that supported my health and well being, and a better quality of life.

The third was looking at where in my life I encountered stress and was losing all of my energy – as I could only fix what I was aware of.  

These three decisions literally changed the way I approached my life, and my daily decision making process. Ultimately we shape our lives with the decisions we make on a day to day basis, and also those we refuse to make.

When you are under stress we need to make conscious decisions to eat well, breath deeply, think well, love fully, pray daily and meditate; as this is how we de-stress the body, bring peace to the mind and improve our quality of life.

Gregory Landsman




I love to garden, cook delicious healthy food and walk my dogs. Each of these activities brings me closer to nature and reminds me of the goodness that we have all been blessed with in our lives. I have learnt that it is the simple things in life that enrich my world with happiness and love.


To receive a free copy of Gregory’s e-book, STOP SKIN AGING PREMATURELY, which includes a list of the most powerful cortisol lowering foods that help reduce stress and wrinkles go to:


Check Out The Entire10 Years Younger Series:

The complete solution to PREMATURE AGING. The simple, 


effective, science-based methods in these three books give everyone the

opportunity to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age…for

next to nothing!

  • Get your skin back on track after the holidays with the most powerful anti-aging ingredients found in everyday foods.
  • Fulfill a new years resolution to look your best self at every agewith simple effective methods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin

    that will take years off the face.

  • Spend some time nurturing yourself and take years off your face for next to nothing.
  • This new year get the same results as expensive cremes without having to leave your kitchen.

Each book stands alone, focusing on a different method to achieving younger looking skin i.e. Face Value – DIY topical treatments; Face Fitness – facial exercise; and Face Food – anti-aging foods). Together they represent the ultimate guide to younger, healthier and more vital looking skin at any age.

 “With knowledge and know how we can counteract and prevent premature

 aging, as small changes make a big difference to the way we age over


Gregory Landsman




Meet the Author:

Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted global beauty and

wellness experts in the world, a best selling author of nine books, and a

TV host who specializes in using food to take years off the face


Having worked in the beauty industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that

how we age is 100% controllable. His natural methods are used globally

by models, shown in universities and recommended by doctors. The key to

his success can be found in his authentic approach to delivering

science-based and accessible solutions to reduce stress (de-stress) and

look younger (age less) at any age.

His latest book, Stop Stress Fast, reveals how

to use the power of stress reducing foods and your own breath to lower

stress quickly and naturally, while removing the aging impacts of stress

from the face. Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s

books and global TV program Face Lifting Food show viewers how to create

quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday

foods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age.

Gregory is a strong voice for inclusion. His book, Faith Lifting Prayers is

a celebration of humanity and captures his journey of extremes; from

Apartheid South Africa to working at the height of the fashion industry,

and his fundamental discovery that regardless of what we do, how we

look cannot be separated from how we feel. This is why all of his books,

even those about looking younger, all feature his own quotes and

philosophy about the importance of feeling good in our skin.

His book A Lifetime of BEAUTY


also shares messages for early teens and middle years about embracing

our differences and our individuality; finding happiness; and standing

strong in a world that often judges us for the way we look. This book is

endorsed for inclusion in the education system.

connect with the author:  website ~ podcast ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:


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Blitz for Catching Mr. Right by Carol Ross

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Catching Mr. Right (Seasons of Alaska #7) By Carol Ross Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 230 Pages February 1, 2021 by Harlequin Heartwarming

They can’t both win… Can they?

Louisiana angler Victoria Thibodeaux needs the spokesperson contract with Romeo Reels to keep her business going and give her daughter a better life. But her hard-won confidence sinks to the bottom of the bayou when her rival, Alaskan fisherman Seth James, arrives. With his smooth-talking charm, handsome Seth could steal both her job and her heart, unless secrets from her past catch up with her first…

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Seasons of Alaska Book 1: Mountains Apart Book 2: A Case for Forgiveness Book 3: If Not for a Bee Book 4: A Family Like Hannah’s Book 5: Bachelor Remedy Book 6: In the Doctor’s Arms Book 7: Catching Mr. Right

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SHE WAS WEARING the necklace.

