Common English Bible, Abingdon Press…Pretty Pink Edition

Common English Bible

Abingdon Press



Common English Gift Bibles are ideal for any gift-giving occasion including birthdays, confirmations, promotions, graduations, and more. Gift Bibles feature translation footnotes, in-text subject headings, color maps from National Geographic and are offered in a variety of bindings to suit price and personal taste considerations.

“The Common English Bible, likely the largest cross-denominational translation project in recent memory, unites Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical, United Methodist, and numerous other faith traditions in a joint effort to create a complete but broadly accessible Bible for the 21st century. No single translation, despite the breadth of this committee’s reach, is likely to please all, but this sincere and diligent effort goes far toward the creation of a plain-English version that, without falling into folksiness or false hipsterism, can be read and understood by a range of ages, educational backgrounds, and aptitudes.”—Library Journal



This is the CEB Common Engsh Premium Gift Bible and it is Decotone Pink Diamond. I enjoy the Common English Bible because it helps to understand what I am reading, and I also like using this Bible along with my other Bibles when studying. If you haven’t tried this pretty new version of the Bible, check it out.


This one I am reviewing is a Gift Bible, and the cover is called Decotone Pink Diamond. This is a beautiful shade of pink, on that you will enjoy carrying with you everywhere. It is also a good conversation piece, because people will be asking you about your beautiful Bible.


In addition to giving this Bible to yourself as a gift, these Bibles are wonderful as gifts for Christmas, Graduation, Birthdays, and other occasions, and for the ladies and girls in your life, they will sure love this one.


Overall, I think this Bible is wonderful. I love the color, the version, the feel of the leather like cover, and have enjoyed using this one myself.


I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of this really neat Bible for yourself or for a gift.

Abingdon Press provided a copy of this Common English Bible for me to read and review. The opinions here are mine only.




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