2019 Ellie Claire Devotionals plus Journals! Three of Them!



Not only is Ellie Claire offering three of the most beautiful Devotionals for 2019, for each devotion, you will find one page for the devotions, the page beside it has plenty of journaling room for you to write your thoughts on each of the 365 devotions. See my reviews below for all three of them. And check them out for that perfect person on your Christmas list this year! 


Peace Begins With Me


MY THOUGHTS ON “Peace Begins With Me”

First of all, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I like all three of them. This one, ‘Peace Begins With Me’ is my favorite as far as color. I love this light teal color. And the simple marble design on the outside is beautiful, as well as the white places inside with the teal color border. I would have snatched this one from a bookstore shelve first thing. 

It will be calming for me just to see this color every morning when I do my devotions. I also love the writing space. There’s plenty of room to take notes, write favorite verses, list people you want to pray for, praises, or just special thoughts or maybe a song. I’m sure I will find many things to write in these spaces throughout the year! The pages are a thick quality that you can use any pen, and it won’t bleed through. Though I didn’t try a marker. I won’t be using a marker in mine. And I already have a teal pen to use! Gotta match things up. 

The very first devotion, January 1, is “The Promise if Peace.” Talking about God’s Promise of Peace and encouraging me to pray for that peace in my everyday life. And one thing I noticed too while reading, the dates are only the month and day, not the year so these can be used any year, over and over. As I looked at many of the devotions, they were all something I can’t wait to read for that certain day! As I’ve already said, this Devotional Journal will be mine. I’m so excited about using this for 2019. 



Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus



MY THOUGHTS ON “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”

If you love flowers, this 365 day Devotional Journal will be for you! I love it myself. Love the song, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” and I think about it every time I see this devotional journal. The inside pages have flowers in the top corners and a beautiful border to match along the bottom. 

And the first devotion in this one is Jan 1, and is called “All About Him!” What beautiful and better way to start off 2019, talking about it’s all about Jesus! Because that is what life is all about. This Devotional & Journal also has about a half page on each day to write notes, thoughts, verses, songs, prayer request, or just about anything you want to. And these pages are think and high quality so you can safely write on them and not worry about the ink bleeding through. 

I haven’t decided what I will do with this one. I want to keep it, but her I feel I need to give it away so someone else can be blessed by using it. Either way, it will be used and loved! 



The Earth is the Lords and Everything In It



“The Earth is the Lords and Everything In It”

Another beautiful Devotional and Journal that will bless someone this year. If you are a peacock kind of person, you will dearly love this one! The outside cover is absolutely stunning with the beautiful peacocks, two of them, sitting on a branch with pink flowers! The inside it perhaps the most beautiful if the three, with flowers on a top and bottom corner and a peacock adorns the other bottom corner. There’s a space for To, From and Date on the inside front cover. 

This Devotional Journal will go to a sister, or friend. Anyone will love this gift of something this special and beautiful. With plenty of writing space, it gives room for anything you feel you need to write during your devotion time. The pages are high quality paper, very nice. I would buy me a pen that matches! Draw pictures or doodle or do whatever you like with it. 

And for all three of these Devotional Journal’s, Ellie Claire has outdone themselves with three of the most stunning works I’ve seen from them. It’s seems as though each new Ellie Claire is so much better, more beautiful and higher quality than the next. You can’t go wrong with the company. Whether it be for yourself, or a gift, check them out! 

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