The Apologetics Study Bible, The Christian Standard Bible Translation

The Apologetics Study Bible
A unique resource designed to help people answer important, life-shaping questions. Here is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to help you know the reasons and evidences for Christian hope and articulate those reasons to others asking the big questions. This app includes the complete Holman Christian Standard Bible with footnotes and cross references in the Olive Tree BibleReader.

Introductions and notes for each book of the Bible
More than 130 articles written by today’s leading Christian thinkers on topics such as
Twisted Scripture notes on commonly misunderstood and distorted verses
Biographical sketches and Christian apologists
Fast Facts
Notable Quotes
Challenges and Tactics
and more.
Contributors include:
Ted Cabal
Craig L. Blomberg
William A. Dembski
Norman L. Geisler
Josh McDowell
Lee Strobel
and more than 50 others.
Features include:
Split screen viewing with Bible text
Add bookmarks, highlights, and personal notes to Bible text
Quick, powerful search
Customizable colors, fonts, and more
Access to a library of titles through Olive Tree


Christian apologetics is a theology that presents historical and evidence for Christianity. The apologetics bible is a great tool for those wanting to learn to defend their faith. It also shows how science and the bible go together. It answer questions about how people say the bible contradicts itself. It helps to strengthen faith with facts and helps back up what you already believe.

I appreciate this Bible because it helped me understand how the bible and science can work together. And it helps to strengthen my faith because it proves what I believe with facts. So when someone ask about my faith, I can show them from this Bible that what I believe is just how it is.





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