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Launch – Author Interview

What inspired you to write SILVER MOON?

Silver Moon is the third book in a four-part series and follows the story of the children of some of the characters in Blue Moon, about twenty years after Blue Moon leaves off. When I had finished Blue Moon, I knew I was going to write about Luis and Oshki, but I didn’t know how to start until one day I went fishing with my husband to our favorite backwater slough on a cool autumn day and inspiration struck. As I watched the cool water swirl in front of me, I wondered what it would be like to be submerged in that tempestuous liquid, fighting for my life. I set down my fishing pole and wrote the opening prologue to Silver Moon.

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Splashes of Joy – Review“I enjoyed the way this author weaves together everything in this story, the characters, history, plot, and gives an ending that we were waiting for. I also enjoyed how faith had a vital part in this story. Patients and forgiveness is sure a big part of this story. . . . This is a very well written book. Jenny Knipfer is a new author for me, one I will definitely keep contact with. And I can’t wait for the fourth book in this series, Harvest Moon! If you enjoy historical stories, war stories or both, you are covered here. Ms. Knipfer does her research well and it shows on every page of this book.”
Rincón de Joss – ExcerptWill they find me and the intelligence stowed away in my shoe before I die? Will I die before I can make a break for freedom? Death resembles a sort of freedom, I suppose, one I find almost welcoming. My mind tells me it would be easy to surrender to the pull of the mud and the slimy, icy water, but my body won’t let me. It struggles to survive. My lungs suck in quick gasps of air through a copper tube as I stay covered in my watery grave, but I need more. Soon, I will need to breathe, really breathe, for I am starving for oxygen. Unless I die of hypothermia first. Perhaps the mud acts as an insulating layer.reviewingbooksplusmore – ReviewSilver Moon is an excellent wartime book. There is a lot of characters in the book. My favorite characters are Rose and Mauve. Rose is a nurse in the war. Nurses can be in danger at times, like the soldiers. It takes a special person to be a nurse, especially during the war.”
Bookriot – ReviewSilver Moon by is just mindblowing. A historical novel revolved around warfare is very emotional and heartbreaking. . . a compelling story and an author I would read again in future.”Uplifting Reads – Excerpt
Rose Greenwood turned and looked at the café the outspoken, blonde woman had entered. She steadied herself and took courage from the other ladies in arms. At heart, Rose was no outspoken leader like Mrs. Taylor, but she had determination. She did her duty, calling men to fight. Rose thought of the man she loved. She wanted to make sure he had plenty of help so he would come home to her.

She had heard about the white feather campaign one day from a friend and found an article in the paper about it. She had gained more information and got up the courage to ask matron for several weeks off from the hospital to take part in the campaign and travel around the ports to encourage Canadian men to rally to the cause. Matron had been grim and stern, but she’d conceded . . .

Books and Zebras – Spotlight
Christy’s Cozy Corners – Excerpt
I lie back and think of the first life I took and the last. Well, the ones I know about. The ones who looked me in the eye before I did my job. Deep down, I wonder what it was all really for. The killing.

Revenge? Greed? World domination?

I wish I had asked myself these questions a couple of years ago when I signed up for a life of lies. Well, I never volunteered, exactly. I was recruited.
Book Lover in Florida – ExcerptI write at night. It is when my thoughts churn themselves around so much, if they don’t have a way to escape, I fear I will explode. The silver moon hangs over my head. It feels close enough to touch.
Lenny sleeps peacefully in his foxhole. We have a scrubby fire going to try to keep away frostbite. Samuel lost a toe. He made it back from the medical unit yesterday. Thank God an infection or gangrene hadn’t set it. Burns and Tommy huddle back to back for warmth.

Older & Smarter? – Review
Silver Moon reminds us of the tragedy of war but Knipfer also shows the beauty that can occur when hope, faith, and forgiveness are present. This is the third book in the By the Light of the Moon series but my enjoyment wasn’t affected because I haven’t read the first two. If you are looking for historical Christian fiction that leaves you wanting to learn more, you will want to read Silver Moon.”
Hallie Reads – Excerpt
“Light. Shapes. I can see a nurse walking around, but I can’t tell who. Nothing is clear,” I tell Dr. Hansen.

“What about close up? Look at me.”

I feel his hands on either side of my head, turning me towards him. My eyes take a few seconds to focus.

