God’s Wisdom for Mothers

I just love this little book of God’s Wisdom for Mothers. The author takes verses throughout the Bible that would have a special interest in the lives of Mothers and organizes them in categories and then sub-categories of the subject so mothers can have the verses at hand when needed.  The NKJV of the Bible is used in this book.

The Categories are: God’s Wisdom; The Crown of an Excellent Mother; God’s Wisdom with Children; God Teaches a Mother to Walk in His Word by; God Delights in Mothers Who Are; God Walks with Mothers; God Encourages each Mother to; God Teaches a Mother How to; God Gives a Mother… There are 3 to 10 subjects in each category, giving a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

Though I would never substitute this book or any other book for the Bible, I do appreciate books like this to help find verses pertaining to what a person is going through quickly. It is very well organized and would be a great resource for any mother.  It would also make a very nice gift!

Though my son is now grown, I enjoyed reading the verses, and look forward to using this book many times in the future. I think it is a book that would be used by any mother, or even grandmother of any age.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.

Book Review: Head in the Clouds By: Karen Witemeyer

This was my first book by Karen Witemeyer, and I LOVED IT! I love her fun style of writing. I just couldn’t help falling in love with Adelaide and Gideon. Adelaide was fun, and spunky, but when she set her mind to something, she was bound and determined to do it! She was a gal that knew what she wanted, and wasn’t afraid to go after it, even though she might be a bit clumsy in the going. Going after what she thought was her man didn’t turn out like she thought it would. That’s what landed her at Gideon’s Sheep Farm interviewing for a job as Governess to his 5 year old daughter. Her mouth also seemed to get her into a lot of trouble too…..like in saying before you think! But it always seemed to turn out for her good.

Gideon…..well he was just adorable from the beginning. I loved him from the first time he saw Adelaide  in the barn. Though his and Adelaide’s first few meeting were kind of awkward, he seemed to adore her from the beginning. I just loved Karen’s way of bringing them together in a fun enjoyable way that made you just want to keep reading to see what would happen next. But would Gideon hire Adelaide over the two older and more experienced ladies that were also at the farm for the interview? Even though Adelaide had taught school for a few years, was she capable of taking care of this 5 year old that couldn’t speak?

I admired both Gideon and Adelaide’s relationship with the Lord, and their willingness to seek Him in every decision they needed to make. The way they trusted the Lord when Isabella’s uncle came to claim the child and her inheritance.

This was only Karen Witemeyer’s second book, but I had to check her website again to make sure she had only written 2 books! She truly writes like an experienced writer, and I will sure be reading her first book “Tailor-Made Bride” and also her third book “To Win Her Heart” coming in April 2011.

You can find Karen here:   http://www.karenwitemeyer.com/books.html

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