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Book Details:

Book Title: Bones of the Redeemed (A Southwestern Mystery) by Kari Bovee
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 + yrs), 298 pages
Genre:  Historical Mystery (1952)
Publisher:  Bosque Publishing
Release date:  November 2020
Format available for review:  print, mobi (for Kindle),  pdf
Will send print books out:  USA and Canada
Tour dates: Nov 9 to Dec 4, 2020

Book Description:

A pit of corpses. An ancient cult. A quest for redemption that could leave her dead… New Mexico, 1952. Archaeology grad student Ruby Delgado is plagued by guilt after losing her son. So when her latest excavation drops her down a sinkhole filled with suspiciously mutilated bodies, she’s driven to bring the murderer to justice. But when digging deeper brings her dangerously close to a sinister religious sect, she could be their next sacrifice… Discovering some of the victims were crucified, Ruby pushes hard to give the evidence to the authorities. But when her trail crosses the path of a beaten man left for dead in the desert, she realizes she may be the only person who can save the community. Can Ruby stop the sacrifices and slay her inner demons, or will hers be the next body laid to rest? Bones of the Redeemed is a hair-raising standalone Southwestern mystery. If you like complex heroines, cult conflict, and hard-won redemption, then you’ll love Kari Bovee’s grisly tale.
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I knew this was going to be a great read by the other books I have read by Kari Bovee, and I was sure not disappointed at Bones of the Redeemed. This story takes place in New Mexico in the 1950’s and centers around Archaeology grad student Ruby Delgado and her quest to find the person responsible for the murder of bodies she stumbles upon, literally. And this is where this book grabs my attention and keeps me on the edge of my seat! I really like Ruby and her feisty and determined personality. I was intrigued as I followed her journey and was able to really get to know her. Bovee does and outstanding job creating all of her characters, but I don’t feel I got to know the other characters as well. Maybe that will be taken care of in another book!

If you enjoy a good heart stopping mystery, I suggest you check this one out. This book has everything you want in a mystery, and it is sure to stay with me for a good long while. And I can’t say any more without giving away too much, so you just need to read Bones of the Redeemed for yourself. It will not disappoint. This one gets Five Stars from me!

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

  1. Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall) said that interpreting historical material through the prism of the imagination, “is not about misleading, it is seeing something differently” and tends toward “symbolic application.” Does that reflect how you feel about the relationship between written histories and historical fiction?

I love this question. The most important thing in writing fiction in general is the story. Yes, historical fiction needs to be accurate enough to be believable, but the story is what matters. In some of the research I’ve done for my novels, it’s become clear to me that different historians recording the same history have different biases, and interpret the events in their own way. And, it’s hard to believe that their own imaginations didn’t come into play. I think it’s part of being human. Any given person can interpret an event in history, or the character of a historical figure in a way that speaks to them. We can never really know exactly what happened, how it happened, or how people of a certain time period recorded those events felt about what was happening, unless it is an autobiographical account. And even then, two different people experiencing the same exact thing in history might see it differently from one another, depending on value systems, moral codes, and the magic of imagination.

  1. Have any particular rejections inspired or motivated you?

I think when the rejections started to become more personal and thoughtful is when I knew I had something. It became clear it wasn’t the writing or the story, it was just that particular person—an agent or editor—didn’t have a place for what I was offering. Those rejections kept me going, and reminded me that I am writing exactly what I want to write. Just because they couldn’t sell it, or add it to their line, didn’t mean there wasn’t an audience for it.

  1. Talk about being a healthy writer. How do you deal with long hours of sitting? Do you write standing up? Exercise? 

I tried writing with a stand-up desk but found it distracting for some reason. When I am working I make sure to take lots of breaks. The longest I allow myself to sit is for about two hours. Then I get up, make some tea, or get a snack. Sometimes, I go out to visit my horses in the field, or just walk around outside. My breaks vary from 15-30 minutes, and then I get back to work. I will also move from my desk to the sofa just to give my body a break. I exercise regularly and my routines include riding my horses three to four times a week, walking four to five times a week, and doing Pilates two to three times a week. Exercise is crucial for me—I need to get out of my head and do something physical or I go a little nuts!

  1. Share the best book marketing advice you ever received.

When I was newly published, and really for the first two years after being published, I felt I had to do anything and everything right away to get my name out there and to get my books discovered. As I was lamenting this to a friend of mine, who is also a writer, and telling her I was fast approaching burn-out, she reminded me that this career endeavor is a marathon not a sprint. It’s a long-game. There is plenty of time to market yourself and it doesn’t all have to be surrounding the launch. So, breathe and relax. There is plenty of time. 

  1. Tell readers how they can help support you as a writer.

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Also, reach out and drop me a line. I love hearing from readers and being able to connect with them. A great way to do this is through my website and subscribing to my newsletter. They will also have an opportunity to receive one of my books for free! 

Author Kari Bovee

Meet the Author:

When she’s not on a horse, or walking along the beautiful cottonwood-laden acequias of Corrales, New Mexico; or basking on white sand beaches under the Big Island Hawaiian sun, Kari Bovee is escaping into the past—scheming murder and mayhem for her characters both real and imagined, and helping them to find order in the chaos of her action-packed novels. Empowered women in history, horses, unconventional characters, and real-life historical events fill the pages of Kari Bovée’s articles and historical mystery musings and manuscripts. An award-winning author, Bovée was honored with the 2019 NM/AZ Book Awards Hillerman Award for Southwestern Fiction for her novel Girl with a Gun. The novel also received First Place in the 2019 NM/AZ Book Awards in the Mystery/Crime category, and is a Finalist in the 2019 International Chanticleer Murder & Mayhem Awards and the International Chanticleer Goethe Awards, as well as the Next Generation Indie Awards. Her novel Grace in the Wings is a Finalist for the 2019 International Chanticleer Chatelaine Awards and the International Chanticleer Goethe Awards. Her novel Peccadillo at the Palace is a Finalist in the 2019 International Chanticleer Murder & Mayhem Awards and the 2019 International Goethe Awards, as well as a Finalist in the 2019 Best Book Awards Historical Fiction category. Bovée has worked as a technical writer for a Fortune 500 Company, has written non-fiction for magazines and newsletters, and has worked in the education field as a teacher and educational consultant. She and her husband, Kevin, spend their time between their horse property in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, and their condo on the sunny shores of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Connect with the author:  Website ~ Goodreads ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

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