FINDING HOME by Corinne Joy Brown and Ginny McDonald

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Book Details:

Book Title:  FINDING HOME by Corinne Joy Brown and Ginny McDonald

Category:  Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12),  130 pages

Genre: General Fiction

Publisher:  Loose Cayuse Productions

Release date:   June 2019

Content Rating:  G. There are no expletives, sex scenes or bad language anywhere.


“Born in the flatlands of Rock Springs, Wyoming, newborn mustang Pahaska tells the heart-wrenching story of her separation from her mother and the wild horse herd she was born into. Captured by strangers, her entire world has disintegrated. Penned in the filthy, manure-filled confines of a horse hauler’s trailer, her life is changed forever. Finding Home, a 2020 Spur Finalist for Juvenile Fiction, is a brilliantly written story about the adoption of the mustang “Curly Girl” by a teen who has always dreamed of having her own horse. Ginny McDonald’s illustrations convey fine detail and emotion in the images of the horses, bringing each one to life. This heart-warming tale will appeal to those with a love for animals.” – Joni Franks, RoundUp Magazine, Western Writers of America

“This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to any animal loving young reader. Differences (equine and otherwise) are applauded, working through complicated human relationships, a philosophical, well balanced approach to difficult issues (wild horse roundups), and positive animal training techniques are included in this educational, riveting new book!” – Nancy Sachs, Director Platte Valley Pony Club

“To see the world through the eyes of a newborn filly as she grows into adulthood, or an excited young girl in search of her first horse, is a treasure found in Corinne Joy Brown’s novel Finding Home, a story of loss and recovery told in a brilliant way. The illustrations by Ginny McDonald help to refine the wonderful writing which places the reader squarely in the experience of Curly Girl and Jesse, her adopter. Finding Home is a wonderful story for our time, in consideration of the wild horses whose freedom is threatened across the West and the people who adopt the captured ones into loving homes.” – James A. Holmes CEO and Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation


Book Description:

For every girl or boy who owns a horse, or wished they did, Finding Home brings all the drama and beauty of America’s wild horses to the middle-grade reader. A coming-of-age story and a tale about friendship, trust and understanding, both horse and owner have powerful lessons to learn.

Together, young Jesse Nolan from Colorado and her wild mustang, Curly Girl, rounded up in Wyoming, discover what it means to rely on oneself, as well as those who love you most.



Finding Home follows the life and young Jesse Nolan and her wild mustang, Curly Girl. Jesse is living her lifelong dream of owning a wild mustang, and her story if taking care of her new horse is Heartwarming.

Though this is mosty a story for children ages 9-12, I enjoyed reading it myself. Much of the story is told from Curly Girl’s prospective, which was fun and interesting. I knew nothing about the wild mustang horses so I enjoyed getting to know this breed of horses and their struggles to make it in the wild. The author does a wonderful job of giving details throughout her book. You can clearly tell she is a horse lover herself.

Jesse and Curly Girl learned has learned a lot on their journey, and as we follow them, they teach us how to be friends as well as how to love and trust them. And in addition to all we learn of these two characters, there are beautiful illustrations throughout the book by Ginny McDonald that beautifully go right along with the story. You dont want to miss this precious book for the child in your life. Mine is going to my niece, who loves to read and loves stories about horses.

A special thanks to the author/publisher for a copy of this book. I am not required to write a positive review, the opinions here are mine alone. I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Finding Home

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Author Interview from Corinne Joy Brown

Q: Where do I get inspiration for my stories?

A: Usually my stories are written in response to something I care deeply about, or am curious about. Like most writers, I’m intrigued by the question “what if?” I have no dearth of ideas. I hope I live long enough to develop them all. Writing is my way of making sense out of the world.

Q: There are many books out there about wild horses. What makes mine different?

A: I haven’t read all the books out there on this subject, but I’ve certainly read a few. Ours is different primarily because this story is written from the horse’s point of view, with the hopes that the reader can make that shift and understand what it might be like to be rounded up, captured, and sold into an unfamiliar life. Further, it’s the relationship of these family members and how everyone is changed by the arrival of this horse that makes all the difference. Caring for our wild creatures, for any animal, makes us better people.

Q: Do I have another profession besides writing?

