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Jordan’s Deliverance (Jordan of Algoran #3) By Allen Steadham Christian Science Fiction, Fantasy Paperback & ebook, 330 Pages October 13, 2020 by Ambassador International

The Onchei are back. And trouble looms…

The Onchei want to learn what happened to their brethren on Algoran from the only survivor, Zeetra. Yet they learn instead she has broken the Onchei’s highest law: never intermarry or have children with another race. For this, she now faces execution.

Jordan SnowFire fears the Onchei will blame the Mokta and seek retribution soon. Only an ancient heirloom, which contains the ultimate Onchei knowledge, can save the Mokta…except it’s on Earth, a world she hasn’t seen in decades.

Jordan sends her son, Arrow, and her friend’s daughter, Maska, to rescue Zeetra while she travels back to Earth to seek the Onchei artifact. What tie is there between a thousand-year-old object and Jordan’s ancestors? Could this explain why she and her mother were originally abducted and brought to Algoran?

In the skies of Algoran, a final confrontation looms between the Onchei and the Mokta. And on Earth, Jordan finds more than she could have possibly imagined…

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Read this interesting Excerpt of the story!

“Everyone, gather and listen! I have something to tell you,” she boomed.

It took a few minutes, but the tribe did as she commanded. There was a silent dread among the villagers, a fear that Jasta might be about to announce her gemta’s demise. The unspoken question of why she was dressed as Chieftess loomed in the air. She stood by silently as her people approached.

“You all know me. I am Jasta SnowFire, daughter of Jorr-Don SnowFire. Since the Qui Tol have returned, taking our dear Zeetra with them, my gemta devised a plan. First, she sent my brother, Arrow, and Maska to bring Zeetra back to us!”

She saw more than a few smiles and could sense the hope growing among the people as well as some relief from this news. She could also detect concern for Arrow and Maska’s safety on such a mission. Fear of the Qui Tol had resurged with their recent return.

“My gemta has also used the Qui Tol machine to go to Errrth. I cannot say why but it is vitally important. And she will return within fourteen moonturns,” Jasta continued. Then she took off her necklace and held up its SnowFire gem pendant for all to see. “As you can see, she has made me Chieftess in her absence!”

Jasta could tell that no one would speak against her, but she saw apprehension in their eyes. Her gemta, Jordan SnowFire, had been their leader for over forty cycles and done many wondrous feats on behalf of the Mountain Mokta. She knew that some feared her gemta might not return from Earth and resume her leadership.

Her torkomm started to speak but she lifted a hand to stop him. As she attempted to find the right words to address the villagers’ concerns, she felt a growing tenseness within her chest. That feeling expanded, taking over her and suddenly she could sense not only the SnowFire gem within her necklace but all the nearby gems as well. She felt a connection to them, like they were hers to command. Instinctively, she stretched out her fingers. From the mountain itself, dozens of small SnowFire gems flew towards her from above. Before reaching her palm, the jewels converged into a javelin and began to glow. She tried not to show her own astonishment.

Instead, she took in a deep breath and was grateful something had actually happened. She grabbed the sapphire-hued javelin with both hands, pulling it close to her chest. A new fire burned in her gaze.

“I am the granddaughter of Snow and Fire! I will protect you and look after your needs,” she declared. “Give me your trust and I shall not disappoint you. I will also consult with my torkomm and the village elders. All will be well.”


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About the Author

Allen Steadham created comic books and webcomics before he started writing novels. He has been married to his wife, Angel, since 1995 and they have two sons and a daughter. When not writing stories, Allen and his wife are singers, songwriters, and musicians. They have been in a Christian band together since 1997. They live in Central Texas.

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