Five Miles South of Peculiar

Five Miles South of Peculiar


Five Miles South of Peculiar CoverDarlene Caldwell has spent a lifetime tending Sycamores, an estate located five miles south of a small town called Peculiar. She raised a family in the spacious home that was her grandfather’s legacy and she enjoys being a pillar of the community . . . until her limelight-stealing twin sister unexpectedly returns.


Carlene Caldwell, veteran of the Broadway stage, is devastated when she realizes that a botched throat surgery has spelled the end of her musical career. Searching for a new purpose in life, she retreats to Sycamores, her childhood home.


Haunted by a tragic romance, Magnolia Caldwell is the youngest of the Caldwell girls. Nolie spends her days caring for her dogs and the magnificent gardens she’s created, but when she meets a man haunted by tragedy, she must find the courage to either deny her heart or cut the apron strings that tie her to a dear and familiar place.


Five Miles Sough of Peculiar is the Caldwell Estate. Darlene, almost fifty, a widow with her two children living far away rules the roost at the family estate. Living there with her is Magnolia, forty something and never been married, and loves her dogs and gardens. And then there is Carlene, almost fifty divorced, no children, and not to singing career, who left home after high school to pursue this singing career and never looked back. Then we meet Eric Payne, a divorced preacher who was kicked out of the church because his wife left him and never came back, living in the Caldwell estate working as a handyman. And now to forget the mayor, who also owns the Piggly Wiggly grocery story where his mayor office resides.

Mix these five main characters up and you have a story that is sure to make you smile. The three Caldwell girls are as different as can be, in looks and personality. All is going somewhat well, Darlene has the hooks on the mayor and wanting a proposal from him. But then the preacher comes by need room and board and a job and Nolia can’t seem to stay away from him, which irks Darlene. Of course everything and everyone irks Darlene. And we can’t forget Carlene the singer, who is not a singer anymore because of a botched medical procedure done on her throat. Then Carlene decided to come home for a visit, and to the birthday bash in honor of she and her twin sister Darlene’s fiftieth birthday and everything goes haywire.

I’ve only read a few of Angela Hunt’s books, and I don’t know why it’s just been a few. I will sure been on the lookout for all of them in the future. I love, love this one. I always love stories or people growing up in small hometowns, I guess it brings back memories of my own hometown where I grew up. Angela has been crying, smiling, and even laughing as I read this wonderful heartfelt book. We see how the choices Darlene and Carlene made caused hard feeling between the two, and there was clearly forgiveness that was needed. And Nolie shows us how we can be content and happy in even the smallest things.

I highly recommend this awesome contemporary read for your summer reading enjoyment.

This book was provided by Glass Road Public Relations for a review. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.!

About Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt PhotoWith nearly 4 million copies of her books sold worldwide, Angela Hunt is the bestselling author of more than one hundred books, including The Tale of Three Trees, Don’t Bet Against Me, The Note, and The Nativity Story. Her nonfiction book Don’t Bet Against Me, written with Deanna Favre, spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. She and her husband make their home in Florida with their dogs. Learn more about Angela at





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  1. mariannebarkman
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 09:44:59

    i have enjoyed Angela Hunt’s previous novels, and now will be keeping my eye open for this one. Great review.


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