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Book Details:

Book Title:  DON’T LOOK IN 
Author:  Tom Saric
CategoryAdult Fiction (18 +), 230 pages
Genre:  Thriller, Mystery
Publisher:  Severn River Publishing
Release date:  October, 2020
Content Rating:   PG-13 + M. No gratuitous sex, profanity or violence.

  Book Description:


The patients of psychiatrist Gus Young are turning up dead in Tom Saric’s new thriller, DON’T LOOK IN (October 6, 2020; Severn River Publishing), and he is the main suspect.

Gus fled the big city to escape the shame, gossip and glares of his family, friends and colleagues after he tarnished his reputation. He ends up in a small, backwater rural town in Maine where no one will know him and he can start his life over. But someone is out to get him, and is framing him for the murders of his patients.

Wanda Flynn, the sexy town prostitute who is having an illicit affair with the married mayor, is demanding that he leave his wife for her. Her brother has just been released from jail after a ten-year sentence, and is back in town. It was Wanda’s testimony that was pivotal in sealing his conviction. Suddenly she is found dead, shot in the head in front of her apartment, shortly after she had unburdened her secrets, fears and desires to Gus Young. Because of patient-client confidentiality, Gus cannot reveal that she is his client, nor what she revealed to him, even if it will help to solve the murders, or clear his name as a suspect.

Then another patient, Ned, who is suffering from paranoia and is sure he knows the identity of Wanda’s killer, is found dead in his home after he had an altercation with Gus that left him bleeding on the floor. The police find bullets in both victims that match a rare gun, the Lee-Enfield No.4, which has mysteriously vanished from Gus’s basement. And they find Wanda’s turquoise necklace in his possession.

All the evidence point to Gus. He is the prime  suspect in the murders, but in order to protect his clients’ confidentiality, even after they are dead, Gust doesn’t reveal  information that can prove his —Over— innocence. Gus puts his own life in jeopardy in a desperate effort to clear his name and track down the real killer. When his estranged daughter comes to visit him, her life and the life of his trusted friend Sheila, are in jeopardy from the real killer who wants to do them harm. As a sinister plot unravels, Gus discovers a horrible secret about his past.

Tom Saric, who is a psychiatrist, packs his thriller with quirky characters: the  cross-dresser, the married couple who don’t enjoy sex, the psychopath who is a petty criminal, the town sex-worker, and a love interest, the tall beautiful blonde who shares his love of country music and is the first woman to show an interest in him after his messy divorce.

DON’T LOOK IN is the first in a series featuring psychiatrist Gus Young who  uses his acuity in understanding the human psyche to solve murders. Fans of the HBO series, In Treatment starring Gabriel Byrne, will relish the character of Gus Young as he solves murders using psychological, not forensic, evidence. 

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Don’t Look In is my first book by author Tom Saric. I enjoyed this fast-paced, action packed thriller. Gus Young just can’t keep himself out of trouble. It seems like everywhere he goes he runs straight into where the action is. Was he really the one murdering all of these people? Is someone setting him up? This is what kept me turning the pages, and fast I’ll say, because I am in a hurry to see what is really going on and who is definitely the one who is taking the lives of these people.

There are a lot of twists and turns here in this story, and just as I thought I knew who the culprit was, another twist turns up and I am back where I started. As it was, it was almost the ending before I had a clue as to whodunnit!! I was truly intrigued by this nail biting thriller that had me on the edge of my seat throughout most of this read. And this is just the first book in the series. Just imagine what we are in for in the next book. If you love yourself a good thriller, make this one your choice!! I give this one four stars!

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


Meet the Author:
 Tom Saric, a pseudonym, has been practicing psychiatry for ?? years. He has written several thrillers, including, Indicted, and Compromise. DON’T LOOK IN is the first in a series featuring psychiatrist Gus Young. Saric lives in Canada.

connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads
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Tour and Spotlight for Our Friendship Matters by Kimberly B. Jones



Join us for this tour from Nov 11 to Dec 1, 2020!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Our Friendship Matters by Kimberly B. Jones
CategoryYA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  221 pages
GenreContemporary/Social Issues
PublisherRhetaskew Publishing Company, LLC
Release date:   October, 2020
Tour dates: Nov 11 to Dec 1, 2020
Content RatingRated G.