A: Indeed, I do.  My undergraduate degree was in art education. After teaching for a while and running a community center art department, I went back to school to study interior design. It seemed necessary  when my husband and I went into the home furnishing business in 1974. I had my own design practice for 30 years. In some ways, design is a lot like writing fiction; you need the big picture, but it’s how you put all the smaller details together that makes it work. Creating beautiful, individualized interiors for happy clients helped with my ability to visualize and communicate clearly.  However, I am actually teaching art again to a local pony club!

Q: What genre do I write and why?

A:  Here’s the good news: I write in many genres. I suppose my favorite is historical fiction. I like going back in time and seeing how the intersection of real historical events impacts my character’s lives.  I discovered I really like non-fiction as well. My first coffee table book on the history of Western dinnerware was as fun and exciting to write as any novel. And now, I’ve discovered middle grade fiction. As a former junior high art teacher, I loved this age group. They’re full of curiosity and struggling to deal with their emotions. Books still make a difference at this age.

Q:How long have you been writing?

A: Since I was a kid. I still have my first short story, written when I was ten, in 1958. In high school, I got my first guitar and started writing folksongs. Ballads really. In college I wrote poetry and years later, when our son graduated from high school, in 1996, I wrote my first novel. It was published in 1999. I’ve come out with a new work every few years since then. (8 books so far.)


Very interesting Guest Post from

Corinne Joy Brown

070210-CGIcover-1000pxW (1)

“Come & Get It!” – A Coffee Table Book About Western Dinnerware

What I noticed was that one of the most collectible offerings, made by Coors Ceramics of Arizona and distributed by True West Home, was a reproduction of a pattern created in the late Forties and popular for some 25 years. That inspired me to think that if there was one great vintage pattern, there had to be others. After all, I grew up in the 1950s and 60s, a time referred to by some as “The Golden Era of the Western,” when the big screen and that new phenomenon, the television, showcased dozens of films and TV series with the Frontier West in mind spawning a huge array of Western-themed miscellany.

Frankoma Prairie Green Wagonwheel

I began to search on Ebay under names like “Western dinnerware” or “cowboy pottery”, and discovered a wide variety of plates, cups, bowls and serving ware that bore an enticing array of scenes from the Old West. These included the roundup, the chuck wagon, the home ranch, the cowboy, the mustang, the covered wagon and many more. Some were museum-quality, the original artwork so detailed. Once created for restaurants, diners and hotels, it took the invention of the backyard mobile barbecue grill to allow every suburban homeowner the privilege of cooking anywhere outside, a pastime once limited to the built-in brick barbecue built into many patios. What followed were Western-inspired grilling utensils, aprons and charming dinnerware sets romanticizing the idea of eating out under the stars, much like the cowboys of the Old West.

I turned my interest into building a significant collection of place settings spanning 75 years, an amazing display of brilliantly designed pieces. Along the way, I interviewed many producers, searching their archives, and even helped some of them respectfully say goodbye. They were thrilled to be included in my effort. I was lucky. I couldn’t have written the remarkable book that followed today, those voices sadly are gone. “Come and Get It-The Saga of Western Dinnerware” came out in 2012, a gorgeous, fully-illustrated coffee table book with over 300 images.

I didn’t realize it then, but that non-fiction work was one more step in the life of a writer committed to defining our national identity, in this case, as manifested through popular culture. It also helped pave the way for “Finding Home,” my first middle grade book where I focused on an important aspect of the West I love freedom, symbolized by our endangered wild horse herds that must be saved. Indeed, it appears everything I write is connected to the heritage of my home. The West is in my blood.

Meet the Authors:








Ginny McDonald is an award-winning, professional Colorado illustrator and a longtime advocate for wild horses. She is the adopter of an American Curly mare, and more recently, a second mustang named “Lil Bit”. Ginny’s skill in the use of Prismacolor pencils brings this story to life with rich detail and heartfelt emotion.





Denver native Corinne Joy Brown is a multi-published,

award-winning Colorado author, magazine editor and freelance writer

focused on the West .” Recent publications include “Young Rider”,

“Cowboys & Indians,” and “Working Ranch.” She’s also been a horse owner most of her life. Corinne is committed to teaching the next generation about the power of horses to teach and heal. “Finding Home” is her eighth book.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Facebook


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