“Holy Ambition” by: Chip Ingram ‘It’s Time for a Church That Shakes the World’

Holy Ambition by: Chip Ingram

It’s Time for a Church That Shakes the World

If the idea of walking with Jesus doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you haven’t thought seriously enough about His presence in your life.

The passed-down, packaged Jesus turns out to be quite different from the one who steps alive and kicking out of the pages of Scripture. Author, pastor and radio teacher Chip Ingram outlines what it takes to follow this renegade Jesus toward the idea of Holy Ambition. Stretching outside of your comfortable existence is just the beginning. This newly updated edition will bolster dislocated hearts and turn broken spirits toward radical, faith-filled strategies that make a difference for God right now.


Chip Ingram’s passion is to help Christians really live like Christians. As a pastor, author, coach,
and teacher for twenty-five years, Chip has helped people around the world breakout of spiritual ruts
to live out God’s purpose for their lives. Today, he serves as senior pastor of Venture Church in Los Gatos,
California, and president of Living on the Edge—an international teaching and discipleship ministry. He is
the author of eleven books, including his newest release, Living on the Edge: Dare to Experience True Spirituality,
Overcoming Emotions That Destroy and Good to Great in God’s Eyes. Chip and his wife, Theresa, have four children
and six grandchildren.

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This is a wonderful Bible Study taken from the book of Nehemiah. The author’s overall goal is to teach Christians how to live a life that Christ can use. Sometimes we think He can only use preachers, college graduates, bright and smart people, or those with a big name, but He is searching for anyone who will life totally whole heartily for Him. Chip Ingram gives us 6 steps to take to prepare for and engage in the Lord’s service.
These six steps are:
Developing a Dislocated Heart
Experiencing a Broken Spirit
Practicing a Radical Faith
Creating a Strategic Plan
Exercising Personal Commitment
Growing a Courageous Soul

As I read and studied this book, the author brought out so many things that I hadn’t thought about before. After reading each one of these chapters, I have a fresh insight of how our lives should be in order for God to use us effectively. In the chapter about Radical Faith, one paragraph that popped out at me was: “I believe if we’ll step out- not only because we think we are special, but because of who God is and what He has promised –  that God will show up! He will use you personally! He will move other believers to join you and do a work beyond your wildest dreams. That’s what He’s always done! If you step out in radical faith for God, you won’t be disappointed. “ (Page 93)

Another thing in the book was the heartwarming story of two sons encouraging the people going to the authors church to invite their parents to church because they were not Christians. The parents started coming, and shortly after, the mom was diagnosed with cancer. As Chip Ingram told how the church members took this couple under their wings, helping them in every way possible, I really realized, that’s what God wants us to do as Christians. This is a way that He can use even the simplest things to reach others for His Kingdom. The awesome benefit from their commitment to help this family was to see both mom and dad accept the Lord as their Savior. What a Blessing!

I have heard Chip Ingram many times on his radio program, but this is the first of his books I have read. His writings are just as his preaching, even though this is a deep study from Nehemiah, he explains everything in a way even the young can understand. This very intelligent man teaches in a way the simplest person can know what God is saying in these verses.

I would recommend this book to any Christian wanting to have a better relationship with the Lord. One who wants to know the Lord deeper and wants to be used of the Lord in a mighty way.

This book way generously provided to me by Moody Publishing. I was not obligated to write a positive review of this book. The review, and opinions in the book are completely mine.

Moody Publishers
Living on the Edge



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