Sojourner (Tales of Faeraven #3) By Janalyn Voigt

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Sojourner (Tales of Faeraven #3) By Janalyn Voigt Fantasy, Christian Fantasy Paperback & ebook, 322 Pages November 1st 2019 by Pelican Book Group

Mara didn’t know her parents were living a lie.

After learning a secret that causes Mara to question her heritage, she runs to Torindan, the High Hold of Faeraven, to seek the truth. What the innkeeper’s daughter doesn’t know is that Rand, the mysterious tracker she’s hired to guide her through the wilderness, has been sent on an errand that puts her life at risk.

Helping Mara furthers Rand’s purposes, but he doesn’t count on his emotions interfering.

With Faeraven on the brink of war, Rand is faced with a life-altering choice, Mara is torn between escape and learning the truth, and the future hangs in the balance.

Will Mara be heir to the Faeraven throne? Can Rand escape the terrors of the dungeon?

As Torindan and Pilaer prepare for battle, anything can happen.

Exerpt From Sojourner


(A traveler from the Kindren people stops at an inn located in Elder lands and encounters hostility.)

Seated at a scarred table in the inn’s common room, Rand did his best to ignore the hostile stares from more than one pair of rounded eyes. He’d chosen a dark corner away from the lanthorn light in the hope of escaping notice. As a Kindren among the Elder, he’d expected to encounter suspicion. From the look of this crowd, he’d better keep watch to avoid being knifed in his bed. He couldn’t let anything happen to him, not with his father’s errand to carry out, although the thought of it made his stomach churn.

Almost as soon as Rand sat down, the man with silver-threaded black hair who had greeted him at the door brought a tankard of ale and called into the kitchen for service. He seemed eager for his Kindren guest to eat and leave. If so, in this their desires matched. A long day in the saddle had sapped Rand’s strength and left him eager for sleep.

He lifted the tankard with his left hand, favoring his bruised side, acquired courtesy of his half-brother’s ambush. The sudden memory of Draeg standing victorious over him, and looking far too much like their father, tightened Rand’s jaw. He banished the image, unwilling to let himself think of defeat at a time that called for courage.

A maiden pushed through the swinging door from the kitchen, balancing a tray of small pies. She glanced about the room, and her clear green eyes fastened on his. He’d never seen such beautiful eyes. Hair black as an eberec’s wing crowned her head in a braid and also rippled down her back. Her face showed no blemish, so youthful he might take her for a child save for the female form her kirtle failed to hide.

A shy smile touched her lips as she lowered the tray before him. He accepted her offering and, diverted by hunger, crammed his mouth full of venison pie. She stepped back and away, all the while watching him. He must look rough after days on the road, or perhaps she’d never seen a Kindren before. He stared back, as fascinated with her as she seemed with him.

He’d known her at once from the description given him, but he’d never expected to find his quarry so quickly.



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About the Author

Janalyn Voigt is a writer and professional speaker with a photography habit and a passion for travel. Her unique blend of adventure, romance, suspense, and fantasy creates worlds of beauty and danger for readers. Tales of Faeraven, her epic fantasy series beginning with DawnSinger, carries readers into a land only imagined in dreams. She is represented by Sarah Joy Freese of Wordserve Literary.

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