“Better. I can see your face, but it is . . . smudged.”


I can hear the disappointment in Dr. Hansen’s voice.

Remembrancy – Excerpt
Oshki took up his pencil and wrote before the sun no longer lit his trench sufficiently. He had eaten well tonight, for once. The men had picked off a couple of stray squirrels who weren’t smart enough to take cover. Along with the meat and some half-rotten potatoes, they had made a kind of stew. One fella had had some hard-tack biscuits left, which he’d passed around.

His heart had just about given out with the news of Mauve’s last letter. Before he nestled in his foxhole for the night, Oshki set his thoughts down on a wrinkled scrap of stationery.
Wishful Endings – Excerpt“I am happy you are back with us, Lt. Von Wolff,” Hahn the man they called Rooster commented to Luis as he stood in the dugout region of German HQ, well back from the front lines.

“Ja. I am happy to be back.” Luis tried to be believable. “I took my chance when I saw it. Those British . . .” Luis seasoned his speech with a few German curses to make it sound real to Rooster.

“Ja. It is amazing how you escaped.” Rooster eyed Luis shrewdly.

Rockin’ Book Reviews – ReviewSilver Moon is a very informative, as well as entertaining tale of several people in a Canadian community’s experiences and interactions during WWI. It is a bittersweet tale of loyalty, service, love, fear, hope, forgiveness, acceptance and many more topics. The characters are very diverse and well-portrayed. They are individuals the reader can connect with. The scenes are very easy to visualize.”Red Headed Book Lady – Review“I have thoroughly enjoyed this series by Jenny Knipfer this being the best book yet in the series.
I feel that she really has out done herself on this novel. I love that her research has brought us a wonderful read.
This book will make you hold your breath waiting to see what will happen to our beloved characters as Knipfer puts them through their paces. You’ll want to cry, support, and rejoice in their triumphs as they experience WW1 and it’s many dangers. . . . I highly recommend this book for historical fiction lovers or anyone who just wants to read.”
Two Points of Interest – Review“This book is the third novel in the series. . . if you are a fan of cozy romances with a hint of espionage than this might be the perfect book for you.”
Kelly Goshorn author/Romancing History – Excerpt
Oshki tucked his last letter from home in his rucksack, threw it on his shoulder, grabbed his rifle, and followed the soldier in front of him towards another web of trenches. Part of his company, or what was left of it, were on their way north to beef up the line where an Allied attack was being planned. He and Lenny were the only ones left walking from their small squadron. The rest had been sent home, shipped to a field hospital to recover, or they had died. His mother was right when she told him he had to greet death often.

Like an unwanted guest come calling, he thought.

Bizwings Blog – Review
“This was my first read by this author. I was very impressed with her writing style and the descriptive way she related the war and times in Webaashi Bay. . . . Silver Moon, was an emotional read and one that ran the gamut of forgiveness, heartbreak, redemption, loss, and second chances. Everything wrapped up nicely and I enjoyed the story very much. Even as this was Book 3 in the series, it still worked well as a standalone.”
Beauty in the Binding – ExcerptThis is my last day at the rest camp. The weather is cold but not bitterly so. I like to spend as much time out of doors as I can. The open space frees me. There is so little in the trenches. I must enjoy it while I can.

I’ve made a friend while I’m here, not the human kind. He is a bird. A meadow pipit. He has olive-brown coloring with darker, barred wings edged in white and a creamy white breast. I saw him on top of a thistle digging for seeds. I roam the outskirts of the camp every day. One spot in the northern corner hosts a few dried, wild plants spreading from the grassy meadow beyond.
Reading Excursions – Review“Using a fictional story set during the real war; Knipfer weaves a tale of war time atrocities, tragedy, realistic warfare and its consequences, along with the uncertainty at home. She also shows the lengths of support that the women go to so that their men come home. And, she also shows the post-war impact – not everyone returns whole whether physically or mentally. . . a novel so engaging that even the discussion questions are must read with their thought-provoking nature.”Teatime and Books – Excerpt
“Ja. If the British concentrate on breaking through at this point,” Rooster whispered, pointing to an area on the tunnel map he’d pilfered from the general’s HQ, “that would be best. It’s the least watched and the closest to their own.”

