PUYB Presents River’s End by Melody Carlson

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Join Melody Carlson, author of the Christian fiction, River’s End, as she tours the blogosphere September 4 – 28 2012 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!




Melody Carlson is one of the most prolific novelists of our time. With around 200 books published and sales topping 5 million, Melody writes primarily for women and teens. She’s won numerous honors and awards, including The Rita, The Gold Medallion and Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. Some of her books are being considered for TV movies and film. Melody has two grown sons and makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. When not writing, Melody likes to travel, bike, camp, garden, and walk her dog Audrey in the great outdoors.

Her latest book is a Christian Fiction titled River’s End.

Visit her website at www.melodycarson.com.

Pick up your copy of River’s End at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Rivers-End-Shining-Water-Series/dp/142671274X/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1346430774&sr=8-4&keywords=melody+carlson

Pick up your copy directly from the publisher:  http://www.abingdonpress.com/forms/DynamicContent.aspx?id=155&pageid=694



In the final story of the Inn at Shining Waters, Anna’s granddaughter Sarah is struggling to find herself. And in an attempt to escape her parents’ dysfunctional lives, Sarah travels away from all that is familiar. But her grandmother’s love and the pull of the river draw Sarah back. Still it’s not an easy journey to find the healing and forgiveness that’s needed to reunite and strengthen this broken family together again.



First of all, I hate to see this wonderful series end. I have thoroughly enjoyed Melody Carlson’s series, The Inn at Shinning Waters. While Anna’s grandaughter is struggling to find out who she is, and her daughter Laura is grieving the way she’s treated her daughter, causing Sarah to hate her, Anna is struggling with the changes that keep taking place at the Inn and in her life. People Anna loves keep coming and going, the only stable one is Clark.

Melody Carlson deals with things we all go through in our everyday lives in this book. And she shows that difficult situations attack all ages, just as it does in Rivers End, and the first two books in this series as well. And I appreciate how she shows God’s love, mercy and grace in those situations. Sometimes all we can do is pray, and Anna had to do that often. I love the Shinning River setting, it is so calm and relaxing and would be a wonderful place to live. I’m like Anna, I think I could live some place like that, away from the fast pace world today. My only downfall with the book is the time frame between the end of the book and the Epilogue, about 30 years? I would have liked another book and especially a little more about the house Clark built for Anna. It just didn’t pull it together like I would have liked. It left too much inbetween. But over all, I loved this series and will be looking for more like this from Melody Carlson!

This book was provided by PUYB and the publisher, Abingdon Press for me to read and review. I was not requried to write a positive review. The opinions here in this review are mine only.


“In this series it shows the lasting consequences that can happen when we  let bitterness poison our hearts and keep us from the opportunity to  say our final good-byes to those we love the most. It shows how  forgiveness isn’t about letting someone off the hook for the pain they  have caused, but more about the healing that happens within our own  hearts when we can let the burden go and finally move forward in freedom  spiritually.”

– Pirate 2240, Amazon reviewer

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