Beverly Lewis: The Secret Book Review and Giveaway

Hey everyone! Since my blog is very new, I need to generate some traffic here, and I need lots of  subscribers to my blog. I want to review Christian Fiction books for as many publishers I can….so I need blog traffic! I appreciate your help!

And to say thank you….I am going to start giving away some of my book collection. These are not new books, but gently read books in very good condition. My first giveaway is the first book in Beverly Lewis’ series “Seasons of Grace”……”The Secret”. To win, all you need to do is leave a comment at the end of the post…..and tell me your favorite Author. I know we all have several… can list more than one. Thanks much for reading.

Here is my review:

I really like Beverly Lewis’ Amish fiction books. Usually it doesn’t take so long to get into the books, but this one took a little more time. Maybe it is the switching back and forth between the Amish family and an English family that makes it the story difficult to follow at first. However, after you really get into the story, it is worth the read. And the second and third books are even better.

Grace Byler’s Amish home was like most Amish home’s with the hard work in the fields for the men and their sons, and cooking, cleaning, gardening, canning and such for the women. But the difference in their home and a lot of other Amish home was Grace’s parents. Things were just not right between them, and really never had been. It seems that now, more than ever Grace’s mama Lettie is acting weird and very secretive. She has been seen and heard leaving the house in the middle of the night and roaming the fields, everyone is wondering why. Grace’s dat Judah refuses to admit something is wrong with their relationship. Grace’s Dawdi Jakob and Mammi Adah are acting a little funny too, not to mention the neighbors who have started talking. And neighbors talking and asking question in an Amish neighborhood is not good….news travels just too fast among the Amish.

What secrets could cause Lettie to be acting like this? And why is Judah not wanting to face the fact that something is wrong. And what about Dawdi and Mammi? Why are they acting a little funny, and maybe even afraid? Are there secrets they are not telling? And who is this English family, and why are they so important? And just what is Grace going to do about the situation?

Well….you will need to read the book to find out! It’s a wonderful read, and you will need to read the other 2 in the series as well to get the full story.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to win the book.  And make sure you leave your email so I can contact you. You will have 3 days to notify me after I email you. Contest will end March 26,2011. Sorry not international shipping.

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