Hahn had proven himself invaluable. Luis prayed they wouldn’t get caught. Rooster would be labeled a traitor, while he would just be caught as a spy.

Being a traitor is ten times worse, Luis determined.

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Silver Moon(By the Light of the Moon #3)By Jenny KnipferChristian Historical FictionPaperback & ebook, 411 PagesJune 30, 2020
A tale of courage and hope in the darkest of times…
Silver Moon, the third book in the series: By the Light of the Moon, paints a stunning and poignant picture of life on the home front in Webaashi Bay, Ontario, and of three men who are a part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI.
Shamed into joining the war, the tide turns for Luis Wilson when he is steered into the depths of espionage. Injured and presumed missing, will he lose his heart to the very woman who presented him with a white feather?
Oshki and Jimmy offer a grim perspective on life in the trenches. They despair of ever returning home to the women who hold their hearts.
Meanwhile, Lily fights for the cause in her own way and rallies the female troops at home as prejudices run high and the local cafe owner is accused of being a spy.
Will the women of Webaashi Bay receive their men back unscathed? Can the power of love win out over insurmountable odds? All this drama and more plays out under the light of a silver moon.Fans of WWI historical fiction, Christian historical fiction, and literary fiction will find Silver Moon a moving, powerful read!
Praise for the Book
Taking an original angle on a tumultuous time in history, Silver Moon by Jenny Knipfer is a sparkling slice of historical fiction. Ambitiously detailing a diverse collection of characters, this World War I story bounces across space and time, delicately filled with vivid descriptions, nuanced moral dilemmas, and authentic relationships…” —Self-publishing Review

Silver Moon is a highly recommended read for fans of historical wartime fiction, powerful emotive drama, and excellent atmospheric writing.” —Readers’ Favorite

“I am stunned by the amount of detail the author gave in this single story. On one hand, we have powerful characters… and on the other, we have a plot that demands all our attention. Jenny Knipfer pulls no punches and holds nothing back.” —Readers’ Favorite
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Other Books in the Series
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About the Author

Jenny lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Ken and their pet Yorkie, Ruby. She is also a mom and loves being a grandma. She enjoys many creative pursuits but finds writing the most fulfilling.

Jenny’s education background stems from psychology, music, and cultural missions. She spent many years as a librarian in a local public library but recently switched to using her skills as a floral designer in a retail flower shop. She is now retired from work due to disability.

She authored and performed a self-published musical CD entitled, Scrapbook of a Closet Poet.

Jenny’s books, Ruby MoonBlue Moon, and Silver Moon earned five-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite, a book review and award contest company. Their praise: “Ruby Moon is entertaining, fast-paced, and features characters that are real. Blue Moon continues a well-written and highly engaging saga of family ties, betrayals, and heartaches… Silver Moon is a highly recommended read for fans of historical wartime fiction, powerful emotive drama, and excellent atmospheric writing.”

She holds membership in the: Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, Historical Novel Society, Wisconsin Writers Association, Christian Indie Publishing Association, and Independent Book Publishers Association.

Jenny’s favorite place to relax is by the western shore of Lake Superior, where her novel series, By The Light of the Moon, is set. She has self-published the first three books, Ruby MoonBlue Moon, and Silver Moon, in her four-part series. One more novel to complete the series is planned for 2020. She is currently writing a new historical fiction series called, Sheltering Trees.
Photo Credit: Craig Jentink

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The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog by Trisha Watson

Trisha Watson


Book Title:  The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog – A Blend of Truth, Fiction and Inspiration from the Other Side by Trisha Watson
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  284 pages
Genre:  Dog Story, Inspirational
Publisher:  Stone & Light Publishing
Release date:   January 20, 2020
Format available for review:  print, mobi (for Kindle), Gifted Kindle, PDF
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: August 24 to September 4, 2020
Content Rating:  G for General Audiences


Book Description:

By reading this newly released book for the dog lover’s soul, you are about to take a remarkable journey through the eyes of Russell the dog. At times you will find that reading about his spiritual adventures takes an open mind, and a willingness to laugh and cry. By choice, Russell has come into this life with a unique dual purpose: to experience his present lifetime as a dog and to review his previous lifetime as a man. His journey is multidimensional; taking him through numerous challenges triggering a spectrum of emotions which he resists. One of his special abilities is to telepathically hear and communicate with other animals, his Spirit Guides, and even people when necessary for his growth. In the process, Russell learns about reincarnation, karma, grace, unlimited thinking, and forgiveness – all from a dog’s point of view and that of a soul who has had many previous human lifetimes.

