Karen Kingsbury ….Two Volumes in One…Like Dandelion Dust/This Side of Heaven

Karen Kingsbury

Two Volumes in One…

Like Dandelion Dust/This Side of Heaven

Book Discription

Two of New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury’s most beloved novels
are now available together in this expertly packaged omnibus.

DANDELION DUST is a powerful novel about two parents, their love for their
adopted son, Joey, and the suprising lengths they will go to keep their family
together when a judge rules that Joey must be returned to his biological father.
In the days that follow, Jack Campbell has a desperate and dangerous thought.
What if they can devise a way out? Then they could take Joey and
disappear…like dandelion dust.

THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN is a story of
secrets, broken relationships, and a love strong enough to reunite a family.
Annie Warren always wanted the best for her son, Josh. But years of failure and
bad choices created a heartbreaking distance. When Annie sets out to defend her
son, she might find a treasure more valuble than money, one she never expected,
this side of heaven.


My Thoughts on this book

This is a two in one book, with two of Karen Kingsbury’s earlier books. One thing about this double feature is the price value, which is like getting both books for price of one. The book is soft cover, with almost 700 pages, but it is not really bulky nor heavy. You will easily be able to hold this book and read it with no problem. Now on to the books you will be reading.


Like Dandelion Dust is about Jack and Molly Campbell’s adopted son, Joey. Everything was fine and happy with this family until the truth comes out that Joey’s birth mom forged his birth dad’s signature on the adoption paper, making the adoption a fraud. Can you imagine how Joey is feeling? Taken from the only family he’s ever know, to a dad that, well its questionable that this dad even wants Joey, by the way he treats him. The author creates characters that develop well in a story that will capture your heart. With the twists and turns in the story, you will want to keep on reading until the end.


And when you finish Like Dandelion Dust, you will be ready for This Side of Heaven, another story about a child, this time a little girl. Josh finds out he is the father of a beautiful little girl, but not having the amount of child support her mom is asking for, she stops contact with Josh. But when Josh has an accident at work, and is entitled to a settlement, Josh can now have that relationship with his daughter that he so wants. But the journey is not as simple as it seems. Again, Karen Kingsbury has created characters that are believable and develop well as the plot unfolds throughout this story. And the intensity and emotions of the story keeps the reader reading until the very end, because we want to know the outcome of Josh, his mom Annie and his daughter Savannah.


This book has two wonderful stories that you will love and enjoy, so I encourage you to pick up a copy to read for your own enjoyment. And don’t forget the value of the two books for he price of one.


I was provided a copy of this book from Center Street to read and review. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.

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