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Priscilla Slater goes to her 10-year high school reunion as a successful business woman. Even though she got rid of her mousy brown hair, swapped out her discount store wardrobe for designer clothes, and now has perfectly straight teeth, she can’t get past feeling like the ugly duckling. Her parents’ disapproval for her choice of careers—running a chain of hair salons—deepens her self-doubt. She experiences self-discovery and learns that things aren’t always as they seem.

During the reunion, one woman passes out after starving herself for the event. The class beauty queen appears to have more self-confidence than ever until her ex shows up with his new wife. The reunion organizer has taken her responsibilities to a whole new level that makes the Marines look like Boy Scouts, while her husband drinks too much and makes a fool of himself. The man she always dreamed about being with finally gives her some attention, but when she finds out more about him, she realizes he’s not worth her time. These realizations boost her self-confidence, but now she has to deal with her best friend Tim’s new feelings for her.


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 Debby Mayne brings us the stories of three women as they prepare for their tenth high school class reunion. Each woman has her own fears about the reunion and all it will entail. Anyone who has ever attended or decided not to attend such a reunion will relate to Trudy, Priscilla, and Laura. One woman lived up the class vote as “Most Likely to Succeed,” but not in the way her classmates may have predicted. The other two are frantic about what others will think. Laura hides her anxiety by controlling everything that will happen at the reunion, too afraid to let go and let others help. Trudy is ashamed of her divorce, and is determined to live up to her image as Homecoming Queen and Miss Piney Point even if it kills her, and it almost does. Through

Join Trudy, Priscilla and Laura as they get ready for their the year high school reunion. Each of these ladies are bringing their own past, heartaches, fears, and everything else going on with them to this reunion. And each is certainly worried about what others will think of them. Laura seems to think Priscilla has a perfect life, but can’t get along with anyone who wants to help plan the reunion, so she ends up doing most of it herself. What is really her problem anyway? And Priscilla runs a small chain of beauty salons but she’s gained weight and thinks shes too fat. Yeah right, fat in a size 8?? And Trudy Homecoming Queen and Miss Piney Point Trudy is now divorced, so what will people think of her situation?

Pretty is as Pretty Does is an awesome read from Debby Mayne. The characters are witty and believable, doing just what ladies do when facing long time friends, or in this case classmates. I really liked Tim and was really wanting Priscilla to make a go of it with him. I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it. It is fun and enjoyable and I laughed a lot and had tears at times as well. If you are looking for a light, refreshing and fantastic read, I really want to encourage you to pick up a copy of Debby Mayne’s Pretty is as Pretty Does. You are certainly in for a read treat with this book!

 I received this book from the publisher Abingdon Press and PUYB to read and
review.  I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this
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Debby Mayne


Debby Mayne has published more than 30 books and novellas, 400 print short stories and articles, more than 1,000 web articles, and a slew of devotions for women. She has also worked as managing editor of a national health magazine, product information writer for HSN, a creative writing instructor for Long Ridge Writers Group, and a copy editor and proofreader for several book publishers. For the past eight years, she has judged the Writers Digest Annual Competition, Short-Short Contest, and Self-Published Book Competition. Three of Debby’s books have been top ten favorites by the Heartsong Presents book club. Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida received 4-1/2 stars fromRomantic Times Magazine, and was named a Top Pick for the month of July 2009.

Her latest book is Pretty Is As Pretty Does.

You can visit Debby Mayne’s website at www.debbymayne.com.


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