“Engaging and heartfelt. Our Friendship Matters opens and continues  much needed discussions for young people and their families. Read and  discuss!” Rita Williams-Garcia, NYT Bestselling Author

Book Description:

Leah and Sasha are 17-year-old friends who had been close to one another since elementary school, but as the summer approaches they find their friendship tested in ways they never anticipated. Following graduation, Sasha’s privileged life and perception of the world around her is suddenly altered when an old childhood friend persuades her to join in a campaign against an injustice after his best friend is killed by the police. But joining the protest has unforeseen consequences for Sasha, distancing her from Leah, who becomes jealous of Sasha’s new friends and finds herself on the opposing side, protesting alongside her group of new white friends. As the tension mounts between the two bitterly opposed factions, a tragedy strikes and threatens to make Sasha and Leah enemies. Can they find a way to resolve their differences, putting them to the side and learn to accept each other’s viewpoints? Or is their long friendship finished for good?
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•What inspired you to write Our Friendship Matters?

During the time of my mom passing, I needed to channel my feelings onto another surface. While in the hospital, she encouraged me to keep writing. Everything I do is for her. She always knew I had a passion for writing. When I returned home to Missouri the death of another African American was all over the news. I began stressing to my husband about all the police brutality that we have encountered year after year. I was fearing for his life, my son’s life, and both African American males. I wanted justice for all the people killed amongst the hands of a police officer and not just a slap on the wrist. In between the time of me mourning for my mom passing and angry from all the police brutality amongst African Americans, I had so many mixed feelings. So, I decided to write a novel and put all my feelings towards Our Friendship Matters. This was three years ago and it’s sad how we are still living this today in 2020.

• What was the most difficult part of writing the book?

The most difficult part of writing this book was using profanity. This was my first novel, so I wasn’t sure if I should use profanity for young adults or not. Then, I verified it with my editor, and she confirmed that it was okay, and I should say just what I meant. It’s not heavy profanity but something you would hear on a daily basis.

• What does being a successful author look like to you?

A successful author to me is expressing your concern in words across the nation so that you or a group can be heard and make change.

• Do you plan on writing more YA books in the future that tackle racial injustice and police brutality?

Oh yes. I am writing another novel that’s dealing with racial injustice and you can say that it does have a little police brutality but it’s coming from a southern point of view. 

• What’s the best and worst writing/publishing advice anyone ever gave to you?

I received some great advice from a NYT bestselling author. She encouraged me to stay open to stories. She told me that I will have a strong following and will not need anyone’s words on my cover and good things are coming. She gave me hope for the novel because in writing there is always discouragement. There is also room for growth and a way to become a better writer. I’m not no Stephen King, but I can become a writer just as good as him. There’s always room for improvement.

• If you can go back in time, where would you go?

That’s a great question because if I can go back in time I would go back to where my mom was healthy and do more with her. At times, I wish this was a thing that could happen but I do cherish all the memories we shared.

• In 5 words or less, what can readers expect from your book?

Races coming together for change.


Meet the Author:

Kimberley B. Jones is a small country girl from St. George, SC. She followed her heart in college writing children books. Recently she decided to challenge herself and branch off to novels. She is your typical nomad who moves from place to place. Not by choice, but her husband serves in the military. She has a bachelors and masters in early childhood education. Kimberley is represented by Rhetaskew Publishing company and is best known for her debut novel, Our Friendship Matters. ​ When she is not writing, she is either thinking of another topic or reading. She loves writing , it gives her a chance to escape into another human character and express herself, other than being your typical mother and wife. If you don’t want to be on her bad side, then she needs her white chocolate mocha every morning. Some days Folgers breakfast blend coffee is okay.

Connect with the Author:  website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads
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