The Lady’s Maid by Susan Page Davis

The Lady’s Maid

by Susan Page Davis


Travel along with Elise Finster and her British mistress, Lady Anne Stone, as they search for the new but missing earl of Stoneford. Determined to follow David Stone’s somewhat cold trail leading to Oregon, greenhorns Elise and Anne secure livestock and supplies to join a wagon train. Will the ladies succeed in their quest or succumb to the malfeasance of the mysterious man dogging their heels? Scout Eb Bentley’s initial disgust with these ill-prepared women eventually turns into admiration for one lady in particular. Can he protect her long enough to win her over, or will prairie dreams turn into a Wild West nightmare?



This book was a little bit slow starting for me, but after a while I started thoroughly enjoying the story. This is Oregon Trail/Wagon Train story with a twist. In this one, The Earl of Stoneford’s daughter, Lady Anne Stone and her Lady’s Maid Elise Finster is on the trail. Both ladies know nothing about cooking, or taking care of themselves for that matter. Scout Eb Bentley sees that right off, and does everything he can to try and stop them from joining the Wagon Train. After all, everyone needed to take care of themselves, and no one had the time to take care of two prissy ladies on the long Oregon Trail. But Anne was determined to find her uncle because he was next in line to be the Earl of Stoneford, and Anne wasn’t about to give up her inheritance without trying with all her might to find the next Earl.

This was an interesting story to say the least. Just reading about these two ladies was a hoot at times. Susan Page Davis creates two quirky characters that you will grow to love, and sets them in a historical setting totally different than anything they have ever know, and probably totally different than anything you’ve ever read. And the outcome is very interesting and enjoyable. And I love the history throughout the story, giving readers like myself an enjoyable history lesson to go along with the interesting story.

I highly recommend this book for your reading enjoyment, and especially if you are a history buff. The Lady’s Maid is truly a good, clean, fun, funny, witty read that will not disappoint.

Thanks to Barbour Publishing for providing a copy of this book for me to read and review. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.


Susan Page Davis is the author of more than thirty published novels. She’s a Carol Award Winner and a two-time winner of the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award. In 2011, Susan was named Favorite Author of the Year in the 18th Annual Heartsong Awards. A native of Maine, she and her husband, Jim, now live in western Kentucky.


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