Sell More Books……By: J. Steve Miller

Sell More Books……By: J. Steve Miller


Book Description

Atlanta: May, 2011. Wisdom Creek Press released a new book for authors titled Sell More Books! Book Marketing and Publishing for Low Profile and Debut Authors: Rethinking Book Publicity after the Digital Revolutions.


Sell More Books gives writers:


  •  Insider tips on writing and publishing a marketable book.
  • The latest on publishing options, social networking, and “tried and true” book marketing tactics.
  • Hundreds of practical book-selling strategies that authors can implement immediately, whether they’re self-published or traditionally published.
  • An analysis of which methods will most likely work for specific books, and which methods might be a complete waste of time.
  • Ideas for marketing on a low budget.

According to Dr. Robert E. McGinnis, author of 15 young adult novels, Sell More Books! is “filled with useful tips I don’t find elsewhere. A masterpiece of research, wisdom, and encouragement.”


Paperback: 332 pages
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Wisdom Creek Press, LLC (May 15, 2011)

Interview with J. Steve Miller


WCPress: Why another book on book marketing?

JSM: While many books are available, few take into account the latest in publishing and marketing. We find that most authors are confused and overwhelmed by all the options. Thus, there’s a need to simplify the task and help authors narrow down their best choices.

WCP: Why target low profile authors?

JSM: Because publishing and marketing are different for them in many ways. Typically, low profile authors discover that bookstores and big media want the big names. It’s easy to get discouraged. But I found success in marketing my books, even though I lacked a platform. I wrote an award-winning personal finance book when I had no degrees in personal finance and no vocational experience as a financial planner. My book on music was published by a respected traditional publisher, Tyndale House, even though I held no degrees in music; neither was I a professional musician. I think I’ve picked up some tricks along the way that can help other low profile authors.

WCP: So is this all about your personal experience?

JSM: No. Although I describe what’s worked for me (and what totally failed!) I read widely in book marketing and ran my ideas by many authors and publishers. Real experience from a wide variety of people has a way of making a mess of tidy formulas! I saw that what sold tons of books for one author may not work at all for another, and what works for one book may be totally inappropriate for another.

WCP: Do you recommend social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook?

JSM: For some authors and for some books, they work great. Other authors may be wasting their time. To me, it boils down to finding and connecting with the readers and influencers on your topic/genre. I try to help authors understand whether or not these will work for their books.

WCP: What about blogging?

JSM: A blog can be a great hub for many authors – the first place to send people who want to find out more about you and your books and your social media presence. Also consider a blog for maintaining a press page, much like the page we’re on now. But I’d suggest that many people who are trying to post several substantive blogs per week in order to build a following, if it’s solely to sell your books, you may be wasting valuable time. Again, each topic and each author will have to think through an appropriate strategy. I try to cover that as well in the book.
WCP: Thanks for your time and good luck helping fellow authors with their publishing and marketing!

JSM: Thanks so much!
Table of Contents

Part I
Rethink Book Marketing in Light of the Revolutions

Chapter 1: Four Digital Revolutions that Can Make Nobodies Awesome

Part II

From Nobody to Somebody
Build Platforms with a Marketable Book and a Cool Online Presence

Chapter 2 – Why Market Your Book?

Chapter 3 – Write a Marketable Book

Chapter 4 – Write a Title and Subtitle That Attracts Audiences

Chapter 5 – Attract People with your Cover

Chapter 6 – Publish through the Most Marketable Channel

Chapter 7 – Get Lots of Blurbs from All Kinds of People

Chapter 8 – Optimize Your Amazon and Barnes & Noble Pages

Chapter 9 – Build a Professional Online Presence

Chapter 10 – Submit Your Book to Contests

Part III
Let the World Know About Your Book

Chapter 11 – Check Your Attitudes toward Marketing

Chapter 12 – Use Guiding Principles to Prioritize Initiatives

Chapter 13 – Seek Early Reviews from Respected Book Review Sources

Chapter 14 – Seek Reviews and Endorsements from Busy Blogs

Chapter 15 – Seek Reviews and Endorsements from Other Publications

Chapter 16 – Attract Attention through Social Media

Chapter 17 – Optimize Digital Sales

Chapter 18 – Sell Your Book in Brick and Mortar Stores

Chapter 19 – Help Reporters and Journalists with their Articles

Chapter 20 – Consider Radio (Even if You’re Shy!)

Chapter 21 – Consider Speaking (Even if You’re Shy!)   

Chapter 22 – John Kremer’s Twelve Tips for Low-Profile Authors

Chapter 23 – Bulk Sales Beyond the Bookstore: An Interview with Brian Jud

Chapter 24 – Consider Press (News) Releases

Chapter 25 – Sell Even More Books!

Appendix 1 – Never Stop Learning! (Further Reading and Resources)

Appendix 2 – 200+ Ways that Low Profile Authors Can Market Their Books


About the Authors



J. Steve Miller loves to write and sell his books. As founder and president of Legacy Educational Resources, he publishes resources that are used by educators in every state and over 30 countries. His book on contemporary church music was used as a text and translated into Dutch, German, Romanian, Spanish and Russian. His book on personal finance has won multiple awards. Steve has spoken from Atlanta to Moscow.  Find him at or
Cherie K. Miller is the founder and president of Wisdom Creek Press and works with the Masters in American Studies program at Kennesaw State University. She is the current President of the Georgia Writers Association, a state-wide nonprofit organization promoting authorship in Georgia. She has published books, written for national magazines and written a newspaper column for a Chicago newspaper. She earned her MA in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University in 2007.  For more information on Cherie, visit
John Kremer and Brian Jud each contributed chapters. They’re two of today’s most highly respected names in book marketing.
Blythe Daniel and Stephanie Richards are book publicists who contributed significantly to Steve and Cherie’s understanding of marketing books.

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  1. Theresa Franklin
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 21:43:36

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. rose mccauley
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 23:07:34

    Thanks, Teresa and Steve. This is a must-read book for all pubbed and wannabe pubbed authors! Helpful for everyone!


  3. Deborah Hutto Bateman
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 17:33:27

    Every write up I read makes me more and more sure that I need to buy this book.
    Thanks for sharing with us what you have learned along the way. May God bless you!


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