Guest Post especially for this blog!

Writing from A Dog’s Point of View

Who knew that I would ever write a book…Or to make it more interesting, a book written from a dog’s point of view?

Russell tells his story in The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog – A Blend of Truth, Fiction, and Inspiration from the Other Side.

One of the first basic decisions a writer establishes is if the main character is going to be telling the story or if someone else is. I decided it would be my dog Russell telling his own story mixed with fiction and the inspiration I was receiving. Russell is now in the world of spirit, but the memories of his vivid, mischievous personality are very much alive in my mind bridged to my heart.

The reason I decided to write the book from Russell’s perspective involved his thoughtful investigation of everything ranging from a tiny bug to trees, to watching television. I loved his curiosity. However, his hatred of little boys, I could have done without.

His spikey red hair gave his face the look of a really cute teddy bear. Finding fun he found easy because he was easily entertained. Pouncing on spots made from any type of light refraction. Or jumping on bugs. Tearing into an empty box as if it were a mortal enemy.

I wanted to give him a voice so the reader might have a glimpse of a world foreign to us people. Researching dog behavior became a priority, even though to date, eight dogs have blessed my life. Having two dogs is my mode of operation. However, once a two-dog pet parent, you always need to have two dogs.

So back to writing from a dog’s viewpoint. I enjoyed contemplating what motivated Russell’s performances. What was going on in his mind? What did he think about all day? What did he dream about? I imagined when his feet moved along with a few whimpers during an afternoon nap, he was slaying a box or chasing a dog out of his territory.


What a unique visit with the life of Russell the dog! In this book is the story of this dog’s journey through life. Sadly Russell’s journey didn’t start off so well, but his struggles were to only make him stronger in life. I was both laughing and crying at time as Russel took me on his the different parts of his journey, and as he met his struggles and the fun he had head on. I was especially intrigued reading this story through the eyes of Russell and getting to see and understand the lessons he’s learned through his life journey. I wasn’t sure about this book when I first saw it but I am so glad I read it. It is not only an amazing book to read, it left me loving my little doggie even more. And I’ve many times wondered what she’s thinking, which this will have me wondering even more. This is a fun book to read, getting inside Russells head, and one I think any animal lover will love and appreciate.

A special thanks to the author/publisher and to iREAD Book Tours for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


And now Trisha Watson so graciously gives us more insights into this special book. Be sure to read these questions and answers about the writing of Russell!

Q. Your book is The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog. The second part of the title is A Blend of Truth, Fiction, and Inspiration from the Other Side. Tell me more about the second part of your book’s title?

Well, it is a blend of truth and fiction. Of the three, the most important element proved to be the inspiration from the other side. Almost every moment I spent engaged in writing or thinking about this book came from a guided part of myself that was inspired by intuitive influences.

Have you ever been moved to do something that comes from a hunch or gut feeling? So far, everyone I’ve met has experienced this type of intuition.

Q. So it was a hunch that motivated you to write The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog?

As it turned out, it was much more than a hunch. I would describe it as a constant nagging, with relentless inner urgings that would not leave me alone. I believe our spirit guides communicate with us through our inner voice, which we believe to be our own thoughts. Often, we disregard our intuitive ideas as the ramblings of our mind. And if the intention is not positive, or of a helpful nature then those thoughts should be disregarded. But very often it’s our spirit guides encouraging us to reach for higher levels of our potential in this incarnation. Spurring us to move beyond mediocrity or being stuck to a state of forward motion with our highest and greatest good as the goal.

A key factor here is that I didn’t want to write a book! And I resisted doing so for close to two years. Maybe it was laziness, but I had a good idea of the huge project writing a book would be and I didn’t want to take it on. Partly because I didn’t consider myself a writer or have the confidence that I could become an author. Still my inner voice wasn’t interested in my fears. I learned over the years, if I didn’t follow the urgings my guides were pushing me to do, I’d likely regret it.

So, for the first two years, I reluctantly began writing things down, telling my husband and friends I was writing a story. By using my own life experiences and family memories, I blended fiction and the inspiration I received from the other side. Over time, the combination poured through my mind slowly developing the plot, characters, dialog, and spiritual principals shared in the book.

