A Pioneer Christmas Collection “On Sale for $1.97… Nine authors including Margaret Brownley

A Pioneer Christmas Collection

From Barbour Books.
Nine authors including Margaret Brownley


First of all, I would like to thank Margaret Brownley for sending me a copy of this book to read and review. And the next thing is, I just found out that this book is for sale at Barbour Books for just $1.97. Wow that is a bargain! But hurry, not sure for how long. 


9 Stories of Finding Shelter and Love in a Wintry Frontier

by Margaret BrownleyKathleen FullerMarcia Gruver,Cynthia HickeyVickie McDonoughShannon McNear,Lauraine SnellingMichelle UleAnna Carrie Urquhart

Journey along with American settlers who learn that despite where the trail takes them or how primitive their lodgings may be Christmas is all about the heart. Determined to honor Christ’s birth, these pioneers find a way to make Christmas happen in places like a cave, a tipi, and a dugout. Modern readers will enjoy a peek into life before commercialism took over the sacred day, distracting us from the true blessings of faith, hope, and love. Enjoy nine original novellas of Christmas romance as penned from many of today’s leading Christian authors, including Lauraine Snelling, Kathleen Fuller, and Vickie McDonough.


A Pioneer Christmas Collection was such a good read! Each story is short enough that it can be read in an hour or so, but they are short but Awesome!! I especially enjoyed these because the setting of each is during the pioneer days and I love that era in history. Listed below are the nine stories, the author who wrote each one, and the historical time and place of the setting. If you only purchase one fiction to read during the Christmas Season, this is the one you need to choose! These stories are so neat because during the busy season, its comforting to sit down take a break and read all or half of one story at a time. And if you read the beginning of my blog, you saw that Barbour Books had this amazing book for only $1.97. But hurry, it may end soon!

And today I am mainly focusing on A Pony Express Christmas by Margaret Brownley, since Margaret so graciously provided a copy for me to read and review.

Ellie-Mae Newman was in search of her brother. He left home because of not getting along with their dad, but now that their dad was gone, Ellie-Mae wanted to find her twin. But at this time, she is sitting with a broken wagon with two stubborn mules to pull it with, that is if it was workable! Then she runs into a hanging about to happen, and offers money for the poor mans life. Thanking Ellie and walking away, Mr. Corbett thought he was free, but little did he know he had a price to pay.

Margaret Brownley makes every story she writes funny and fun to read. In the mist of the difficult situations Ellie-Mae and Mr. Corbett were in, she had be laughing most of the way through A Pony Express Christmas Collection. How these two kept going on their trail was anybody’s guess, but they kept one. Ellie-Mae was one determined woman, and Mr. Corbett was a fugitive. But as they stopped at each Pony Express office on the trail, them seemed to run into a dead end, but Ellie-Mae just wouldn’t give up. Wanna find out if they find this twin brother? The answer is in Ms. Brownley’s story, A Pony Express Christmas. And you will find this story in A Pioneer Christmas Collection from Barbour Books HERE.

And here is a list of the stories in A Pioneer Christmas Collection!

1. DEFENDING TRUTH by Shannon McNear, 1791 NC

2. THE CALLING by Kathleen Fuller, 1820 OH

3.  A SILENT NIGHT by Ana Urquhart, 1824 Scotland & 1830 MI

4.  A PONY EXPRESS CHRISTMAS by Margaret Brownley, 1862 NE

5.  A CHRISTMAS CASTLE by Cynthia Hickey, 1867 AZ

6. THE COWBOY’S ANGEL by Lauraine Snelling, 1875 ND

7. A BADLANDS CHRISTMAS by Marcia Gruver, 1885 ND

8. BUCKSKIN BRIDE by Vickie McDonough, 1889 OK

9.  THE GOLD RUSH CHRISTMAS by Michelle Ule, 1897 AK
I received this book from Author Margaret Brownley and the publisher Barbour Books to read and review.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.

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