Timothy Caraway, Author of The Revenge of Skelleros and The Unstoppable Light


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About Timothy Caraway

Timothy Caraway was born in Fontana, California 1959. In 1961 he moved with his parents to a gold mining community over Hatcher Pass, Alaska, and so began his life-long love of the outdoors. Since then he has lived in various locations throughout Alaska, Chugiak, Anchor Point, Kalgin Island, Anchorage, and Meadow Lakes. He has been an artist, farmer, commercial fisherman, public school teacher, home re-habber, martial arts instructor, and now an author. He is an avid kayaker, sailor, cross-country skier and unsuccessful hunter. His broad range of experiences are reflected in the adventures of the characters in his books.


.I want to thank Timothy Caraway for allowing me to post Spotlights on the two Books he has written. Be sure to read about each book below. And if you are interested click on the link to purchase one or both!


The Revenge



Product details

  • Paperback : 368 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1681187345
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1681187341
  • Product Dimensions : 5.88 x 0.83 x 8.88 inches
  • Publisher : Tate Publishing (September 15, 2015)
  • Language: : English


About The Revenge of Skelleros

Jason the Juggernaut, the prophesied hero from our world to theirs, sent to the people of a world ruled by petty gods to remind them of their Creator. A fifty-year-old man in a ten-year-old body, Jason sneaks under the radar of the evil spirits who are looking for him. Can he meet the challenges of surviving on a strange planet populated by mythological creatures while avoiding the traps and ambushes of evil intelligences? Share these experiences with Jason as he uses his martial arts and his faith to overcome these challenges.

Here’s the purchase link for Revenge of Skelleros through publisher Book Venture



The Unstoppable


Product details

  • Paperback : 498 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1641663677
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1641663670
  • Product Dimensions : 5.98 x 1.11 x 9.02 inches
  • Publisher : Book Venture Publishing LLC (August 31, 2018)
  • Language: : English

About The Unstoppable Light

The big man tried another tactic, which was a mistake. He smiled. His top teeth were filed to fine points… Jason made the mistake of trying to grab for the can of mace in his pocket. The man hit him hard with a body slam that sent the little can of pressurized irritants flying into the woods and Jason falling to his back. As the backwoods warrior stepped in to grab Jason again, Jason kicked hard to the inside of the knee, throwing the man down again. Both man and boy regained their feet at the same time, and the man again charged. Had Jason been fighting as the large muscular man he was only a few days ago, he would have had no trouble throwing the charging barbarian, but he had to remind himself to fight as a kid would against someone over three times his weight…

Here’s the link to purchase ‘”The Unstoppable Light” through Amazon



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