All God’s Children… Anna Schmidt….From Barbour Books

All God’s Children

by Anna Schmidt

From Barbour Books



Beth Bridgewater has been in Germany for about eight years taking care of her younger cousin, because her Aunt Isle had health issues that prohibited her from taking care of her daughter. As World War II erupts, Beth, a Quaker pacifist, and Josef Buch, a passionate German Patriot and the former student that Beth’s uncle opened his extra attic room to, join together in nonviolent resistance of the Nazis—and in love. Does their love stand a chance in the midst of such evil. . .if they even survive at all? I really like the catchy book blurb!

This book was different than other books I have read by Anna Schmidt, and haven’t read any Amish or Quaker stories taking place around the World War II era, so this was interesting.  For me, the book started off slow but after a few chapters, it turned into a true Anna Schmidt story with creative and realistic characters that tell their story so well. Beth’s Aunt Isle was puzzling at times, I just wasn’t sure what her sickly nature was about. Beth and Josef were so different, but they shared an attraction to each other, and they worked well together. And the suspense and mystery surrounding Josef was the driving force for me, because I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next.

As with all historical fiction, I really enjoyed the history part of the story, and the author did a phenomenal job of describing historical Germany in the early 1940’s and what it was like there after the war. Ms. Schmidt leaves you feeling like you are joining the characters in the story, and you will be truly entertained and blessed as you read All God’s Children. I was happy to read that there will be books two and three coming out later to continue where this story and these characters were left off. If you enjoy historical fiction, and WWII fiction, you will love this one!

I received this book from the publisher Barbour Books to read and review.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.


anna schmidt

Anna Schmidt


Anna Schmidt is the author of over twenty works of fiction. Among her many honors, Anna is the recipient ofRomantic Times’ Reviewer’s Choice Award and a finalist for the RITA award for romantic fiction. She enjoys gardening and collecting seashells at her winter home in Florida.


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