Holiday Amnesia by Lynette Eason


With no memory, who can she trust?

A deadly Christmas in Wrangler’s Corner

Robin Hardy survived an explosion in her university lab – but her memories are gone. With danger lurking behind every Christmas tree, she needs shelter from the attackers she can’t identify. She’ll trust fellow professor Toby Potter to safely hide her away. But when his secrets come between them, the truth could mean the difference between life and death this holiday season.


Another wow book from Lynette Eason. And don’t let Love Inspired stop you from reading this. Sadly I’ve heard people that don’t read LI and they sure don’t know what they are missing! This is on of the best from Ms. Eason! I stayed most of the night reading Holiday Amnesia because I didn’t want to put it down until it was finished.

Robin Hardy survived a shooting and an explosion at the University lab she was working. But when the FBI guy working in the case involving her got to her, he heard a hit for her life, and to make things worse, she couldn’t remember the last 6 months of her life. Who wanted Robin dead and why?

This is such an amazing story full of thrills and lots of emotions of all kinds. Since Robin couldn’t remember, she wasn’t sure she could trust Toby, but she had no choice. Someone wanted he off the planet, and she had no where to go, no means of supporting herself. But everywhere they went to hideout, someone attacks, is it an inside job? Are there dirty law enforcements inside hunting Robin down?

One thing for sure, this story takes readers on a chase they will long remember. At some point I get impatient and think, why don’t you just get this person any way you can? I mean can’t they shoot their tires out or shoot them to hurt not kill when they are chasing on foot? But then I realize there wouldn’t be any fun reading a book that’s half the pages, and no fun in reading all of the chases and different ways the evil people work. So I realize I don’t know it all! And I love all it all!!

Another thing I love about Ms. Easons Books is the way she weaves the Christian life in the lives of her characters. I don’t always mention this, but it’s why I love Christian fiction so much! And an author that can do this and not sound preachy is a professional that does her job well!

This is a really good Christmas fiction to read! I highly recommend Holiday Amnesia! I received this book from Love Inspired Suspense and Nergalley to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal  Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.



Lynette Eason grew up in Greenville, SC. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Business Degree she used for a very short time, she moved to Spartanburg, SC to attend Converse College where she obtained her Masters degree in Education. She started her teaching career at the South Carolina School for the deaf and blind. In 1996, she met the man she would marry—the boy next door!
She is married to Jack Eason, who speaks, leads worship, and consults ministries around the country. They have two teenage children.
Lynette’s books have appeared on the ECPA and CBA bestseller lists and have won several awards. Lynette thanks God for giving her the talent and desire to spin stories that bring readers to the edge of their seat, but most importantly, to the throne of Christ.

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