Seth felt relief and affection mix in this odd way inside of him, like a chemical reaction bubbling over and making him want to laugh. But he didn’t. He’d never want Victoria to think he was laughing at her. Because he wasn’t. It was pure relief. And joy, because he couldn’t help but fixate briefly on the looking forward to things she’d listed. Like their first pizza, first date, first kiss…

Nodding slowly, he tried to process all this information. Good news, mostly. If he hadn’t talked to Henry, he might never have ended up here tonight. He owed Henry huge.

But first, he and Vic needed to clarify a few things. “That is very thoughtful of you,” he said carefully.

“I’m glad you understand.” She gave him a weak smile. “I have a lot of baggage, and that’s not fair to you to have to pack it around with me. It’s better this way. You need to focus on putting on the best performance you can.”

“Hmm. So, if you were to talk to me about all of this, would that somehow take away from you turning in your best performance?”

“No, of course not. The opposite, I think. At least, that’s how I felt…before. In fact, I couldn’t wait for you to get here.”

“Before what?” he asked, liking that last part an awful lot.

“Before I talked to my ex. I was already struggling with feeling overwhelmed and insecure about the show. And then he tells me this thing and, boom, it was like being slingshotted backward to our past. There’s a lot there, Seth. Things I can’t talk about. And now he wants to use Scarlett to help him get what he wants, just like he used me, like he uses everyone. And I can’t be there for Scarlett right now. The timing is so terrible that I would accuse him of doing it on purpose to sabotage me if I thought he was that clever.”

“I see. Well, I still think I should get to decide whether listening to my girlfriend’s problems, supporting her, maybe offering to help or at least provide some comfort, would affect me and my performance.”

“Girlfriend?” she repeated, her expression softening, her body visibly relaxing.

He shrugged. “You put the necklace back on. That suggests to me that you still have feelings for me, right?”

Tears were shining in her eyes. “Seth, I have all the feelings. In fact, I might have too many feelings. The reason I took it off was because I wanted to follow the rules we established and keep everything separate. But I don’t think I can do that, which is why I told you that we should just focus on our Romeo Reels time. When this is over, maybe we can… Try again.”

“Try again? Is that what you want? Or is that what you think is best for me?”

“Best for you,” she answered immediately. “Because, Seth, look at me, I am a hot mess. That’s not an easy thing for me to admit. I pride myself on always being prepared. Composed. But today was like a perfect storm of everything going wrong, and I… It’s been a struggle, a struggle that I don’t want to drag you into.”

“If that’s all that’s going on, then no.”


“I don’t like this plan. I should get a say in this, too. And I want to try still. Not again. I want to be with you whenever I can. I don’t care if it’s five minutes in the evenings, or seventeen seconds in the morning, or touching your hand under the table, or passing you in the hall where I can just look my fill, or texting and calling if that’s truly all we have time for. But I want to know that you’re mine. Because I want to be yours, Victoria. Whatever that means right now. When I said that to you about keeping the time separate, I didn’t know I was going to fall for you as hard as I have. Or that our schedule would be quite so packed.”


“We can carve out space for some of the things you were looking forward to. We just need to plan, yet also be spontaneous. Take advantage of opportunities that arise.”

She nodded, looking relieved and agreeable and so beautiful that he could not wait any longer to touch her.

“Like our first kiss, for example. Maybe now would be the perfect moment to cross that off your list.”

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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Carol Ross grew up in small town America right between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, in a place where you can go deep sea fishing in the morning and then hit the ski slopes the same afternoon. The daughter of what is now known as free range parents, she developed a love of the outdoors at a very early age. As a writer, Carol loves to breathe the life she has lived into the characters she creates, grateful for the “research material” that every questionable decision, adrenaline-charged misstep, and near-death experience has provided.

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