Q. With unlimited choices for a lead character, why write a story from the point of view of a dog, named Russell?

Russell was one of my most beloved dogs. His precocious, stubborn, peculiar, personality traits frequently caused me a great deal of stress. Even so, I often found myself laughing about his antics. I grew to understand how his complexities that tested my patience also brought me immense joy, which is perhaps why the story started to form around him. At the time my inner stirrings began, Russell had been in spirit for almost three years. Because he was such a strong personality, from the start, I liked the idea of Russell telling this amazing story from his point of view.

Q. Your path with this story has been interesting. Was there a defining moment that made you decide to make the commitment to move from writing a story to writing a book?

Yes, I have always felt my purpose, in this lifetime, centers around being helpful to others. If I can be of service to all beings; human, animal, and the beingness of the planet, then I am living my purpose.
As the story unfolded, I realized it was a spiritual guidebook. It could be beneficial to those who read it. My reluctance gave way to trusting my guidance with the faith to follow it through to completion. I knew this is what I had to do and then I was able to embrace it.

Q. There are many books out there about spiritual growth. What makes yours different?

The plot is unique, which I suspected at the time it fully formed. However, with so many books written every year I wasn’t sure it already hadn’t been done. The story is about a dog (Russell) who finds he has come into his current incarnation with an unusual dual purpose. The first reason is to experience his lifetime as a dog. His second is to review his previous incarnation as a man named Pete, whose life ended tragically. As Pete, he refused to let the review of his lifetime take place.

After he discovers his twofold purpose for coming into his lifetime as Russell the dog, his spiritual adventure rapidly unfolds.

Various spirit guides, two in particular, teach him about the many aspects of being a soul in a body encouraging him towards his main purpose of finally reviewing his previous lifetime as Pete. He also explores other previous lifetimes relevant to his current repeating traits. Another essential key to Russell’s growth is the love of the woman who adopts him. Her role turns out to be multi layered with a surprise twist. We all have many life lessons encased in our personal spiritual adventure. The discoveries Russell finds along the way can inspire an expansiveness for those who read the book.

One message is resistance causes pain. Currently, everyone on the planet is challenged by the unexpected pandemic. The more we resist this unchangeable reality the more pain we will suffer. Accepting the reality of the pandemic removes the pain of resistance, so we may focus our energies on solutions to grow beyond it, collectively, and as individuals.

I hope all who share in Russell’s journey will be inspired to experience life on a larger canvas of possibilities.

Q. Your book reviews are glowing. What is your next project?

Now that I realized I can write a book, my next inspiration is The Spiritual Adventures of Maggie the Dog – A Blend of Truth, Fiction, and Inspiration from the Other Side. Sadly, Maggie, who was going on fifteen, recently made her transition to spirit. My husband and I, along with our other dog, Cooper deeply miss her as we adjust to being without her. The theme of reincarnation will also flow into Maggie’s book, told in her voice, sharing her spiritual adventures.

I honestly believe, we are all each other’s students and teachers, including animals and especially our pets.

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Author Trisha Watson

About the Author

Trisha Watson has a reverence for life, nature, and compassion for those in need, including, and especially animals. Of course, that encompasses pets too, and thus all her dogs and cats over the years were rescues or strays. Because of her passion, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book is donated to different animal rescue organizations. Twenty years of self-employment helped her develop a can-do attitude. When asked about the process of writing a book she said, “This story wouldn’t leave me alone, much of it flowed easily. Some of it I don’t remember writing, which at first was spooky, but later made complete sense as the story revealed itself. My intention with this book is to perhaps provide a source of inspiration and healing for those who read it.” At sixteen, Trisha began her spiritual journey. Over the years she has delved into many facets always with an open mind and a dash of healthy skepticism. Never looking back, she keeps moving forward in her own spiritual adventure, seeking to learn and share her experiences with others. Trisha was born in Rhode Island. A few years later her family moved to the “Mile High City” Denver, Colorado where she grew up. As an adult she was drawn to the mountains eventually settling in Evergreen, a small mountain town outside of Denver. It is there she’s built a life with her husband Mark and their two dogs, Maggie and Cooper.

Connect with the Author:  website  ~ twitter  ~ facebook  ~  instagram  ~ goodreads 


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