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Downtown Green

About Judy Christie

Judy ChristieAuthor Judy Christie loves to help busy people slow down and enjoy each day more – in her series of novels about Green, Louisiana, and her Hurry Less Worry Less nonfiction books. Judy started her writing career as the editor of The Barret Banner in elementary school and has kept a journal since she was nine (and still has all of them). She likes strolling around flea markets, walking in the park near her North Louisiana home and visiting friends and family on her vintage green Kitchen Couch. Her most recent books are Downtown Green, fifth in the Green series, and “Hurry Less Worry Less for Moms.” For more information, see www.judychristie.com.

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About Downtown Green

Downtown GreenWhen the highway bypass around Green opens with much fanfare, downtown dries up faster than cement on the roadway. Businesses close and the hospital becomes a clinic. While the road is progress to some, it seems to be leading Green toward a national trend–a town that is merely a shadow of itself.

With the town going backwards, Lois Barker Craig is determined to save Green while juggling life as a new mom and owner of The Green News-Item. But can her plan rescue the town from the path it’s on? And what about Dr. Kevin and her son, Mayor Eva, Coach Chris and other familiar Green faces? How does this affect them?




I’ve been seeing all of the “green” books written by Judy Christie but hadn’t read any of them, so I jumped at the chance of reviewing the 5th book in this series. “Downtown Green.” Now I can see why people are liking these books. The books take place in the small town of “Green” where the people of the little community all know each other and help one another.

Lois is the owner of the newspaper The Green News-Item, she is married with a little boy and she tries to do whatever she can to help the town. But now that Downtown Green is in so much trouble, is it worth it to Lois and her husband Chris to help save the town? After all it would be easier if they just sold out and moved someplace else.

I grew up in a small little community much like the town of Green, so I always enjoy books set in small towns. In this book, the author creates a cast of characters that are believable, fun and interesting. I love the family atmosphere in the book, with Chris, Lois and the baby. They are sure happy proud parents! And you can feel the love from the rest of the community too.

This is just a nice, clean, light, relaxing, contemporary read that anyone will enjoy. I encourage you to go out and grab a copy of “Downtown Green” to read and enjoy for yourself. And if you enjoy this one, you may want to try the other four in the series. I just think I might do that myself.

A copy of this book was provided by Abingdon Press through Pump Up Your Book Virtual Tours. I was not required or expected to write a positive review of this book. The opinions in this review are mine only.


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