Interview with author Charlotte Hubbard/Naomi King

Hello Bloggers!! Today I have a very special interview with author Naomi King.,Charlotte Hubbard. Naomi answered several  very interesting questions about her writing and love for Amish Fiction. If you haven’t read any of Naomi King’s books, then you are missing a treat! Check out this interview as well as Naomi’s books, including several new books just hitting the shelves. Including a new Christmas novel!

And don’t forget the check out her website for many awesome Amish Recipes!



I’ve called Missouri home for most of my life, and most folks don’t realize that several Old Older Amish and Mennonite communities make their home here, as well. The rolling pastureland, woods, and small towns along county highways make a wonderful setting for Plain populations—and for stories about them, too! While Jamesport, Missouri is the largest Old Order Amish settlement west of the Mississippi River, other communities have also found the affordable farm land ideal for raising crops, livestock, and running the small family-owned businesses that support their families.

Like my heroine, Miriam Lantz, of my new Seasons of the Heart series, I love to feed people—to share my hearth and home. I bake bread and goodies and I love to try new recipes. I put up jars and jars of green beans, tomatoes, beets and other veggies every summer. All my adult life, I’ve been a deacon, a dedicated church musician and choir member, and we hosted a potluck group in our home for more than twenty years.

Like Abby Lambright, heroine of my new Home at Cedar Creek series, I consider it a personal mission to be a listener and a peacemaker—to heal broken hearts and wounded souls. Faith and family, farming and frugality matter to me: like Abby, I sew and enjoy fabric arts—I made my wedding dress and the one Mom wore, too, when I married into an Iowa farm family more than thirty-five years ago! When I’m not writing, I crochet and sew, and I love to travel.

I recently moved to Minnesota when my husband got a wonderful new job, so now he and I and our border collie, Ramona, are exploring our new state and making new friends.

Enjoy the interview!

1.What inspired you to write Amish fiction?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to write Amish fiction! When my editor at Kensington, for whom I’d written a faith-and-family series at another publisher, discovered no one there was writing these very popular Amish stories, she believed I would be a good author to write them. The Amish fascinate me, and I deeply respect their beliefs. When I began writing about them I lived close to Jamesport, MO, the largest Amish settlement west of the Mississippi River. I’ve spent a great deal of time there and I’ve done a lot of other reading/research, as well.

2.How do you choose and create your characters?

For good storytelling, you need a balance of characters who exemplify the Amish lifestyle—and some who are struggling with their faith, and perhaps some characters who challenge Amish beliefs. In this Seasons of the Heart series, I created a mother, Miriam Lantz, and her three daughters—each of whom has a very different story, even though they’re triplets—as the backbone of the series. Readers tell me they feel like they know the Lantz women—and they cannot wait to see what renegade bishop Hiram Knepp will do next! And of course we get to know the other preachers and townspeople who frequent Miriam’s Sweet Seasons Café, and we have met Ben Hooley, who has become Miriam’s new husband, and the family members he brought to Willow Ridge with him in AUTUMN WINDS. As the series progresses, characters will develop and grow along with the main story line, to keep the town of Willow Ridge a lively, interesting, homey place to be.
3. What are you working on now?
I’m about two-thirds of the way through EMMA BLOOMS AT LAST, which is the fourth book of my At Home in Cedar Creek series, which I write as Naomi King, for New American Library. I took a different name at the request of the NAL editor, so the sales stats from my two different series won’t affect/compete against each other (lots of people ask me about that). I also have books 4-6 for this Seasons of the Heart series under contract—and right now AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS is in the stores, too. It’s two novellas, one by Charlotte and one by Naomi, and the stories feature characters mixing and matching up from both towns in my two series! It’s great fun.

4. What are four things most people don’t know about you?

Most folks here in St. Paul don’t know a lot about me, because my husband and I have only lived here for three years now! In general, it’s not common knowledge that I taught myself to play the accordion as research for an earlier book, and few people realize that I have green eyes. Most people don’t know (or probably care!) that I won several trophies at speech/debate tournaments in high school, and most people probably figure that, at my age, I color my hair—but the dark brown you see is my untreated, natural shade.
5. You have a lot of Amish recipes on your website. Are these real tried and
true Amish recipes?

You know, I’ve read a lot of Amish cookbooks and I defy anyone to put an Amish recipe for, say, meat loaf, next to my own recipe for it and see anything drastically different! While the Amish have their own traditional favorite foods, like any culture does, a lot of their day- to-day food isn’t much different from what the average farming family eats—or, maybe more accurately, what most families used to eat maybe 40 or 50 years ago when we actually cooked and ate at home most of the time.
Truth be told, many of the recipes in my books/on my website are favorites I’ve been making for many years because I love to cook—and because they fit the season of the story they’re in. So, WINTER OF WISHES features a lot of hearty comfort food for colder weather, and the recipes in AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS are all Christmas cookies and treats!
6. How can readers get in touch with you?

Readers can email me at or they can reach me through the email function on my website, which is I also get snail mail at P.O. Box 18731, West St. Paul, MN 55118. Readers are also welcome to sign up for my newsletter, which comes out whenever new books are released. This sign-up is on my website homepage, lower left side.

Thanks so much for your interest in my books!

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