The Winnowing Season…….by Cindy Woodsmall



The Winnowing Season

by Cindy Woodsmall




The tornado that devastated Kings’ Orchard pushed Rhoda, Samuel, and Jacob to make a new start in Maine. Are they strong enough to withstand the challenges of establishing an Amish community—and brave enough to face the secrets that move with them?

On the eve of their departure to begin a new Old Order Amish community outside of Unity, Maine, Rhoda Byler is shocked to discover that choices made by her business partner and friend, Samuel King, have placed her and her unusual gifts directly into the path of her district’s bishop and preachers. She is furious with Samuel and is fearful that the Kings will be influenced by the way her leaders see her, and not what they know to be true—that Rhoda’s intuition is a gift from God.

Jacob King won’t be swayed by community speculation. He loves Rhoda, believes in her, and wants to build a future with her in Maine. But when the ghosts of his past come calling and require him to fulfill a great debt, can he shake their hold before it destroys what he has with Rhoda? Samuel has a secret of his own—one he’ll go to great lengths to keep hidden, even if it means alienating those closest to him. Throwing himself into rehabilitating the once-abandoned orchard, Samuel turns to a surprising new ally.

Book 2 of the Amish Vines and Orchards series asks: can the three faithfully follow God’s leading and build a new home and orchard in Maine? Or will this new beginning lead to more ruin and heartbreak?



I was very happy to continue reading Rhoda and Jacob’s story in The Winnowing Season. After a tornado came through and the devastating loss of their home and land, Jacob’s family decided to pack up, leave their life as they knew in Pennsylvania and move to Maine. Rhoda had plans to move with the King family because of what people in their community thought of her, bad thoughts that is. No one understood her way of healing, and thought she was weird. Just as she thought she would get away from everyone who was talking, Rhoda’s past shows its ugly face, and causing her more problems and pain.

Cindy Woodsmall continues her expert writing skills and awesome storytelling in the second book of Amish Vines and Orchards Series, The Winnowing Season. I really love the characters and how they are so believable and realistic. Rhoda has suffered much as she continues to use her gift with the things she grows in her garden, thanks to her own community spreading gossip about her. Rhoda’s strong determination kept my attention because she wouldn’t give up, no matter what. There a lot of twists and turns in this book with Rhoda and her difficult situations, and difficult decisions, as well as the King family and their choice to start their life over in Maine. This is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down for long, I was drawn to the characters stories and wanted to find out what was happening next!

If you like Amish stories, you will love this one. To me, Cindy’s books always have a little edgy twist to them, making them even more interesting and enjoyable. Grab your copy today, and while you are at it, pick up the first book in this series. And watch out for Book three in The Amish Vines and Orchards Series as well!

This book was provided by Blogging for Books through their reviewer Blogging program. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.


About the Author

Cindy WoodsmallCindy Woodsmall is a best-selling author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction book Plain Wisdom whose connection with the Amish community has been featured on ABC Nightline, in the Wall Street Journal, and throughout other Christian and general news outlets. She lives outside of Atlanta with her family.

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