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A tragic past, a divine calling, a closely guarded secret, and the connection tying them all together.

“Eli, will you tend my crops?”

As Eli and Ada escape their captors, a plan involving a vivid dream, a colorful merchant caravan, and an intolerant town is set into motion. This divine plan will alter the course of their lives and test Eli’s willingness to surrender to God.

Set in the vast wilderness and rural towns of the late 1800’s, Eli and his wife Ada begin a fifteen year journey through trials and prejudices to discover the meaning behind his dream. But as Eli gets closer to understanding what he is being called to do, he will have to face the possibility that serving God could reveal a secret about himself and a past that he doesn’t want others to know.

Painted Vessels is a story of redemption that delves not only into the lives of Eli and Ada as they mature into adults, but also into the lives of the spiritually rich caravan members and the narrow-minded townsfolk of East Haven. It weaves a tale of sorrow, doubt, healing, hope, and eventual trust in the sovereignty of God.

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Gina Renee Freitag has been a professional seamstress in many capacities for over 30 years, from wedding dresses to outdoor clothing and gear repair and prototypes. She started in theatrical costume design and construction at Whitman College while earning her Bachelor of Arts in studio art, followed by a theater staff position at Pacific Lutheran University. She has also been a homeschool teacher for the last 17 years (and running). She was raised in the Seattle, Washington area, and her home remains there today with her husband and younger daughter (her older daughter and son-in-law live close by as well).

Painted Vessels is her first novel, which started merely as an interesting story in her mind. As a class project, Gina encouraged her daughter to start writing down all of her stories and decided to take her own advice as well. Once she put the words to paper (and was encouraged by supportive friends), she felt lead to publish this narrative. And she hasn’t stopped! The stories surrounding these beloved characters continue to form in her mind and will hopefully appear in future books.

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